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Don’t Make Plans Today, You’re All Booked Up

A 2015 survey showed 72 percent of American adults read a book in the past year. And with good reason…reading is fun and lowers stress levels, too. Today is National Read a Book Day, a great time to indulge your love of reading and the unique gifts its enjoyment brings.81730_1000x1000

Some of us read less now than we used to because the print is just too small. This cordless LED-illuminated magnifier provides a 30% larger field of view than traditional circular lenses so you can see a full page of most books. The rectangular, 8″ x 10″ acrylic lens magnifies without distortion, allowing you to quickly scan with both eyes. It’s mounted on a flexible gooseneck for the optimal position for reading, as well as detailed crafts, or other up-close work. Consider this as a unique gift for anyone you know whose eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.81960_1000x1000

A good book deserves good lighting by which to read it. This daylight-simulating lamp has a beam that can zoom in or out to provide wide or narrow illumination. Simply pulling the shade adjusts the light beam to a concentrated focus that’s ideal for craft work, a mid-diameter beam for reading or a wide beam for softer ambient room lighting.88395_1000x1000

Avid readers love to save their books and may find the tomes have a way of taking up every flat surface in the house. This space-saving reader’s bookstand keeps reading materials organized for even the most voracious reader. The shelves are open on two sides to allow for easy stacking and accessibility. The stand’s warm cherry finish blends beautifully with most décor.

So for today, turn off the TV, put away the PC, and let go of your phone. Spend quality time with just a good book for company.

Shed Some Light for a Brighter Night

As we enter Labor Day Weekend and our approach to autumn, you may have noticed the later sunrises and earlier sunsets. Already in New York City, since the start of summer, more than two hours of daylight have been lost each day, and the city will lose almost 6.5 additional hours of light by the first day of winter.

Now, while we still have nature’s unique gifts of sun and warmth on our side, is a great time to think about beefing up your outdoor lighting. Improving illumination around your home’s walkways and entryways adds security and safety, particularly when we get to the darkest and iciest time of the year.88333_1000x1000

Producing the brightest, longest-lasting, and most expansive glow, this solar walkway light ranked first in all tests conducted by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. The Best Solar Walkway Light generated 60 lumens and glowed 75% longer than other models. Even after eight hours, its bright LED beam had not diminished. The light automatically turns on at dusk and recharges in moderate to full sunshine.82622_1000x1000

This cordless, weatherproof light illuminates porches, decks or patios with LEDs twice as bright as typical models. Its six ultra-bright LEDs produce 72 lumens of glare-free light, providing a 10′ wide-angle beam similar to a floodlight. The light mounts easily anywhere with no wiring required. Its motion sensor turns the light on at night when it detects movement from up to 25′ away and shuts off when no motion is detected for 30 seconds.84984_1000x1000

Ideal adjacent to an entryway, this attractive cordless coach light turns on automatically after dusk when motion is detected. Requiring no wiring, the sconce mounts to exterior walls, allowing you to place it virtually anywhere, while maintaining consistency with your home’s exterior décor. Its sensor detects motion up to 23′ away, stays on during continued movement, and turns off automatically after 20 seconds. The sconce casts white light from its built-in LED array, switchable between 49 and 83 lumens.

No one will argue the safety and security benefits of improved outdoor lighting, but it can also increase the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home, adding to the home’s value as well. Think of it as a small investment that brings all the unique gifts of safety, security, beauty, and financial return.

Put Back Pain Behind You

Studies have shown lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, with experts estimating up to 80 percent of the population will experience a back problem at some time. Causes range from chronic conditions such as arthritis to injury to easily preventable poor posture.

Eliminate posture problems with this biofeedback device that trains users to improve posture by beeping or vibrating when it detects slouching. Designed by a physical therapist, the lightweight trainer is worn like a backpack over clothing and teaches correct spinal alignment. When users slouch, straps tug on the monitor, triggering a warning buzz or vibration. After three weeks of wearing the trainer for three 20-minute sessions a day, users begin to develop the muscle memory needed to employ good posture at all times and gain the unique gifts of pain reduction and better health.86903_1000x1000

Back pain often radiates down the legs as well, creating a condition called sciatica. This unique back support provides compression throughout the lower back and upper thighs to help ease sciatica and prevent future flare-ups. Unlike a traditional back brace, this support system combines a slim wrap with compression shorts for widespread relief. The wrap can be positioned anywhere along the back or hips to soothe aching areas. The flexible garment moves freely and can even be worn during athletic activity.12816A_1000x1000

