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All in favor of vision health, say “Eye”

August is National Eye Exam Month, dedicated to the importance of eye health and safety.

The Strain Relieving Eye MassagerVision health is one of the most unique gifts of physical well-being. If you are between the ages of 40-65, your eyes should be checked at least every two years. For those over 65, vision should be checked annually.

Even for healthy eyes, everyday eye strain is not uncommon. The Strain Relieving Eye Massager uses mist, gentle vibration, and warmth to relax and soothe the eyes. The mask’s silicon seal gently contours to the unique shape of your face. This eye massager is a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who spends hours in front of a computer, does a lot of close-up work, or simply needs some relief and relaxation.The Eye Fatigue Preventing Reading Glasses

You may be able to mitigate strained eyes with The Eye Fatigue Preventing Reading Glasses. Infused with melanin, the pigment that gives eyes their color, protects from UV damage, and reduces glare naturally, these magnifying reading glasses prevent eyes from tiring as you read or view a computer monitor.

For those who need a little help with tiny print or close work now and then, The Only Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses adjust the focus of each lens with the simple turn of a dial, using fluid-injection technology developed by a physicist at The Only Adjustable Focus Reading GlassesOxford. As the dial on either side of the frame is turned, the elastic membrane bows inwards or outwards, subtly changing the prescription in each lens independently.

The gift of sight is one of the best gifts you’ll ever enjoy, so make your appointment to see your optometrist or ophthalmologist now, during National Eye Exam Month.

Snoring Solutions Help Provide Good Night’s Sleep for Two

Snoring SolutionsStudies have shown that 30-40% of people snore. After age 60, this percentage increases to 60%. Informal polls show that 94% of spouses are bothered by the noise. We suspect the other 6% work nights. Hammacher Schlemmer offers innovative and unique snoring solutions that can help.

To avoid a snoring-related phenomenon—lightly bruised ribs from the snorer’s bed partner employing a firmly placed elbow in an attempt to stop the racket—we recommend a snore-reducing pillow.

Our Snore-Activated Nudging Pillow detects snoring and “nudges” a sleeper into shifting positions without the need for spousal intervention. The pillow’s integrated microphone picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring, automatically inflating an internal air bladder that increases this snoring aid pillow’s depth by 3″—just enough movement to roust a sleeper into moving head or body position. The contoured shape provides optimal head positioning for ameliorating snoring and cradles the head for blissful sleep.

Other snoring solutions that act to aid the affected spouse provide soothing background noise, masking the sound of the snore. You can design your own tranquil acoustic environment with sounds such as rain, surf, a running stream, wind, or white noise. Our exclusive Authentic Sound Oasis Machine uses the latest digital technology to create aural atmospheres from sound recorded at the source, far superior to other white noise machines’ computer-generated facsimiles.

If the snorer’s spouse prefers to listen to music or audio books in bed while their partner saws logs, The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce ambient noise so the wearer can enjoy crisp acoustics without the distracting sounds. These headphones are also useful in the office or on an airplane.

Hand Reflexology Massager

This is The Hand Reflexology Massager, which has been found by a team of physical therapists to have the potential to relieve pain and discomfort in the hands.

Hand Reflexology MassagerWith one touch of a button, The Hand Reflexology Massager begins its soothing rhythm to take away the tension, stress, and fatigue associated with keyboarding and mouse use. Once inserted into the soft polyester interior, the device compresses trigger points on both the palm and the back of the hand. Sessions can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes long, at 4 different pressure levels. The Reflexology Massager can also include far infrared heat for your session, to promote better circulation.

Find direct relief for those metacarpals that have been hard at work all day. Try The Hand Reflexology Massager from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Hand Reflexology Massager

Infrared LED Pain Reliever

The Infrared LED Pain Reliever employs technology developed by NASA to safely relieve swollen joints, loosen tight muscles, and stimulate blood circulation.

Infrared LED Pain RelieverOriginally developed for use in healing astronauts’ injuries, The Infrared Pain Reliever uses 60 LED’s to penetrate deep in tissue for lasting pain relief. In a study at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, this LED technology reduced painful inflammation by up to 37% over heating pads, which are only capable of delivering warmth just below the skin’s surface. The lightweight, brush-shaped design is easy to move around the body and hold in place. The included travel bag means it’s easy for the pain reliever to go with you on those vacation hiking and biking excursions.

You can learn more about The Infrared LED Pain Reliever by watching this demonstration video.

Treat your aches and pains with the same system our Space Agency implemented to care for their most valued employees, with The Infrared LED Pain Reliever from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Infrared LED Pain Reliever

Genuine Turkish Bathrobe

This is The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe, imported exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer. It is made from 100% Turkish cotton in the Denizli region of Turkey.

Genuine Turkish BathrobeStep out of the shower and into 1/2-inch high looped pile; most towels have only 1/4-inch pile. The Genuine Turkish Robe has not only excellent absorbency thanks to its exceptionally high 69,000 loop pile count, but also helps to conserve body heat. At 22 ounces per square yard, this Turkish robe is also 60% heavier than other robes. The convenience of machine washing and tumble drying will add to the softness and absorbency each time you wash the robe.

Measuring 52 inches long, our Genuine Turkish Bathrobe has a shawl collar, raglan sleeves, and is belted. For a special personalized gift, the robe can be monogrammed as well. Whether for your own luxurious experience, or to present to a loved one, The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe swaddles in warmth and comfort.

