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Live Christmas Trees. You choose, We ship.

A live Christmas tree is the best way to bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home. Hammacher Schlemmer makes that much simpler for you by shipping a fresh cut Fraser fir direct from a farm in North Carolina to your door.

Freshly Cut Christmas TreeIt’s quite simple. First, you select the appropriately sized Christmas tree for your home. Choose the height, ranging from five to nine feet, and specify if you’d prefer a Christmas tree that is full, or slim. Then, tell us what week you would have us deliver your tree, from the week beginning November 11, to the week of December 16. Then all you need to do is bring the Christmas tree decorations out of the storage room  in time for your beautiful live Christmas tree to arrive!

Save yourself a trip to the nursery this year, and let Hammacher Schlemmer ship a fresh cut live Christmas tree to your home for the holiday season.

Fresh Cut Live Christmas Tree

Live Christmas Trees that come to you!

Nothing can replicate the fragrance of a live Christmas tree in your home. For many, that fragrance from the living room is the first true sign the Christmas season is upon us. That, and the pain of finding the right Christmas tree when they’re all tied with rope, leaning against a fence at the local gas station. Or the delicate balance between tying a living, breathing plant to the roof of your car securely without damaging it, followed by the pleasure of stopping every 5 minutes on the drive back home to ensure your tree stays put on its lofty perch above traffic.

But what if you could enjoy all the pleasure of a fresh cut Fraser fir this Christmas, without the hassle of getting it home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you.

Live Christmas TreeUnlike Christmas trees found at ordinary tree stands that are already two to four weeks old, these Fraser fir trees are freshly cut within a day of shipment and carefully packed to retain freshness. Specially selected for Hammacher Schlemmer at a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina, each deep green tree has a full body, with shaped boughs that hold their needles, and a rich fragrance. You choose the size you’d like, then tell us what week you’d like it delivered to your door. Not to the forest. Not to the temporary “farm” in the shopping center parking lot. But direct to your home.

It’s that simple. Relax in front of a warm fire, and let Hammacher Schlemmer select and ship your live Christmas tree this year.

Live Christmas Trees from Hammacher Schlemmer