This therapeutic device relieves back pain using gentle oscillation to loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion. It simulates the touch of a physical therapist or chiropractor using Continuous Motion Therapy—a technique used by professionals for decades to treat lower back pain. This process helps promote flexibility and injury repair, reducing pain and stiffness. This device would be a welcome unique gift for anyone you know experiencing the discomfort of lower back pain.88248_1000x1000

Finally, many folks find they can get relief from back pain by sleeping on their sides with a pillow between the knees. Here’s a simple solution that keeps the back in a neutral position for a good night’s sleep and a good feeling in the morning, too.

When Roomba Poops Out, Guarantee Comes Through

Our customers often tell us how much they love their Roomba floor cleaners as evidenced by all the glowing reviews they’ve received. Our customers also love their pets. But in one particular instance, a precious pup and a reliable Roomba combined for disaster.

In a hilarious Faceb88082_1000x100088852_1000x100084816_1000x1000ook post, customer Jesse Newton related an incident that turned into a real “pooptastrophe”. Here’s the scoop: Mr. Newton’s Roomba, purchased from Hammacher Schlemmer, was programmed to run nightly at 1:30 a.m. Everything was fine until the fateful night his dog Evie had a little accident. Okay, a big accident, right on the living room rug. As Mr. Newton’s now-viral Facebook post relates, when his Roomba trailed through the unfortunate mess, the results resembled a Jackson Pollock painting, with doggy doody as the medium.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the second unfortunate incident occurred when Mr. Newton tried to clean the machine. Roomba batteries are not submersible, but he didn’t realize this until after he put the unit in the bathtub. In spite of all of his efforts to get the Roomba working again, the machine was dead in the water. And that’s when Mr. Newton called us.

Like all of the unique gifts we sell, this Roomba was covered by The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. We replaced the Roomba that pooped out. No questions asked, although a few laughs may have been had.

So remember, folks: always walk the dog right before bed, don’t let your Roomba run over dog poop…and know you can always count on The Hammacher Schlemmer Unconditional and Unwavering Lifetime Guarantee.

Revving Up Interest in Collectible Cars

Driving around today, you may have noticed an unusual number of restored vintage or reproduction vehicles on the road. That’s because today is National Collector Car Appreciation Day.

This annual event was launched six years ago to celebrate the classics of both the past and the future. The automobile has been a unique gift to American history, and no other country appreciates the car as thoroughly as does the U.S.

Whether you are a serious car collector or you merely dream about the day you’re able to give yourself the unique gift of an extraordinary automobile, here are some truly unusual models to inspire you.12197_1000x1000

No car will attract more attention than this officially licensed, roadworthy replica of the Batmobile. Built on a custom Lincoln chassis, the crime-fighting cruiser comes standard with a 430-horsepower, 383 Blueprint Crate engine and a Monster TH350 automatic transmission. The vehicle’s cockpit honors the gadgetry of the TV series with a blinking Batphone, switch-operated electric actuators that open the hood and trunk, and a rotating red beacon. A rear-facing propane tank creates the same afterburner effect as the original. The exterior bears the hallmarks of its namesake, from bubble-canopy windshields to chrome “rocket” tubes behind the rear windshield.12796A_1000x1000

This 1:2 scale gas-powered version of the iconic Jaguar XK120 unleashes adults to careen and cruise as if driving the real thing. Faithful to the details of the 1948 original—sweeping rounded fenders, long hood and tapered grille—this version seats its driver within a padded leather aircraft-style cockpit. The interior includes a wood-rimmed aluminum steering wheel and dashboard, while the exterior can be finished in any color, including the classic glossy British Racing Green of yesteryear.12350_1000x1000

If you have a bigger crew to haul around, this authentic London Hackney cab holds six passengers plus the driver. This version is a fully restored and overhauled Fairway taxi from the 1980s. Designed with a high degree of English sensibility, it provides the roominess and appointments of a limo in a smaller size. Of course, it’s updated with modern convenience, luxury, and U.S. safety standards. With its 2.7-liter Nissan diesel engine, it delivers dutiful performance while turning heads.

