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What do you mean, “No Hockey”?

Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink

The decision by the NHL to impose a lockout  following the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement has many of us disheartened. For the third time in less than 20 years, a labor dispute will deter hockey fans from their daily fix of passing, checking, and goal scoring. Already, the first two weeks of the regular season have been canceled, with no news of a pending resolution.

And while we can’t replace the speed and intensity of ice hockey at its highest level, Hammacher Schlemmer has just enough to tide you over until our favorite skaters are back on the ice rinks of North America. The Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink lets you bring the fun and excitement of odd-man rushes, penalty shots, and kick saves right to your door. No tickets needed to get in, no satellite dish required to watch, and no minivan full of equipment to load up. Let’s just play hockey!

The Personalized Backyard Hockey Rink