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Unique Gifts with Cat-itude

This Thursday marks National Cat Day. Humane Society statistics show about a third of U.S. homes have one or more feline residents, and the majority of cat owners consider them to be members of the family. If you know someone of the cat-loving purr-suasion, we have some claw-some unique gift ideas for Cat Day or the upcoming holiday season. 83713_1000x1000

This cat-teasing toy entertains and exercises felines by encouraging them to stalk an elusive “mouse” scurrying beneath a fabric skirt. Exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer, the unseen mouse changes its direction unpredictably to imitate the movements of a real rodent. The tail peeks out tantalizingly, making it irresistible to even skeptical toms or tabbies. 82989_1000x1000

Even an outdoor cat needs shelter in the cold of winter. This is the only outdoor cat shelter with an integrated heater that keeps felines warm and comfy. A removable 20-watt heater beneath the floor of the shelter generates radiant a gentle heat. The floor is waterproof and lined with soft foam that provides the cat with a comfortable place to lounge. 84626_1000x1000

Here’s a unique gift any cat lover will appreciate. This automatic self-cleaning litter box was rated The Best because it cleaned more quickly and thoroughly than all other models evaluated by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. After its sensor detected a cat had used the box and exited, The Best model waited only seven minutes to begin self-cleaning. The Best model removed debris without the clumps and clogs that plagued other units, and its design is not prone to jamming.

Once you find the purr-fect unique gifts at, don’t forget that we can gift-wrap your purchase and send it to the recipient, quick as a whisker.

Unique Gifts Pawsitively for Dog Lovers

These may be the dog days of summer, but man’s best friend gets a special day, too. Tomorrow is National Dog Day and it gives us paws to think about this great time to pamper a pup.81923A_300x300

Your four-legged friend may be used to ruffing it, but we have some unique gifts that are pawsibilities to please any pooch—or their two-legged owner—fur real. 79686_300x300

You could take Bella to a doggy spa for some pawfume and pawlish, but we think she’d enjoy a dip in The Canine Splash Pool more. Made from heavy-gauge PVC that can withstand a dog’s rough paws and sharp claws, this pool sets up anywhere and has reinforced side panels that keep water in the pool while the dog splashes around. 87767_300x300

For older or arthritic pets, or those who are just dog-tired at the end of the day, The Pet Ramp and Staircase is designed to help your furry friend reach the sofa or bed without exerting undue stress on joints and muscles. The two non-slip steps fold down to form a ramp that allows pets to ascend and descend safely.

And if you pamper your pet with easy access to the furniture, consider these non-slip protective covers for sofas and chairs. The washable covers protect furniture from pet hair and damage without the slippage common to lesser models. Made from plush, deep-pile velvet, they protect upholstery and leather against fur, scratches, moisture, and other pet messes, so you need not shoo your pooch to the floor or constantly follow behind with a vacuum or washcloth.

We don’t intend to share any dogma, but one of the very best ways to celebrate National Dog Day is by adopting a shelter animal. Life is too doggone short to live without the unique gift of the wag of a tail and a friendly canine in the house.

Paws-itively the Best Pampering for Your Pooch

During these cold, dark days of winter, who doesn’t like to spend extra time in a warm, cozy bed? That goes for your faithful canine companion, too.

These are products that give us paws. The pampered pooch in your life will certainly appreciate these unique gifts for extra canine comfort.84252_300x300

The heated dog sofa allows pets to relax in warm, luxurious comfort. A removable heating pad inside the cushion has dual thermostats that generate 102° F radiant warmth, providing a cozy, dedicated location for pets that also helps soothe sore joints in older, arthritic canines.

12378_300x300The Nightstand Doghouse provides integrated sleeping quarters for a furry friend. The dog house nightstand blends into bedroom decor and has a door that provides a dog access to its own sleeping space, giving it the unique gift of a secure feeling from being crated. The slatted door panel makes sure the dog remains in its sleeping quarters or it removes so the pet can come and go as it pleases.

79686_300x300For older, arthritic or smaller dogs that have a hard time getting up on the bed, The Pet Ramp and Staircase offers a ramp that converts into a two-step staircase in seconds, providing a means to reach sofas or beds without exerting undue stress on joints and muscles. The steps fold down to form a 30° ramp that allows pets to ascend and descend safely.

Man’s best friend offers you unique gifts of unconditional love, companionship and joy. Pay back your four-legged friend with comfort today.

Woof Repairs: Keeping Your Dog’s House in Top Form

Seldom is found a more loyal friend than the family dog.

July is National Dog House Repairs Month, a greatSnoopy-Dog-House time to make sure Spot has a comfortable hang-out that will make him feel safe and loved when outdoors. Dogs are pack animals, so their favorite place is wherever you are, but if your pooch spends a substantial amount of time in the yard, you want to make sure the dog house offers both shade in the summer and adequate protection from cold in the winter.

When checking for necessary repairs, spray the dog house with a garden hose to ensure the roof doesn’t leak. Examine the interior for broken and loose boards and for nails sticking out that could cause injury to your pet. Some cities and towns have code standards for dog houses, so check with your municipality to ensure the structure is in compliance.

Once Fido’s house is up to snuff, we have some other suggestions to make the dog days of summer more enjoyable for both of you. If your pet doesn’t have a permanent structure for a house, The Dog Gazebo is an easy-to-set-up pen that will keep your canine contained while offering protection from the sun and rain. You can even create larger dog houses by connecting multiple gazebos.

Dogs love to play in the water on a hot summer day. Unlike thin-skinned kiddie pools, The Canine Splash Pool is made from heavy-gauge PVC material that can withstand a dog’s rough paws and sharp claws.

Proper hydration in the heat of summer is equally important for dogs as for their owners. The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain attaches to a garden spigot and automatically dispenses a gentle stream of cool, fresh water when your dog is within 3 feet.

After a long hike or a day of play, your best friend may want a cooling shower as badly as you do. The Canine Shower Stall features 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead to wash and rinse Rover with vigorous streams of water in an enclosed space.

Whether you favorite pets have fur, feathers, or fins, we have even more ideas to keep these cherished members of the family happy and healthy.