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The Electric Comfort Bike

Due to the efforts of our fantastic staff here at Hammacher we have the good fortune of being written about numerous times a week by other blogs, magazines, and newspapers. We thank all of you for the time and effort you put into talking about our products and in case you’re wondering; yes, we are listening.

From time to time we will feature various articles that come to our attention, and if you would like to share your plans with us please email pr@hammacher.com.

The Electric Comfort Bicycle was mentioned in a great blog post today by Erin Ryan over at Techi.com:

“The way they made bicycles in the 50’s were beautifully designed and crafted; they looked like a metal piece of art on two wheels. Today, that vintage look is making a comeback with many bicycle companies looking to replicate that old school style. As cool as that is on its own, there is one company that is upping the ante by adding a motor to its sleek design and optimizing comfort for easy riding.”