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Clarity Enhancing Bifocal Sunglasses

Does space-age technology matter when it comes to sunglasses? These are The Clarity Enhancing Bifocal Sunglasses, based on glasses created by NASA, that protect your eyes while simultaneously aiding their vision.

Clarity Enhancing Bifocal SunglassesUsing the technology NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed, these bifocal sunglasses filter the blue and violet light rays that can impair vision, yet they allow the green, yellow, orange, and red light rays that enhance sight to reach your retinas, allowing objects to appear more distinct, and diminishing distortion. While traditional sunglasses are darkening your vision, these enhance vividness whilst blocking 100% of harmful UV rays. When not protecting your eyes, they come with both a soft pouch and hard case for storing, so you can keep them safe as well.

You choose the bifocal diopters you prefer — 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 — and with stainless nickel-silver gunmetal frames and adjustable non-slip nose pads, they’ll look and feel as great as they perform. So don’t darken your vision with regular sunglasses, sharpen it. With The Clarity Enhancing Bifocal Sunglasses from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Clarity Enhancing Bifocal Sunglasses

HD Video Recording Sunglasses

The HD Video Recording Sunglasses from Hammacher Schlemmer allow you to record high-definition video of the very events your eyes are watching.

How many times have you taken a trip to the grocery store, and seen something along the way you just didn’t have the words to describe? What about those afternoons spent on the boat, when you wished your friends could have seen the dolphins swimming along the side. Now, they can.

HD Video Recording SunglassesThrough a pinhole-sized 720p lens in the bridge of the frame, these video recording sunglasses capture 1280 x 720 HD video at 35 frames per second across a 72 degree-wide angle. The built-in microphone records stereo sound and the sunglasses can also capture 8 megapixel still photos with the touch of a button. Video is recorded in AVI format and the internal 4 GB memory stores up to one hour of video or the integrated MicroSD slot accommodates up to a 16 GB memory card (not included) that holds up to four hours of recordings. Its rechargeable battery enables up to four hours of video recording after an eight-hour charge via the included AC adapter. All of the video recording components are water resistant, the lenses are impact resistant, and the video sunglasses weigh just over one ounce to ensure comfort.

No more fumbling for your camera the next time you see excitement happen. Get the video recording sunglasses that are always ready for action, even while shielding your eyes from the sun.

The HD Video Recording Sunglasses