Many communities show appreciation for collectible cars throughout the warm weather months with rallies, cruise nights, and car shows. Even if you don’t have fancy wheels of your own to show off, you might enjoy attending a local car show to scope out that unique gift for yourself, for when the time is right.

Unique Gifts for Unique Dads

Have you shopped for Father’s Day yet? Anyone can give Dad another tie, aftershave, or a sleeve of golf balls. You, my friend, need a unique gift for your unique dad. Luckily, we have several ideas…and all of these come in under $100.88338_1000x1000

This clever flashlight transforms into a multitude of configurations to suit a variety of uses. As a handheld flashlight, its powerful LEDs provide glare-free light. Angling the three pivoting LED heads to 90° and spreading the shaft forms a three-legged lantern with three cones of light. It also converts into three separate flashlights, each with a flat, slimline shape for seeing into tight spaces—and each has a magnetic base for working hands-free.12823_1000x1000

Bring to life thoughts of Dad’s favorite location. This 400-piece jigsaw puzzle is created from a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map of Dad’s hometown, his favorite vacation destination, or his beloved alma mater. Pieces in the shapes of letters that spell out “The World’s Greatest Dad” surround a star-shaped center piece. The puzzle is crafted from quality 1.5mm millboard, finished by hand, packed in a drawstring bag, and presented in a gift box that includes an area for a handwritten message.12783_1000x1000

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this engravable pocket watch incorporates a Walking Liberty, Franklin, or Kennedy silver half-dollar coin dated from 1934 to the present. Choose Dad’s birth year, the year he married dear ol’ Mom, or other significant year of your choice. The selected coin’s face is displayed on the case front; the reverse is revealed when the brushed-metal case is opened. The pocket watch has a sweeping second hand and elegant roman numerals. The steel case back may be engraved with up to three characters.

Still not quite certain what you’re looking for? Our easy-to-use, online Father’s Day Gift Guide is available to help you choose just the right unique gifts for him.

See What Develops with Unique Gifts for Photographers

The month of May is National Photography Month, designated to recognize the importance of photos as tangible connections to our memories.

To celebrate the art of the photograph, we have suggestions for a few unique gifts that produce unique photos.87855_1000x1000

This diminutive point-and-shoot camera instantly prints wallet-sized photos. It uses high-speed, self-developing film to produce color 3.5×2″ snaps that print out of the top of the camera seconds after the picture is shot. Smaller than a smartphone, the camera stores unobtrusively in a pocket or purse. The instant prints themselves make for unique gifts for new friends made while traveling or to hand out as keepsakes at a family picnic or reunion.87840_1000x1000

This smartphone selfie stick transforms into a tripod for taking remote selfies. The tripod secures any phone with a 3.5″ to 6″ screen size using a bracket that swivels up to 60°, enabling use as a short or tall tripod. The included Bluetooth remote enables one to snap photos from up to 10′ away to allow for optimal shots of one’s self, friends and family.12231_1000x1000

Social media has revolutionized how we share photos with others…here’s an instant photo booth that can post pictures directly to Facebook, Twitter, or email, as well as provide classic prints. The booth connects via Wi-Fi, an Ethernet cable, or 4G/3G broadband. A touchscreen LCD inside the booth lets the subject choose color or black-and-white images as well as whimsical borders and backgrounds. The built-in thermal printer produces four-frame photo strips in seconds, just like photo booths found at carnivals and shopping malls.

Few ever tire of looking at pictures of their friends and loved ones. The art of photography connects us to others, triggers feelings of nostalgia, and serves as a record of our lives…so a photographic gift will never disappoint!

How to Appreciate a Haircut? Let’s Mullet Over

Whether you favor the beehive, a crewcut, or even a Mohawk, tomorrow is guaranteed to be a good hair day…it’s Hairstyle Appreciation Day. This day is meant to celebrate not only the talents of a good stylist, but also the uniqueness each of us expresses with our hair.

