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Award-Winning Unique Gifts for Kids

Some kids’ letters to Santa include three or four pages of wish-list items. And yet, there’s a lot of pressure on a loving aunt, uncle, or grandparent to find unique gifts for the little ones that will be both memorable to the parents and loved by the children themselves.

We have suggestions for award-winning unique gifts recognized by publications or institutions for their creativity and contribution to child development. 86177a_1000x1000Each of these goes far beyond the average toy – just as you would expect from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Winner of a Creative Mind Magazine Preferred Choice Award for Creative Toys, this plush and cuddy lamb generates eight different tranquil sounds to lull an infant to sleep. It re-creates the sound of a mother’s heartbeat heard within the womb, a gentle rain shower, the calming sounds of ocean surf, the harmonic sounds of whale song, and four soothing melodies.88838a_1000x1000

These award-winning Symphony Blocks can be rearranged to play a million different melodies, teaching children about music, shapes, and colors. A recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Classic Award, the five blocks can be placed into the sturdy base in any order. Each side of each block plays a different phrase of music when pressed. Hitting the big red button on the front runs through all five phrases in sequence, while a flip of a switch changes the music from classical to swinging jazz to drum-filled African rhythms.86450_1000x1000

With all the action worthy of its onomatopoeic name, the Schmeckenbecker Kinetic Contraptions Kit is a 6′-tall tower that puts a marble through a labyrinth of contraptions. Winner of an Oppenheim Toy of the Year Award, the kit provides young designers with hands-on lessons in physics with over 600 pieces that assemble into as many configurations a mind can envision. Young engineers are challenged to place obstacles at precise angles to ensure a non-stop journey with each run.

Our online selection is abundant with unique gifts for youngsters. Use our online gift guide to find the perfect presents for children of all ages, in all price ranges.

A Unique Wallet, a Great Gift for Him

A wallet is a holiday gift well-appreciated by many. For that completely unique gift, however, we have some suggestions that are quite different from the ordinary. 88124_1000x1000Check out these wallets sure to create a memorable impression on anyone on your holiday gift list.

This ultra-thin 28-card wallet is made from supple lambskin in the centuries-old tradition of fine Florentine leather goods…and it’s a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive. This handsome wallet evokes the superior workmanship of Tuscan craftsmen. Even when fully loaded, the bi-fold wallet is less than 1″ thick so it slips comfortably into a pants pocket, making it90046_1000x1000 an ideal unique gift for anyone who hates bulky billfolds.

This handmade wallet sports an exterior of 100% genuine stingray skin, the same durable material used for centuries by Japanese swordsmiths as a wrap for weapon hilts to ensure a confident, lasting grip. Considered by many to be the toughest wallet material in the world, the resilient and moisture-resistant stingray skin withstands the daily stresses placed on a wallet, ensuring years of reliable use without the fading, cracking, 12641_1000x1000or unraveling common to typical wallets.

There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling of not being able to find your wallet. This self-finding wallet includes an integrated tracker device that alerts a paired Bluetooth device up to 100 ft. away. Should this wallet go missing, rather than turning your home inside out, simply launch the accompanying app and the wallet will send a signal followed by an e-mail containing a Google map showing its location.

Should you find a wallet’s just not the thing, our online catalog and easy-to-use gift guides are full of ideas that will help you find a perfect unique gift for him.

You Auto Get Ready for Winter

The past week’s snows in the upper Midwest, New England, and upstate New York served as wake-up calls that it’s time to prepare for the worst Mother Nature can dish out. Before the next storm hits, get yourself and your car ready for winter driving.

Before every trip, ensure both your wiper fluid reservoir and your gas tank are adequately filled. Driving with a dirty or salty windshield is never safe, and if you’re stuck in traffic for hours,88029_1000x1000 you want to be able to run your car as long as possible.

Consider a better ice scraper. This telescoping, ergonomic scraper has ice-breaking teeth that gnaw through a glacial coating to quickly clear off a car. Grooves on the scraper’s edge increase grip and friction, chiseling away icy build-up without damaging paint or glass. The opposite end has long bristles that swivel and lock into place perpendicular or parallel to the handle to serve as a push broom or a89219_1000x1000 traditional snow brush.

