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Spring into Summer with a Beautiful Yard

Memorial Day is less than a week away. Is your yard ready for outdoor enjoyment in the unique gifts of summer warmth and sunshine? If not, we have some items that can help you make your yard beautiful and comfortable for your family and friends all season long.

84353_300x300Get your deck ready for a repainting or quickly clean winter’s debris from your patio and driveway. This electric power washer is a fast, effective way to remove built-up grime. In side-by-side evaluations conducted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this model was rated The Best because it cleaned more effectively and was easiest to use. Five quick-connect spray tips make it easy to adjust the power of the spray to the job, and its dual removable tanks let you clean with two different detergents.

87417_300x300Trim hedges easily, or perhaps indulge that urge to transform ordinary shrubs into beautiful topiary. This cordless hedge trimmer has a telescoping shaft to prune hedges up to 10′ tall while you stand safely on the ground. It also eliminates the hassle of running extension cords…the trimmer is powered by a rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion battery for optimal freedom of movement.

87117_300x300Sufficient water is key to a bountiful and beautiful garden. Provide your plants good irrigation and they’ll reward you with the unique gifts of tasty and healthful homegrown veggies. Those daily waterings are easier with this sturdy steel hose reel cart that earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it quickly and smoothly retracts. And unlike lesser carts with flimsy plastic wheels that inhibited mobility, this model has four pneumatic tires for easy rolling all summer long.

84925_300x300Once your yard is in prime condition, keep your outdoor dinner party free of insects without the need for pesticides. This enclosure fits over a patio table’s umbrella to provide a protective canopy. Made from sturdy polyester netting too small for pests to penetrate, it fits over umbrellas up to 9′ in diameter while its 96″ length extends to stay flush with the ground.

The next three months will fly by, but with a little work and planning now, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor space so you can relax and enjoy the unique gifts of nature’s best season.

Wearable Protection Thwarts Mosquito Bites

With the joys of summer come the perils of mosquitoes. Annoying as they are, these pesky insects can also spread West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue fever and the recently identified chikungunya virus. So protecting yourself when outdoors is essential.

Of course, wearing mosquito repellant is one technique to keep the blood-thirsty pests at bay. But many people are put off by the smell and greasy residue of these lotions and sprays, not to mention the chemicals that they contain.

A better alternative for these folks is mosquito protection that you put on rather than spray on. This special clothing creates an impenetrable barrier between you and bugs that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in peace. And unlike chemical repellents, the protection won’t wane over time.The Wearable Mosquito Net

Our exclusive Wearable Mosquito Net is a pullover and head covering that features fine 1.2-mm netting to shield the skin from mosquitoes without the use of harmful and malodorous chemicals. Pair the lightweight shirt with these Mosquito Net Pants for head-to-toe protection.

An ideal unique gift for your favorite horticulturist, The Gardener’The Gardener’s Bug Thwarting Hats Bug Thwarting Hat has a mosquito net stowed under the brim. When insects start to bite, the netting can be deployed, extending over the 2″-wide brim by 16″, providing ample coverage for the entire head and neck and closing snug to keep mosquitoes, gnats, and other troublesome garden insects out.

Sno Time Like the Present for a Cool Treat

Statistically speaking, the third week of July is the hottest time of the year. How appropriate, then, that today is National Ice Cream Day.

First designated in 1984 by then-President Ronald Reagan, the entire month of July, along with the third Sunday of the month, recognizes ice cream as a fun and nutritious food, one in which 90 percent of Americans indulge.The Genuine Good Humor Ice Cream Cart

This Ice Cream Day, you could be the most popular person in your neighborhood with The Genuine Good Humor Ice Cream Cart. This is the genuine cart that was first produced for the Good Humor Company over 75 years ago. Four brass bells hang from the handlebar, an iconic feature that attracted children by the dozens to street corners in America’s growing suburbs following World War II.

For those looking for a low-fat, healthy treat, The Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor instantly turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a soft-serve confection. The unit combines frozen bananas and any additional fruit or chocolate and instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the silky-smooth texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream, but without the additional fat, sugar, or preservatives. It makes a great and unique gift for lactose-intolerant friends or family.

Because summer is a great time to celebrate frozen treats of all kinds, The Classic Snow Cone Cart will remind you of the type found at beaches, parks, and zoos. Three dispensers The Classic Snow Cone Makerlet guests apply the flavored syrup in grand Sno-Kone tradition. You may want to pair your Sno-Kone cart with The Best Portable Ice Maker. This portable appliance earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it was the most efficient at producing ice.

So, if you’re feeling warm on this summer day, cool off with a delicious serving of ice cream, sherbet, gelato, sorbet, water ice, soft serve, snow cone, or frozen yogurt. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to be refreshing!