Nothing beats a great cut from a professional, but Hammacher Schlemmer features several unique gifts to help you look good between visits to your favorite stylist or barber.88008A_1000x1000

This cordless revitalizing comb uses sonic vibrations and frizz-fighting ions to cleanse and detangle. A Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, the quiet power of its 15,000 sonic vibrations per minute separates stubborn knots and removes oil and remnants of styling product. The result is smooth, shiny hair, free of residue that shampooing alone may not remove.87187C_1000x1000

Though the big hair of the 80s is a thing of the past, curling irons remain very popular for adding natural-looking waves and volume to hair. This is the only curling iron that doubles as a hot air blow dryer to save time by drying and styling simultaneously. Vents in the barrel emit warm air to dry, while the tourmaline-coated curling barrel also releases negatively charged natural ions to smooth hair cuticles.83676A_1000x1000

Here’s a great unique gift for gentlemen who love a clean-cut look. This electric hair trimmer cuts evenly in any direction, letting anyone maintain their own close-cropped hairstyle. As simple to use as a comb, the circular trimmer’s rotary cutting system and razor-sharp stainless steel blades cut as the unit moves through your hair.

For men and women alike, a good hair style helps boost your self-esteem and ties your look together. Whether you’re trying to look good on the job, impress at an interview, or working to gain the attentions of a romantic interest, give yourself the unique gift of a professional haircut. You have nothing to lose but your own split ends.

Unique Gifts for Unique Moms

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, falling on May 8 this year. Although every mother has a unique personality, one thing nearly every mom has is a love of comfort and easing into relaxation after a long day of dealing with work and family.86619D_1000x1000

We have some ideas for unique gifts for Mother’s Day that are sure to add comfort to her “me time” hours.

These luxurious lady’s pajamas combine the softness of natural silk with the carefree convenience of machine washing—and they’re available only from Hammacher Schlemmer. The silk used in these pajamas undergoes a proprietary treatment, allowing it to be machine washed repeatedly without discoloring or shrinking. The lightweight, shimmering material will feel extravagant against her skin. 78165_1000x1000

Using patented fabric developed for NASA to help keep astronauts cool in space, this cool-on-contact pillow provides a continuously comfortably sleeping surface. Another Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, its millions of invisible microcapsules inside the pillow shell absorb excess heat and move warmth away from the head and neck. As Mom repositions naturally while she sleeps, the vacated area of the pillow recovers its cooling properties.

For an in-home spa experience, this ingenious 87675_1000x1000device converts any bathtub into a soothing spa tub in seconds. Available solely from Hammacher Schlemmer, it simply attaches to the side of a bathtub with its suction cups and circulates bath water through dual nozzles, creating relaxing water streams that soothe the body and mind. The nozzles swivel 180°, allowing Mom to direct the streams of water to target tension-holding muscles.

If none of these make the ideal unique gift for your mother, visit our online Mother’s Day Gift Guide for dozens more ideas for her and other special women in your life.

Time to Address Stress in Excess

This month is National Stress Awareness Month, a time for healthcare professionals and the public alike to learn more about the causes and cures for the epidemic of too much stress.

Whether it comes from our jobs, our families, or self-imposed expectations, excessive stress is a condition that can lead to a myriad of health problems, including high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity, and digestive issues.

One way to deal with stress is to allow yourself to indulge in the unique gift of calm relaxation. Easier said than done, right? We have some ideas to help you relax and find stress relief in your day.12195A_1000x1000

For the ultimate state of relaxation, this Tranquility Pod uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body, mind and spirit. The pod’s biofeedback system—an exclusive feature available only from Hammacher Schlemmer—uses a pulse sensor that synchronizes your heartrate with 50 LEDs to create mind-calming mood lighting. The pod’s four-speaker sound system plays music from your smartphone or iPod to impart restful harmony.84188_1000x1000

Massage is a great way to reduce stress levels. This superior handheld massager delivers up to 3,000 pulses a minute—about 50% more than similar devices—to deeply penetrate muscles and loosen tension-induced knots. An infrared heating element penetrates deep into skin to boost circulation, while the massager’s head uses the Swedish techniques of vibration and tapotement to knead out tension, ease stiffness and invigorate the body.84345_1000x1000

Sometimes, stress is best relieved by just getting it out of your system, so to speak. Put this petite punching bag on your desk for impromptu and immediate relief. The bag attaches securely with a rubber suction cup to any wood or metal flat surface. Withstanding hooks and jabs with aplomb, the leather ball rebounds reliably with a heavy-duty spring. And because humor is an effective stress release, this makes the ideal unique gift for that certain family member who loves to pick fights.

Along with any of these unique gifts for stress relief, experts also recommend 15 minutes of mind-clearing meditation, regular aerobic exercise, and indulging in stress-relieving foods such as dark chocolate and green tea. If all else fails, try to sleep on it—like Grandmother always use to say, it will all be clear in the morning.