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The ways we shop

423289_10150628172168893_722201739_nThe internet has changed the way consumers buy goods. No longer needing to jump in the car or catch a bus each time we’re in need of a product, a few clicks on the web is all it takes to have the things we desire sent right to our door. As long as we have the time to wait for delivery, most of our shopping can be done from the couch. There are even services that allow you to purchase your groceries online. And while some will always prefer picking out their own fresh breads, meats and produce, this can be a tremendous convenience for folks with transportation limitations.

But is online shopping always the answer? What about sitting in the sectional sofa in the showroom and making sure it’s comfortable? Wouldn’t you prefer to try on the new fall fashions before you buy? Yes, you know what sizes you wear on paper, but how can one be sure each clothing manufacturer’s dimensions are the same across the board?

Many consumers have learned, and adapted, to these dilemmas. Brick and mortar shops have become virtual showrooms for online shoppers, who head to department stores and specialty shops to try items on for size or kick the tires, then return home and make their purchases online. Does this defeat the purpose of home shopping? Does traveling to and from these exploratory excursions, let alone the the time spent inside the stores, lessen the value of making your buys from your computer or smartphone? And what about the widely-changing issue of sales tax? If and when more online retailers are forced to charge all internet shoppers the same taxes walk-in customers have always been responsible for, will that change your mind about how much of your purchases are done in the virtual world?

We’d like to hear where you do your shopping? Are there certain products you will always choose online? Are there others you would never buy sight unseen? Please, let us know in the comments section.