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Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter

This is The Only Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter, because no self-respecting cat wants to spend the winter in the doghouse.

Cat's Outdoor Heated ShelterWinter temperatures are much more stressful on outdoor animals. But even some household pets don’t know when it’s time to come in out of the cold. Whether your cat comes and goes as she pleases, or refuses to come inside altogether, providing refuge from wintry conditions is essential. The Outdoor Heated Shelter is an easily assembled, cozy hideaway for the most finicky of felines. Connecting to an AC outlet, a removable 20-watt heater warms the floor of the shelter, yet never feels hot to the touch. The waterproof foam floor provides a soft dry respite from wind, snow, and rain, while plastic flaps let your cat come and go while containing the heat inside.

If you have cats that love the outdoors as much as being inside, or if you’d like to provide a warm, safe hideout for the occasional passing stray, you want The Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter.

The Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter