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Bring It On…Time for Spring Cleaning

It must be something in the air. As the days grow longer and temperatures gradually warm, we experience the urge to get our house in order…quite literally.

Spring cleaning is a time to organize, to wash, to clear out the clutter. Time to get rid of clothes that no longer fit and appliances that don’t work right. And it’s even time to make room for those new and unique gifts you might receive for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

We have some suggestions to make your spring cleaning rituals easier and to help you organize your home.

84353_300x300On mild days, you may want to focus your clean-up efforts on the outside of your home and on your patio or deck. The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute found this electric power washer cleaned more effectively and was easier to use than other models. With its powerful 1800-watt motor, The Best Power Washer removed built-up grime from home siding and the majority of paint from a cement block, and it cleaned a tire rim in 38% less time than other models in the side-by-side evaluation.

86575_300x300As the weather changes, creepy crawlers may find their way into your home. Arachnophobes, never fear: this handheld cordless bug vacuum earned The Best rating from The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it captured the most bugs in the shortest time and was easiest to handle. Its 15-watt motor and superior airflow draw flies, bees, spiders, and other insects into a telescoping tinted nozzle that captures bugs at arm’s length. An electric grid in the unit’s handle kills insects on contact.

83403_300x300Book lovers are legendary for leaving stacks of their latest favorite reading material piled around the house. Help your favorite bibliophile organize with a unique gift: this bookstand’s six open shelves help reduce clutter and hold enough newspapers, magazines, and books to sate even the most voracious reader, in only 11/2 sq. ft. of floor space. The shelves are open on two sides, allowing the reader to easily stack or remove reading material.

See all of our spring cleaning solutions and get started transforming your house into an inviting and sparkling clean home today.

Spring for Spring Break without Going Broke

Spring break…it’s not just for college students. Co-eds may have put the party into spring travel, but the start of milder weather, combined with falling travel costs, makes now an ideal time to give yourself and your family the unique gift of a few days R & R.

Popular winter vacation areas in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida often lower their rates in April when winter-weary northerners head back home. And your kids or grandkids may have a weeklong break from work or school to tag along for a fun-filled family vacation. A myriad of travel websites can help you find affordable flights and discounted rates at resorts and hotels.

Once you have the airfare and resort booked, we have a few additional suggestions to make packing and traveling easier.

86969_300x300Most airlines levy fees for checked luggage these days, and some even have the nerve to charge for carry-ons. That won’t bother you with this extraordinary jacket, sporting enough pockets to hold two dozen different items, including your smartphone, iPad, and other gadgets. Made for travel, this jacket ‘s 24 pockets are designed to also hold a wallet, keys, passport, digital camera, pens, notepad, tablet PC, USB drive, glasses and even a water bottle. This three-season jacket has removable sleeves to convert to a vest, should you return home to find Mother Nature has finally given us the unique gift of mild, seasonable temperatures.

84042_300x300This gentlemen’s toiletry bag was rated “Best Overall” by The Wall Street Journal. Durable yet compact, it has an internal shelf large enough to accommodate full-size shampoo bottles and cans so you don’t need to buy overpriced travel-sized equivalents. The bag conveniently hangs unfolded over a door or towel rack to provide you extra space in hotel bathrooms, with easy access to grooming essentials. A lady’s version is also available.

86738_300x300Cold and flu season lasts through May and nothing can spoil a vacation faster than catching a virus on the flight down. This rechargeable, wearable air purifier eliminates airborne germs from one’s personal space. The palm-sized device hangs comfortably around the neck, purifying the air within a 3′ sphere around your head. It also combats tobacco smoke, pollen and dust particles.

The earlier you can book, the better for the best airfares and hotel rates. So call your family today and share your plans for a unique gift of travel that will create memories for years to come.

Is This the Year You’ll Win it All?

There are two ways to enjoy the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, which begins today.

The first is to simply appreciate the young players’ unique gifts of athleticism, the coaches’ leadership and the pure excitement of viewing one game after another over the next three weeks. But our favorite way is to craft a bracket and be captivated by the suspense of how far you’ll go in the office pool and by the dream that this could be the year you win it all.

