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Press Release: The Verticular Watch

Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces The Verticular Watch.

New York, NY, December 11, 2012- Continuing its 164-year history of offering the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Verticular Watch, a timepiece that indicates the time by illuminating LEDs across four vertical columns.

The device has the look of an ordinary bracelet until the touch of a button causes its display to illuminate with an animated sequence of scrolling numbers across four columns, eventually settling on the digits for the current hour and minute.

The Verticular Watch’s four columns represent the place values for the tens and ones of the hour and minute, providing an unconventional yet easily decipherable way to keep time,” explained Hammacher Schlemmer’s General Mana

ger Fred Berns.

The time is expressed in the columns with numbers that ascend from 0 to 9, illuminate in a bright blue hue, and remain visible for 10 seconds before the watch reverts to its enigmatic appearance. Subsequent touches of the button on the case display the week, date, and year using the same pattern.

The Verticular Watch has a stainless steel body and wristband that are electroplated to produce a glossy black finish.

Faceless Watch

This is The Faceless Watch, the watch that disguises itself as a bracelet until prompted by the touch of a button for time and date.

Faceless WatchAvailable in both Lady’s and Gentleman’s models, the Faceless Watch features LEDs hidden in the band that illuminate to show the hour on the top row, and the minute on the bottom row. Press again and the month and day appear in the 1/2″ lights.

Faceless Watch



Made of stainless steel, the band has a durable electroplated finish, and can be adjusted to size, by a professional, with the two included additional links. The Lady’s Faceless Watch features a 3/4-inch wide band, while the Gentleman’s model is 1 full inch wide. Both are available in two colors: Black, featuring red LEDs, and Brushed Nickel, with its blue LEDs.

A truly unique timepiece, The Faceless Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer adds style and functionality to any jewelry collection.

The Faceless Watch

Best Talking Watch

This is The Best Talking Watch, so chosen because it ranked highest in every category when evaluated by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.

Best Talking WatchThis is the perfect time piece if you or someone you know has trouble seeing the small hands or digits on a conventional wristwatch. Linda in Charlotte, NC bought it for her father. She says:

“he has macular degeneration. He finds he can see the numbers clearer then any other watch he has. When he is in dimly lit places, the verbal time feature works well.”

Unlike lesser models that were inaudible or malfunctioned completely, this model announces the time distinctly in a male voice, ideal for those who find it difficult or inconvenient (such as when driving) to look at a watch. Further, the Best Talking Watch’s straightforward operation and two-button functionality made it much simpler to use than other models. To ensure accuracy, the watch automatically synchronizes nightly with the atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO, a timekeeping standard that won’t vary by a second in 80 million years.

If you’re fumbling for your eyeglasses in order to read the time, or know someone who struggles to focus on the numbers of a clock face, The Best Talking Watch will let them hear the time when they can’t see it.

The Best Talking Watch

The Genuine Navy SEAL Watch

Here is your opportunity to wear the same timepiece used by the most elite members of our United States Navy. Behold, The Genuine Navy SEAL Watch from Hammacher Schlemmer.

This is the watch requested by the U.S. Navy SEALs for its unique illumination technology. Identified as a vital element for maintaining light discipline during night missions, borosilicate glass capsules with phosphor-lined interiors make up the watch’s 12 hour positions and its hour, minute, and second hands. Tritium gas sealed within each capsule reacts with the phosphor lining, causing it to fluoresce for more than 25 years without the need for a recharge from a light source. The watch’s case and case back are made from carbon-reinforced polycarbonate; case back is secured with stainless steel screws. It has a ratcheting, unidirectional polymer bezel for measuring elapsed time and a push-in stainless steel crown with double O-rings to ensure its water resistance down to 660′. The Swiss quartz movement provides impeccable timekeeping for on-the-second synchronization. The face is protected by a tempered, scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Its black polyurethane strap defies seawater, slush, rain, or snow.

Whether your day takes you to land or sea, this stunning watch is the perfect accessory for keeping time.