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Treasure Hunt Game

This is The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game, that tasks young players to find hidden treasures using a series of clues. A wonderful game in which the whole family can get involved, it won a Parent’s Choice Toy Award.

Treasure Hunt GameA reversible indoor/outdoor map resplendent in 18th-century pirate imagery provides a backdrop for using coordinates to find hidden clues, while the included clue cards and images use “Pirate Speak” to convey hints to treasure locations. Suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors, players search for game coins using the pre-printed clues, or use the blank cards to write your own clues. One clue leads to another, scavenger hunt style, until the ultimate treasure is found.

Whether you’re in need of indoor action during the cold winter months, or a group activity that can be enjoyed year-round, The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game from Hammacher Schlemmer marks the spot for wholesome family fun!

The Award Winning Treasure Hunt Game

World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

When was the last time the whole family gathered around the dining room table for board games and puzzles? With The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle from Hammacher Schlemmer, there will be volumes of quality time like never before!

World's Largest Jigsaw PuzzleImagine a jigsaw puzzle, the size of a wall mural. At 17 feet long, and 6 feet high, this puzzle has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest of its kind. Comprised of 32,256 pieces and weighing 42 lbs., it comes with its own hand truck. Made by Ravensburger, crafters of fine German puzzles since 1891, the jigsaw pieces are made from 1/16″-thick cardboard with glare-free linen-structured paper and cut using hand-crafted tools, resulting in smooth, dust free pieces that fit together perfectly. The completed puzzle reveals a retrospective of world-renowned pop artist Keith Haring’s ebullient, graffiti-based art with 32 works that epitomize his vivid colors, bold lines, and symbolism.

Great for community gatherings, club projects, even classroom activities, The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle will keep everyone busy for a very long time!

The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle