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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Sandy has been a reminder of how inclement weather can strike any part of the world, at any time. Are you ready? Emergency management organizations offer hurricane preparedness tips and ideas so you can be ready when a storm hits.It is recommended that you be prepared at all times, rather than rushing to gather supplies when storms are imminent. When a storm is called for, you won’t be the only one seeking hurricane preparedness supplies, and they run out quickly.

This is by no means a complete list, but merely a start if you’ve yet to begin readying your home for a hurricane and/or flood.

Have an emergency evacuation plan in place, so as not to be caught off guard in an actual storm. If emergency evacuation is called for, gather the items you will need while away from home and go. The sooner you leave, the easier it will be, with less traffic, more necessities on store shelves, etc. Even if emergency personnel don’t require it, if you feel you’re in danger, and you can safely move to a more secure location, do so. Your property is not worth more than your life. If you are in a safe location, and have the means, share your shelter with others. Your extra bedroom can be a safe haven for a family member or friend, but only if they know it is available.

30 Day LanternIf you are safely able to remain in your home, you will want it to be well stocked. The CDC recommends you have supplies to last 3 to 5 days without power and running water. You should have:

Clean drinking water (aprox one gallon per person per day)

A first aid kit

Baby care items/ formula for homes with infants


A battery-operated emergency radioBest Emergency Radio

Flashlights and other non-electric lighting

Non-perishable Food (Be sure you have a good, old-fashioned manual can opener. Electric can openers are useless without power)

Medications you or anyone in your household take

Disposable cleaning cloths. Without running water, or without hot water, these may be your only bathing option

A generator and fuel

Solar Power Generator

If your home or business require boarding up, and you have storage space, keep necessary plywood on hand. Remember, you might have issues transporting building materials if buying them at a moment’s notice.

Thorough hurricane preparedness includes being sure your car has provisions as well. Food, flares, booster cables, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag or blankets, are just a few of the items you’ll need in the event you must make a quick exit from your home, and should you be stranded in your vehicle.

Remember if you remain in your home, your neighbors might be home as well. Stay in touch with them, and offer to share extra supplies with them should they be in need, just as you would hope they would share with you in your time of need. Hurricane preparedness is a team effort, and you’ll want all the help and support available. Everyone needs to pull together during a state of emergency and help each other through.