Here are some bracketology tips to help you build your bracket with winning picks:

  • Don’t pick a team seeded lower than four to win – sure, a school with a low seed could always be a Cinderella spoiler, but this comes down to simple odds. In the tournament’s history, there have only been three years in which a number 1 seed didn’t advance to the Final Four.
  • Look for experienced teams and coaches – statistically, nearly all winning teams played in the previous year’s tournament and nearly all of the winning coaches have been to the Big Dance at least five times.
  • Power conferences do better – generally, the winner comes from the ACC, the Big Ten, the Big East, the Big 12, the Pac-12 or the SEC.
  • High-scoring teams – winning teams have typically scored an average of 77 points or better in games and won their games by at least 10 points.
  • Momentum matters – Look at how a team has done late in season rather than their overall record. And put more weight on teams’ away games records. After all, the Big Dance is actually a series of away games.

If you’re not the gambling type, we have some other unique gift ideas to help you and your friends enjoy basketball at this time of the year when talk of the game is everywhere.

Become a better player yourself with this shot-improving basketball 86797_300x300 featuring built-in motion sensors that provide instant, accurate feedback about one’s shooting and ball-handling skills. This basketball immediately sends data for every shot and dribble to an app running on a smartphone. The app then offers more than 50 goal-based drills for individual practice and competitions for up to five players.

83898_300x300For play that’s more about pleasant diversion, this indoor basketball net automatically passes made baskets back to the shooter who can reload and take another shot. The chute swivels 180°, allowing players to set the direction of the ball return. The unit hangs over a door and includes a foam basketball.

87227_300x300Finally, for the obsessed basketball fan, this is a unique gift they’ll surely love. This fanciful hoopster’s mug has an integrated miniature basketball hoop that lets kids of all ages play with their food. Players can face off in games of hot chocolate H.O.R.S.E. using marshmallows, slam dunk cereal into milk, or launch three pointers of oyster crackers into soup.

Here’s a Day That’s Completely Charming

This Friday the 13th is a lucky day for those who love to sport their bling…today is National Jewelry Day.

Celebrating personal adornment with rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets and brooches, today is a great day to give or receive a gift of jewelry. Gems always make for the perfect unique gift because they can be chosen to suit the personality of the recipient and they are nearly always the right size.

National Jewelry Day is also a good time to consider some of the accessories that go along with the bling. We have a few suggestions for those looking for unique gifts as companions to beautiful jewelry.

84376_300x300To keep your baubles shiny, this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner was deemed The Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it cleaned necklaces, earrings, and rings more thoroughly than any other model. During testing, The Best cleaner removed 98% of a hardened mixture of lotion, hairspray, grease, and oil, while lesser models left as much as 40% of the residue behind. Its advanced oscillation circuitry is quieter, generates less heat, and works more efficiently than other units.

77833_300x300Store your beautiful jewelry in this wall-mounted, illuminated cabinet. It keeps up to 160 pieces of jewelry organized and easily accessible and is a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive. Six LEDs cast bright light inside the cabinet to help you quickly locate just the right pieces. And, the exterior of the door has a mirror for checking your look before heading out for a special evening.

12639E_300x300This top-grain leather case stores, protects, and transports a treasured jewelry collection. The case is crafted from richly textured Nappa leather and is lined with luxuriously soft suede. The case can be carried in hand like the purse it stylishly resembles, or it slips comfortably into a larger handbag.

So get louped in and don’t broach the subject – your loved ones will remember that you remembered National Jewelry Day.

A Historic Date that Rings a Bell

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Those were the words spoken in the first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell on this date in 1876.

The call did not travel far – Mr. Watson was only in the next room. It was several months before Bell and his assistant were able to converse at a distance of 10 miles and more than three decades before the unique gift of instant transcontinental communication would become common.

But how very far we’ve come since. Although Bell was an innovative and prolific inventor, he likely did not envision the day we would carry smartphones in our pockets.

81174_300x300And Bell certainly did not have to worry about running out of juice on his phone. That’s a modern problem that we’ve solved with the One Year Smartphone Backup Battery. Unlike most rechargeable backups that lose their charge after a few months of inactivity, this smartphone battery holds its charge for a full year. It can completely charge an iPhone, Android or iPad Mini in under three hours.

82661_300x300Aside from making calls, one of the most popular uses for a smartphone is as a camera, and instant prints capturing the moment make great unique gifts for folks you meet in your travels. This palm-sized printer prints pictures directly from your iPhone or Android. The printer stores unobtrusively in a pocket and connects wirelessly to a smartphone to print 2″ x 3″ color photos in about a minute.

86371A_300x300Do you ever find yourself frustrated by your smartphone’s tiny onscreen keyboard? Here’s a Bluetooth device that instantly projects a laser-generated virtual keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface. The laser device recognizes keystrokes in three dimensions by an optical sensor that detects finger placement and can distinguish between a finger hovering and actual contact with the “keys”.

