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Original Sleep Sound Generator

Are background noises keeping you from concentrating? Worse yet, are they keeping you from getting your proper rest? Then it’s time to try The Original Sleep Sound Generator from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Sleep Sound GeneratorThis device produces a soothing whooshing sound that helps block distracting noise. The sound generator ameliorates noise from ticking clocks, traffic, or coworkers, creating an environment that is more conducive to concentration, relaxation, or sleep. Ideal for use in a baby’s room to create a soothing atmosphere, the compact device sets up unobtrusively on a desktop or nightstand and its volume and frequency are adjustable.

Whether you want to get a better night’s sleep, or to block out your noisy surroundings, The Original Sleep Sound Generator is just what you need for a more peaceful day and night.

The Original Sleep Sound Generator

The Total Body Support Pillow

“I purchased this for my wife as she has had trouble sleeping lately. She saw it in the HM catalog and fell in love with it. It arrived quickly and fluffed up right out of the box. She loves it and sleeps great due to the full body support. I almost get a little jealous of it.”

That’s what folks are saying about The Total Body Support Pillow from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Providing an extraordinary level of comfort, this pillow gives optimum support for upper and lower extremities, while cushioning and maintaining proper spinal alignment no matter your sleep position. Originally invented to help relieve fibromyalgia–a chronic condition marked by muscular pain and tenderness at specific points of the body–it has now been recognized as an effective aid to getting a good night’s sleep. Both adults and children can use and enjoy the flexible, total-body pillow to sit or lie on the floor, sofa, or bed in total comfort. It can be folded into a U-shape, or come full circle to create beanbag-shaped seating. The pillow is stuffed with hypoallergenic Fusion fiberfill. The fill will become even softer and fuller with each washing (machine washable). Comes with one white poly/cotton pillowcase.

Sleep Soundly with These Great Pillows

Hammacher offers many great options for a better night’s sleep and few other products can be as simple in design as a pillow. However, the discomfort caused by a pillow has the ability to impact virtually every aspect of our life through lack of sleep. Experience a selection of our specialty pillows and wake better rested. Whether through head and neck support, temperature regulation, or just simple comfort improvement our products are all backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee ensuring you’ll be satisfied for the life of the product.

The Cooling Pillow.

Millions of invisible microcapsules inside the pillow shell absorb excess heat and move the warmth away from the head and neck, creating a cool sleeping surface throughout the night. The patented fabric covers both sides of the pillow and its cooling is effective under any pillowcase.




The Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow.

A curved indentation on one side of the pillow cradles a side-sleeper’s shoulder and three removable memory foam inserts adjust the height of the pillow surface up to 6″. The customizable height provides optimal support and helps prevent muscle stiffness that results from sleeping with the head and neck misaligned.




The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge.

The angled shape starts level with the bed and gently elevates sleepers, helping to avoid positions which can contribute to acid reflux and other digestive problems, and allows gravity to gently drain sinus passages. The pillow is crafted from two layers of medical grade polyurethane foam.