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Hammacher Schlemmer Institute – Determining the Best

How Does Hammacher Determine “The Best?”

How do we determine which products earn “The Best” designation? It’s a little known fact that in 1983 Hammacher Schlemmer formed the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization whose principle function is to test consumer products. This testing is conducted independent of cost analysis and product availability providing a true assessment that is not based on the needs of the business, but on the needs of the consumer.


Products like The Best Commuter Cup, The Best TV Headphones, and The Best Electric Power Washer have all undergone specific category tests and comparisons. In some cases, products are tested via consumer panels, while other more scientifically precise tests like the ones conducted on our Best Warm Mist Humidifier require special instruments and testing environments.


“The Best” determination is reviewed each year as new and innovative products are released to compete with current tested best products. The Best Commuter Cup is one of these products. In this year’s best commuter cup we have new features such as a locking flip top lid, and no handle so that it can fit comfortably in a car’s cup holder. In addition, the insulated stainless steel exterior not only looks great, but it also stays cool to the touch even with hot coffee inside.


We strive to bring high quality, superior performing products to our catalog so that our customers experience more satisfaction with their purchases. Our continued effort to improve and evaluate our product selection has earned Hammacher a highly regarded reputation that started over 164 years ago at our hardware store in New York City.