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Somersaulting Truck Race Track

This unique-action Somersaulting Truck Race Track is available only from Hammacher Schlemmer. These all-terrain daredevils aren’t content to merely circle the course; they leave it and come back for more!

Somersaulting Truck Race TrackThis is the truck race track with three vehicles performing somersaulting maneuvers when they bounce off the circuit’s built-in trampoline. The track’s pieces snap seamlessly together to form a winding off-road course textured with potholes, fallen limbs, and rocks for the set’s autonomously operating 3 1/2″-long van, wrecker, and SUV, which roll with impunity on knobby 1″ diameter rubber wheels. The course changes to an ascending corkscrew, depositing vehicles down a ramp onto the trampoline’s 6″ x 8″ rebounding surface—each vehicle is weighted to bounce once, flip, and land wheels-down onto an opposite ramp that completes the truck race track’s loop. Each vehicle has a low or high-speed setting, and when turned off, the wheels rotate freely for unimpeded off-track play.

Children will be fascinated watching these bounding little machines, both on their race course and off!

The Somersaulting Truck Race Track