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Power Assist Pedaler

The Power Assist Pedaler from Hammacher Schlemmer helps users with mobility issues prevent muscle atrophy by providing gentle, adjustable assistance in the form of this compact stationary exerciser.

Power Assist PedalerWhen time or weather conditions prevent going outside for a walk, leg muscles stay active and toned with just 15 minutes a day on this quiet, space-saving device. From your most comfortable chair, while watching television or reading a book, adjust the speed from the 18-watt motor from 25 to 65 rpm as the Power Assist Pedaler eases you through a full range of motion, improving muscular strength and coordination.

A handy remote control makes it easy to increase or decrease speed, while the unit’s Liquid Crystal Display shows distance, time, calories burned, and rpm. And the Power Assist Pedaler isn’t just for lower body fitness. Mr. Jones in Winnipeg  says the Power Assist is:

“Also GREAT for upper body workout. I put it on a table and use it for my arms.”

Don’t allow loss of circulation or muscle tone affect you, just because you haven’t the mobility to go for walks or get to an exercise facility. Use The Power Assist Pedaler from the comfort of your living room, and keep those legs moving!

The Power Assist Pedaler

Powered Pumice Stone

The Powered Pumice Stone from Hammacher Schlemmer has become a customer favorite for quickly and gently removing dry, rough, calloused skin from the feet. “G.M.” in Carlsbad, CA says:

“I am delighted with your product. It is so easy to use, fast, and my feet now not only look great, but also feel so smooth. This is after only one use – talk about instant gratification. I love this machine!!”

Powered Pumice StoneAbout the size of an electric razor, The Powered Pumice Stone fits comfortably in one hand for easy maneuverability. Its unique rollers spin at 1800 rpm, buffing away hard jagged skin for salon-quality results. According to Susan in Edmonton:

“I’ve always had problems with dead skin on my feet – I was constantly filing my feet. Then I discovered this little beauty. It works very, very well at removing the dead skin on my feet. I have already thrown out all of my foot files, as this is all I will need from now on!”

Don’t pay for extensive salon treatments anymore, when you can get smoother, softer feet at home, with The Power Pumice Stone.

The Power Pumice Stone

Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner Reviews are in

Best Water Jet Dental CleanerThis Water Jet Dental Cleaner was declared to be The Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute for its ease of use, comfort, and cleaning results. But it isn’t just The Institute heaping praise. Read to what users of the Water Jet Dental Cleaner have to say:

Joy in Florida says “I have used one of these forever for gum health. This is by far the best I have ever used.” She loved that The Best unit kept tips clean, pointing out that “previous ones did not have a cover.”

Suzy in Louisiana said of The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner: “You will love it. It does a great job. Perfect for crown and bridgework cleaning. A must have.”

Eugene in New Jersey stated his is “effective, easy to use, and fast.”

And Kathy in New York raved “I love the adjustable water pressure setting. Really makes my mouth feel clean.”

All 4 of these satisfied users say they would recommend The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner to a friend. Isn’t it time you tried one for yourself?

The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner


Horizontal Inversion Pain Reliever

The horizontal inversion pain reliever from Hammacher Schlemmer provides a new delivery for an old remedy. Sufferers of joint and back pain have long turned to inversion therapy to seek relief. The motion of stretching creates space between the vertebrae by applying gentle traction to the spine. However, this technique isn’t appropriate for all pain sufferers.

Horizontal Inversion Pain RelieverThe Mayo clinic advises those seeking pain relief from inversion therapy, yet who have blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma, to avoid this exercise due to the rush of blood to the head it creates. With the horizontal inversion pain reliever, users lie down on the machine, and never hang upside down. By pressing the feet against the lever at the lower end, a smooth, easy stretch is achieved with the amount of force the user deems comfortable. This motion not only relieves pressure on the spine, but also decompresses the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

The horizontal pain reliever is made of sturdy 14-gauge steel, and is sized to accommodate users ranging from 4’11” to 6’6″ in height. It’s low profile to the ground makes it much easier to get in and out of than vertical devices. Plus, it is portable enough to stow away easily in a closet when not in use.

If you suffer from back pain, but feel hanging inverted could be harmful to you, try The Horizontal Inversion Pain Reliever from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Horizontal Inversion Pain Reliever

Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner

This Water Jet Dental Cleaner not only earned the highest rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute due to its comfort and ease of use, but also because it has been clinically proven to remove 99.9% of plaque in only 3 seconds.

Best Water Jet Dental CleanerAreas along the gumline and between teeth are often neglected with traditional brushing and flossing, but this water jet dental cleaner utilizes 1,200 pulses per minute, and variable water pressure from 5 to 90 psi to reach these trouble spots.  The Institute praised this model for being comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic handle, its array of attachments are simple to remove and reinsert, and it was the easiest unit to fill with water.  The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner rated a perfect score for features, as it was the only unit with an attachment for cleaning braces, and it also comes with a tongue cleaner, toothbrush head, and a gentle-cleaning tip.

Make sure you choose the best option for a cleaner and healthier mouth. Choose The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner

Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox

The Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox provides audible and visual alerts to help ensure proper medications are taken at the prescribed dosage and time. When it’s time to take a medication, the alerting pillbox beeps every two seconds, a green LED on the front of the box illuminates, and the compartment that holds the correct medication lights up.

Audio Visual Alerting PillboxThe pillbox connects to a computer for an initial setup, and the included software allows you to input prescription drug information and instructions.

You can see information about a new software release for The Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox from Yahoo News by clicking here.

The alerting pillbox’s internal memory stores the name of each medication, the dosage, how often it’s taken, and drug indications. The software also allows you to print a medication reference sheet that attaches underneath the lid and aligns with 16 compartments that hold samples of your prescriptions, enabling easy identification. The Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox has compartments labeled morning, noon, evening, and bedtime for each day of the week and pills are stored in removable baskets inside each compartment.

Take the uncertainty out of daily medications, and be sure dosages are taken safely.

The Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox

Compact Elliptical Trainer

Compact elliptical trainers from Hammacher Schlemmer are the perfect way to fit in your workout, when full-sized equipment won’t squeeze into your space.

Compact Elliptical TrainerWe don’t always have the time to make it to a gym, and weather conditions sometimes prevent outdoor activities. So here’s a way to get your exercise inside, without bulky gear. Perfect for your home or office, this full-motion elliptical trainer easily stores in a closet once you’ve finished your workout.

This compact elliptical has a 20″ L x 12″ W footprint, taking up minimal floor space. Its foam-covered handle adjusts up to 49 1/2″ H and locks into place with a tension knob, providing a secure handhold during a workout. The non-slip pedals provide stable footing during forward and backward elliptical movement; tension adjusts using a dial between the pedals. The LCD shows you the number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned, scrolling through each statistic one at a time.

If you need to get some exercise indoors, but you just don’t have the space in which to do it, The Compact Elliptical Trainer is the right machine for you.

The Compact Elliptical Trainer

Plantar Fasciitis on Pinterest

We would like to introduce a new Pinterest board. The Relief for Plantar Fasciitis board features the Hammacher Schlemmer products designed to help relieve the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis, and help prevent it from reoccurring. Here you’ll find shoes in many different styles, plus inserts to go with them. Even sandals! Plus braces and sleeves for your feet. Please stop by as we post more products to help you feel better on your feet.