You may prefer a car windshield cover that lets you remove built-up snow and ice with just a quick shake. This windshield tarp, available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, eliminates the need to scrape the windshield, and also saves time and gas wasted running the engine while the defroster warms up. Twin window flaps and sewn-in magnets keep the tarp secure. For any driver in the family, this is a perfect unique gift that will make them the envy of their fellow commuters.87095_1000x1000

Sand or kitty litter can help gain traction if you’re stuck in snow, but far superior is this roll-up snow escape tread. It provides dependable extra traction for your car on ice, or in snow or mud. This tread is made of heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride rubber that delivers the unique gift of traction in the harshest weather. Simply wedge the tread under any powered tire, and it will provide enough bite to get your car back on track.

Keep an extra set of gloves and a hat in your car throughout the season so you’re ready for anything…even for leaving your car behind and walking if necessary. No one can predict for certain how harsh this winter will be, so let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Pump Up Your Outdoor Holiday Display

With Thanksgiving little more than a week away, this is the perfect time to plan an outstanding and impressive holiday display for your yard or other outdoor spaces. These larger-than-life inflatable decorations—all available only from Hammacher Schlemmer—are guaranteed to grab attention from everyone who comes by your house87336_1000x1000 .86467_1000x1000 87116a_1000x1000

This inflatable Darth Vader provides an imposing, yet celebratory, addition to an outdoor holiday display. In keeping with the holiday spirit, this reformed Sith lord bears a candy saber decorated with a holly berry ribbon as a unique gift of yuletide mirth to brighten his Dark Side. Despite his 16-foot height, he deploys quicker than a lightsaber using the integrated pump.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a television classic for all time. This 15-foot-tall inflatable Abominable Snow Monster of the North, a.k.a. “Bumble” from the 1964 stop-motion show, will tower over your yard. This magnificent beast’s durable fur-covered polyester hide is accentuated by his frostbitten blue face, hands, and feet. His enormous size and internal lights draw attention to holiday decorations and elicit astonished stares from passersby.

This nearly 12-foot tall inflatable Clarice brings Rudolph’s “cuuuute” companion to life on a grand scale. Our rendition of Clarice stands taller than a Clydesdale and bears all of the kind-hearted character’s signature features, from her polka-dotted red bow to her renowned long lashes. Of course, we offer an inflatable 15-foot Rudolph himself, too.

From classic wreaths to dazzling light shows, we have a host of outdoor décor for the holidays, unique gifts for your own home or someone else’s. Shop now to ensure your yard is the most impressive on the block.

Check Out Our ‘Stache of Unique Gifts for Shaving

Gentlemen, it’s time to rally ‘round for men’s health and “grow your mo”. That’s the idea behind Movember: champion your mustache and raise funds for awareness and prevention of diseases such as prostate cancer.

No matter how bushy your upper lip may get, we have some unique gifts that will help keep the rest of your countenance clean-shaven and slick as a whistle.84865_1000x1000

This cordless beard and mustache trimmer earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it provided the most precise shave. Panelists preferred The Best model because it provided a clean, comfortable shave with “zero pulling or nicking.” Lesser models were made from cheap plastic, unlike The Best model which has a superior stainless-steel body and blades.88776_1000x1000

Here’s another item that earned The Best rating: this foil shaver is rated The Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because panelists noted it produced “an awesome shave, as close as a blade and lasts all day.” The Best model’s foils generate subtle vibrations that lift hair follicles and enable the five blades (the most in the industry) to cut below the skin. Unlike lesser shavers that left some areas “patchy” The Best model’s pivoting head “reached every nook and cranny effortlessly.”83312_1000x1000

Come December 1, should you decide to “mow your mo” you deserve this heated lather machine. It dispenses warm shaving cream or gel to enable a closer, more comfortable shave. The device heats the cream or gel for 90 seconds, producing a barbershop-worthy, soothing lather that opens pores and softens and raises whiskers so they are easier to cut. And with the holidays coming soon, it makes the perfect unique gift for any frequent shaver to enjoy on the cold days of winter.

All men hope for good health 365 days a year, but during the month of “Movember” consider scheduling that long-delayed doctor’s appointment, becoming more physically active and supporting the Movember Movement’s fund-raising efforts to improve men’s health worldwide.