While Bell’s invention was amazing for its day, the smartphone has shaken up our social lives, our shopping habits, how we conduct business and how we communicate with friends and family. Only the future will show what unique gifts of connectivity these technological Swiss army knives will give us in the years to come.

Irish I Had These Unique Gifts

The luck o’ the Irish falls upon us all this month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. It’s a day of commemorations, festivals and parades in many countries around the world, with celebrations in such diverse locales as Malaysia, Switzerland, the Caribbean island of Montserrat and even on the International Space Station.

In Ireland, March 17 primarily remained a religious holiday until the mid-1990s when the Irish government began a campaign to use the day to highlight the unique gifts of the Irish culture. No, not green beer; rather elements of Celtic life such as the beautiful Gaelic language, Irish stepdance and the influence of today’s Ireland, a creative, sophisticated and innovative country with international appeal.

At Hammacher Schlemmer, we’re celebrating the traditions of the Emerald Isle with these genuine Irish goods, ideal unique gifts for anyone with an appreciation for the Old Sod.78855_300x300

This genuine walking stick is handmade in Ireland and bears the same name as the town traditionally known as the source of its origin centuries ago—Shillelagh. Made from blackthorn, the wood species used exclusively to make each shillelagh, this wood is selected for its superior weight-to-hardness ratio. Sold only through Hammacher Schlemmer, no two sticks are identical, so each one made is unique.

84392_300x300Perfect for staying warm while curled up with a good book, this lady’s reading shawl is made in County Kildare, Ireland. The shawl features traditional wide patch pockets useful for tucking away a paperback or e-reader, as well as a pair of glasses. Its enveloping design covers the full back, chest and upper arms while leaving the hands free to turn pages.

79264_300x300This genuine Irish tweed patchwork quilt is handcrafted in County Donegal, Ireland by an 88-year-old bespoke tailoring firm. Tweed patchwork’s appeal lies in its superior heat retention, durability, and charm. Each tweed square is woven from the fine coat of purebred Suffolk and Texel sheep, breeds renowned for yielding a dense, warm fleece. Each quilt is truly the only one of its kind, and a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive.

So don your shamrocks, tuck into a plate of corned beef and cabbage, and raise a toast of Irish whiskey or good stout beer to the Emerald Isle!

Celebrating a Century of Flying High

Exactly 100 years ago today, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was established as a federal agency. An important predecessor to NASA, the purpose of NACA was to undertake, promote and institutionalize aeronautical research. The agency began just over a decade after the Wright brothers gave the world the unique gift of controlled human flight.

The agency was first created during World War I to coordinate war-related projects. The UK, France, Germany and Russia already had aeronautic committees and it was these agencies that served as models for the American agency. Through its years of research, NACA pioneered aeronautic innovations such as a series of airfoils that are still in use today.

NACA was dissolved on October 1, 1958, when NASA was launched to accelerate the U.S.’s progress in the space race with the Soviet Union.12629_300x300

Delve into all the historic moments of the U.S space program with this personalized book of New York Time articles. Procured from the archives of The Times, the book presents momentous highlights that span the beginnings of the “Space Race” from the first satellite to the potential of commercial space travel. The bound book is personalized with the recipient’s name, making it an ideal unique gift for any aficionado of space flight and exploration.

86424_300x300You can share your love of space with the kids or grandkids with this Pop-up Space Station. This pop-up tent serves as the interplanetary command post for young space explorers. The tent’s four tunnels evoke the sprawling modules of a space station and “dock” with openings in the tent’s walls.

86802_300x300And your small astronauts will marvel at this little remote-controlled astronaut, seemingly out for a spacewalk around the International Space Station. Twin rotors propel him for safe indoor flight. A pair of diode lights in the rocket backpack give the illusion this spaceman is controlling his weightless wandering himself, ideal for a moment of astral wanderlust.

Today, space exploration has moved beyond the efforts of government entities to the private sector. Only time will tell what successes will be met by SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and other aeronautic entrepreneurs.

Get Some Shut-eye in the Public Eye

Tomorrow is National Public Sleeping Day. Every February 28th, it’s a day to acknowledge the unique gifts of good physical and mental health gained by getting enough rest. While we don’t recommend sleeping through a meeting with your boss, we do agree that a well-timed nap can do wonders for one’s psyche and well-being.

Too tired to celebrate? Lucky you, we have several unique gifts that will help you enjoy a restful nap on a plane, a train, a park bench or anywhere.