The Genuine Turkish Robe

Best Men’s Foil Shaver

This is The Best Men’s Foil Shaver, so named by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it provided the closest, most comfortable shave among all those foil shavers tested.

Best Men's Foil ShaverThe Best Men’s Foil Shaver utilizes an industry-leading 5 blades, along with the foils’ subtle vibrations, to lift and cut hair below the skin, all without pulling or nicking the skin. According to one tester, this resulted in “an extraordinary close shave.” And while other models needed extra passes to get to hard-to-reach spots, The Best model reached “every nook and cranny without a problem”, in the words of another panelist.
Being waterproof, The Best Men’s Foil Shaver can be used wet or dry, allowing for shaves in the shower, with or without shaving cream. When connected to its base, The Best Foil is automatically cleaned and dried, so it’s ready to go when you are.

See why testers called this “the most comfortable electric razor I have ever used.” Experience The Best Men’s Foil Shaver.

The Best Men’s Foil Shaver

Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System

“Battery powered nirvana.” –  That’s how Bubba in Maryland described The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System from Hammacher Schlemmer. He goes on to say “I put it on and the pain goes away! I initially thought that such a powerful little device would have a short battery life – NOT SO. I have used the device every day – 30 minutes each time – the batteries are still going strong.

Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator SystemThis cordless home electrotherapy system delivers hours of drug-free pain relief without requiring a visit to a doctor. The device employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, a method of pain relief therapy widely adopted by medical professionals. When the self-adhesive electrode pads of this device are placed on sore spots, they send harmless low-frequency electrical pulses into the tissue that block pain signals passing through nerves to the brain. The system increases blood flow to the area to promote healing and relaxation. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, TENS therapy can be an effective element of pain management for low-intensity discomfort, such as back pain and muscle soreness in the extremities. The tethered controller lets you easily choose from 10 treatment modes with 10 intensity levels. System comes with two small electrode pads, two large electrode pads, an adjustable belt that secures the electrodes for back pain relief, and carrying bag. Includes three AAA batteries. Not for use by those with pacemakers.

Doesn’t this sound like the pain relief you’re looking for as well? Get The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System today.


Power Assist Pedaler

The Power Assist Pedaler from Hammacher Schlemmer helps users with mobility issues prevent muscle atrophy by providing gentle, adjustable assistance in the form of this compact stationary exerciser.

Power Assist PedalerWhen time or weather conditions prevent going outside for a walk, leg muscles stay active and toned with just 15 minutes a day on this quiet, space-saving device. From your most comfortable chair, while watching television or reading a book, adjust the speed from the 18-watt motor from 25 to 65 rpm as the Power Assist Pedaler eases you through a full range of motion, improving muscular strength and coordination.

A handy remote control makes it easy to increase or decrease speed, while the unit’s Liquid Crystal Display shows distance, time, calories burned, and rpm. And the Power Assist Pedaler isn’t just for lower body fitness. Mr. Jones in Winnipeg  says the Power Assist is:

“Also GREAT for upper body workout. I put it on a table and use it for my arms.”

Don’t allow loss of circulation or muscle tone affect you, just because you haven’t the mobility to go for walks or get to an exercise facility. Use The Power Assist Pedaler from the comfort of your living room, and keep those legs moving!

The Power Assist Pedaler

Powered Pumice Stone

The Powered Pumice Stone from Hammacher Schlemmer has become a customer favorite for quickly and gently removing dry, rough, calloused skin from the feet. “G.M.” in Carlsbad, CA says:

“I am delighted with your product. It is so easy to use, fast, and my feet now not only look great, but also feel so smooth. This is after only one use – talk about instant gratification. I love this machine!!”

Powered Pumice StoneAbout the size of an electric razor, The Powered Pumice Stone fits comfortably in one hand for easy maneuverability. Its unique rollers spin at 1800 rpm, buffing away hard jagged skin for salon-quality results. According to Susan in Edmonton:

“I’ve always had problems with dead skin on my feet – I was constantly filing my feet. Then I discovered this little beauty. It works very, very well at removing the dead skin on my feet. I have already thrown out all of my foot files, as this is all I will need from now on!”

Don’t pay for extensive salon treatments anymore, when you can get smoother, softer feet at home, with The Power Pumice Stone.

The Power Pumice Stone

Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner Reviews are in

Best Water Jet Dental CleanerThis Water Jet Dental Cleaner was declared to be The Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute for its ease of use, comfort, and cleaning results. But it isn’t just The Institute heaping praise. Read to what users of the Water Jet Dental Cleaner have to say:

Joy in Florida says “I have used one of these forever for gum health. This is by far the best I have ever used.” She loved that The Best unit kept tips clean, pointing out that “previous ones did not have a cover.”

Suzy in Louisiana said of The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner: “You will love it. It does a great job. Perfect for crown and bridgework cleaning. A must have.”

Eugene in New Jersey stated his is “effective, easy to use, and fast.”

And Kathy in New York raved “I love the adjustable water pressure setting. Really makes my mouth feel clean.”

All 4 of these satisfied users say they would recommend The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner to a friend. Isn’t it time you tried one for yourself?

The Best Water Jet Dental Cleaner