I Think that I Shall Never See A Lovelier Pre-lit Christmas Tree

November has arrived with its chilly air and early darkness. That can only mean it’s time to start thinking about unique gifts for the holidays…and the Christmas tree under which you’ll pile them.17161_1000x1000

The first factor to consider for your holiday tree is live or artificial. While some purists insist on a live tree, there are several reasons you’ll want to consider our World’s Best Christmas Trees, besides their lifelike realism:

Lower cost over time—the investment in a well-made artificial tree means you will have your decoration for many years to come, saving the costs of buying live trees year after year.

It’s ecologically smart—natural resources go into the growing of trees, along with pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Fossil fuels are consumed shipping trees around the country and again after the holiday when they need to be hauled away and processed into mulch. Keep your artificial tree for many holiday seasons and you’ll save resources year after year, a unique gift to the environment.

Lower maintenance—an artificial tree doesn’t need to be watered and it doesn’t leave behind a mess of dry needles when it’s taken down.78446_1000x1000

87494_1000x1000Time savings—choosing a tree pre-strung with LED or incandescent lights means no struggling with tangled wires. The pre-lit trees we offer will always shine on, even if one bulb breaks or burns out, backed by our Lifetime Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.

Fewer Allergens—an artificial tree is less likely to bother allergies, while a live tree can release pollen and mold into the home.

Hammacher Schlemmer offers a large selection of artificial trees, including meticulous reproductions of Fraser, Noble, Balsam, Concolor, and Douglas firs. Our trees are available in a range of heights and come in full or slim widths to suit urban lofts as well as country estates.

We feature trees that are fashion forward, trees that are pure novelty and even a tree that Charlie Brown would love. You can view our complete Christmas tree selection online and find your perfect tree easily by filtering the results by branch and bulb type, tree height and width, and price.

Don’t Make Plans Today, You’re All Booked Up

A 2015 survey showed 72 percent of American adults read a book in the past year. And with good reason…reading is fun and lowers stress levels, too. Today is National Read a Book Day, a great time to indulge your love of reading and the unique gifts its enjoyment brings.81730_1000x1000

Some of us read less now than we used to because the print is just too small. This cordless LED-illuminated magnifier provides a 30% larger field of view than traditional circular lenses so you can see a full page of most books. The rectangular, 8″ x 10″ acrylic lens magnifies without distortion, allowing you to quickly scan with both eyes. It’s mounted on a flexible gooseneck for the optimal position for reading, as well as detailed crafts, or other up-close work. Consider this as a unique gift for anyone you know whose eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.81960_1000x1000

A good book deserves good lighting by which to read it. This daylight-simulating lamp has a beam that can zoom in or out to provide wide or narrow illumination. Simply pulling the shade adjusts the light beam to a concentrated focus that’s ideal for craft work, a mid-diameter beam for reading or a wide beam for softer ambient room lighting.88395_1000x1000

Avid readers love to save their books and may find the tomes have a way of taking up every flat surface in the house. This space-saving reader’s bookstand keeps reading materials organized for even the most voracious reader. The shelves are open on two sides to allow for easy stacking and accessibility. The stand’s warm cherry finish blends beautifully with most décor.

So for today, turn off the TV, put away the PC, and let go of your phone. Spend quality time with just a good book for company.

Shed Some Light for a Brighter Night

As we enter Labor Day Weekend and our approach to autumn, you may have noticed the later sunrises and earlier sunsets. Already in New York City, since the start of summer, more than two hours of daylight have been lost each day, and the city will lose almost 6.5 additional hours of light by the first day of winter.