84391_300x300This head-enveloping pillow blocks out noise and light to create a private zone for catching a quick power nap. The pillow allows users to tune out their surroundings, creating a dark, quiet microenvironment ideal for achieving a deep, restful sleep whether stranded in a crowded airport or recharging between meetings at work.

86878_300x300Here’s another wearable pillow that creates a private zone for catching a quick snooze on the go. This ring-shaped pillow covers the eyes and ears, while its breathable band blocks light and muffle noise. This easy-to-carry pillow can also be used as a neck support.

When there’s no headrest available, this travel pillow provides one instantly. Superior to “horse collar” pillows that merely keep the head in one position, it creates an instant side support by sitting on the shoulder while a 3′-long strap wraps comfortably around the opposite wrist, hand, or leg, keeping the pillow in place while your head rests.

84845_300x300So turn off your electronic gadgets, get 20 winks and enjoy the benefits and unique gifts you’ll enjoy when you feel refreshed from that little siesta.

Snow Kidding, It’s Almost Spring

It’s been another brutal winter! But after relentless waves of frigid arctic air and historic depths of snow in the northeast, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that it’s almost over.

This Sunday, March 1, is the meteorological start of spring and the unique gifts the season gives us: soft, warm breezes…longer days…buds promising leaves and flowers soon to come. Nature is nearly ready, but are you ready to shed bulky clothes in favor of lighter, tighter and trimmer garb?

If your well-intended new year’s resolutions to hit the gym frequently have fallen by the wayside, you may find it easier to work out at home. But where to store bulky exercise equipment? We have the solution with a few exclusive-to-Hammacher Schlemmer items that fold away for easy storage when not in use.82354_300x300

This recumbent exercise bicycle folds in seconds to half its set-up size for unobtrusive storage under a bed or in a closet. What’s more, this recumbent model encourages users to sit upright and pedal with correct spinal posture. The bicycle has a menu of workouts and displays your heart rate, exercise time, speed, calories burned, and distance traveled.

83905_300x300For walkers, this motorless treadmill folds to only 14″ high. No tools nor removal of any parts are needed for the walking platform to fold flush with the handlebars to enable storage in a closet or against a wall. The treadmill surface adjusts to four different incline heights, heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars, and it has eight levels of resistance.

84168D_300x300Whether at home or traveling, this portable fitness center provides a rigorous, full-body workout, yet folds to the size of a briefcase. Small enough to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin or store under a bed, the compact gym contains everything needed for intense aerobic, strength, and circuit training. Also included is access to an online fitness community, making it an ideal gift for road warriors who want to maintain a workout routine.

With any of these workout aids, you’ll be ready for spring sports or swimsuit season in no time!

Drone Sales Expected to Soar

With regulations proposed recently by the Federal Aviation Administration, commercial use of unmanned aircraft—commonly known as drones—soon could be flying high.

The FAA’s proposed rules are now open for public comment and are expected to be finalized in 2016.

Don’t expect that any time soon a drone will deliver unique gifts from your favorite online source (Hammacher Schlemmer, of course!), but the new regulations will open the door to widespread use of these small aircraft by real estate agents, Hollywood filmmakers, land surveyors, and photographers.

The FAA also ruled that hobbyists won’t need any certification or licensing for recreational use of drones, although they have issued a framework for safe and legal use.

In keeping with our well-earned reputation for innovation, we were among the first to offer drones to our progressive-minded customers. If you’re looking to send a drone of your own into the skies or you need a unique gift for someone who has just about everything, consider these two options.

12518_300x300This is the flying camera drone that sends live video to a smartphone from up to one third-mile away. A remote controls the aircraft, displaying live video on a smartphone connected to the remote’s dock. Easy to fly, its autonomous flight system manages all four of the drone’s propellers simultaneously, while you focus on taking pictures and video.

A shorter-range choice is this flying camera drone that captures high-definition pictures and video from up to 300′ away. Built-in gyro stabilization keeps the drone level, enabling 86970A_300x300its built-in HD camera to snap video and pictures without undue shaking. A press of a button also sends the drone into a perfectly executed 360° loop.

So whether you’re ready to hop onboard this fantastic flight of technology or whether you’re content to view virtual YouTube magic carpet rides, our minds have only begun to imagine the potential of drones’ unique gifts of flying fantasies. Basic regulations are needed to govern by whom and where drones can be flown in order to prevent mid-air disasters, as well as unwanted surveillance by the government or other entities.