Now, while we still have nature’s unique gifts of sun and warmth on our side, is a great time to think about beefing up your outdoor lighting. Improving illumination around your home’s walkways and entryways adds security and safety, particularly when we get to the darkest and iciest time of the year.88333_1000x1000

Producing the brightest, longest-lasting, and most expansive glow, this solar walkway light ranked first in all tests conducted by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. The Best Solar Walkway Light generated 60 lumens and glowed 75% longer than other models. Even after eight hours, its bright LED beam had not diminished. The light automatically turns on at dusk and recharges in moderate to full sunshine.82622_1000x1000

This cordless, weatherproof light illuminates porches, decks or patios with LEDs twice as bright as typical models. Its six ultra-bright LEDs produce 72 lumens of glare-free light, providing a 10′ wide-angle beam similar to a floodlight. The light mounts easily anywhere with no wiring required. Its motion sensor turns the light on at night when it detects movement from up to 25′ away and shuts off when no motion is detected for 30 seconds.84984_1000x1000

Ideal adjacent to an entryway, this attractive cordless coach light turns on automatically after dusk when motion is detected. Requiring no wiring, the sconce mounts to exterior walls, allowing you to place it virtually anywhere, while maintaining consistency with your home’s exterior décor. Its sensor detects motion up to 23′ away, stays on during continued movement, and turns off automatically after 20 seconds. The sconce casts white light from its built-in LED array, switchable between 49 and 83 lumens.

No one will argue the safety and security benefits of improved outdoor lighting, but it can also increase the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home, adding to the home’s value as well. Think of it as a small investment that brings all the unique gifts of safety, security, beauty, and financial return.

Put Back Pain Behind You

Studies have shown lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, with experts estimating up to 80 percent of the population will experience a back problem at some time. Causes range from chronic conditions such as arthritis to injury to easily preventable poor posture.

Eliminate posture problems with this biofeedback device that trains users to improve posture by beeping or vibrating when it detects slouching. Designed by a physical therapist, the lightweight trainer is worn like a backpack over clothing and teaches correct spinal alignment. When users slouch, straps tug on the monitor, triggering a warning buzz or vibration. After three weeks of wearing the trainer for three 20-minute sessions a day, users begin to develop the muscle memory needed to employ good posture at all times and gain the unique gifts of pain reduction and better health.86903_1000x1000

Back pain often radiates down the legs as well, creating a condition called sciatica. This unique back support provides compression throughout the lower back and upper thighs to help ease sciatica and prevent future flare-ups. Unlike a traditional back brace, this support system combines a slim wrap with compression shorts for widespread relief. The wrap can be positioned anywhere along the back or hips to soothe aching areas. The flexible garment moves freely and can even be worn during athletic activity.12816A_1000x1000

This therapeutic device relieves back pain using gentle oscillation to loosen tight muscles and improve range of motion. It simulates the touch of a physical therapist or chiropractor using Continuous Motion Therapy—a technique used by professionals for decades to treat lower back pain. This process helps promote flexibility and injury repair, reducing pain and stiffness. This device would be a welcome unique gift for anyone you know experiencing the discomfort of lower back pain.88248_1000x1000

Finally, many folks find they can get relief from back pain by sleeping on their sides with a pillow between the knees. Here’s a simple solution that keeps the back in a neutral position for a good night’s sleep and a good feeling in the morning, too.

When Roomba Poops Out, Guarantee Comes Through

Our customers often tell us how much they love their Roomba floor cleaners as evidenced by all the glowing reviews they’ve received. Our customers also love their pets. But in one particular instance, a precious pup and a reliable Roomba combined for disaster.

In a hilarious Faceb88082_1000x100088852_1000x100084816_1000x1000ook post, customer Jesse Newton related an incident that turned into a real “pooptastrophe”. Here’s the scoop: Mr. Newton’s Roomba, purchased from Hammacher Schlemmer, was programmed to run nightly at 1:30 a.m. Everything was fine until the fateful night his dog Evie had a little accident. Okay, a big accident, right on the living room rug. As Mr. Newton’s now-viral Facebook post relates, when his Roomba trailed through the unfortunate mess, the results resembled a Jackson Pollock painting, with doggy doody as the medium.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the second unfortunate incident occurred when Mr. Newton tried to clean the machine. Roomba batteries are not submersible, but he didn’t realize this until after he put the unit in the bathtub. In spite of all of his efforts to get the Roomba working again, the machine was dead in the water. And that’s when Mr. Newton called us.

Like all of the unique gifts we sell, this Roomba was covered by The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. We replaced the Roomba that pooped out. No questions asked, although a few laughs may have been had.

So remember, folks: always walk the dog right before bed, don’t let your Roomba run over dog poop…and know you can always count on The Hammacher Schlemmer Unconditional and Unwavering Lifetime Guarantee.