Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

When leaves fall, temperatures drop, and daylight hours diminish, you know the holiday season won’t be far behind. That means it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas tree.

The first factor to consider is live or artificial. While some purists insist on a live tree, there are several reasons you’ll want to consider our World’s Best Christmas Trees, besides their lifelike realism:


It’s economical—the investment in a well-made artificial tree means you will have your decoration for many years to come, saving the costs of buying live trees year after year.

It’s green—natural resources go into the growing of trees, not to mention pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Fossil fuels are burned shipping trees around the country and again after the holiday when they need to be hauled away and processed into mulch. And many people simply prefer not to cut down a living tree every year for the short holiday season.

Lower maintenance—an artificial tree doesn’t need to be watered and it doesn’t leave behind a mess of dry needles when it’s taken down.

Allergies—an artificial tree is less likely to bother allergies, while a live tree can release pollen and mold into the home.

Once you’ve decided which type of tree you want, there are several other factors to consider:

Size—Decide where you’re going to place your tree. The space you have will dictate the tree height and width you need to choose. When measuring the height you need, be sure to factor in the height of your tree stand and the decoration that will be placed atop the tree. Allow approximately a foot between the top of the decoration and the ceiling for a height that is most pleasing to the eye. Different widths are also available in many styles to suit your living space or your preference.


Type—Even artificial trees come in many different varieties. Hammacher offers meticulous reproductions of Fraser, Noble, Balsam, and Douglas firs, as well as Spruces and Scots Pines. Trees with shorter needles, such as Fraser and Douglas firs, can be easier to decorate, especially if you want to hang a lot of ornaments.

Pre-lit—Choosing a tree pre-strung with LED or incandescent lights means no struggling with tangled wires. LEDs are the most energy-efficient, while incandescent bulbs provide a more traditional glow. Either way, the pre-lit trees we offer will always shine on, even if one bulb breaks or burns out, backed by our Lifetime Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.

You can view our complete Christmas tree selection online and find your perfect tree easily by sorting the results by branch and bulb type, tree height and width, and price.

Celebrating Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange

The discovery and conquest of new worlds has always been a two-sided doubloon. Whether one’s culture views Columbus as a daring, intrepid explorer pioneering new voyages of commerce and trade, or a destroyer of worlds, one thing is clear: he was the first to establish permanent contact between old-world nations and the new world’s native, first peoples. Today, with the Columbus Day holiday, we commemorate Columbus’ expedition to the new world and the Columbian exchange that changed the world forever.

Imagine all of the drama if we discovered aliens in outer space or they discovered us. Spinning Spaghetti ForkA possible positive outcome would be the exchange of ideas, tools, foods, plants, animals, and means of transportation, energy and building materials.  This and more were the outcome of the great Columbian exchange.

Today, it’s difficult to imagine life without the items Columbus brought back in his four historic voyages. First was corn, a super grain to feed cattle and the world. Imagine food without chili peppers and hot curries. No tomatoes for pasta, pizza or ketchup. No beans for chili, no turkey for Thanksgiving and no pumpkin pie, either. We would be without potatoes and have no vanilla for ice cream and no popcorn for the movies. All transportation and manufacturing would cease because tires, tubes, gaskets wouldn’t exist without rubber. No peanuts, no bourbon whiskey, no pineapple and perhaps worst of all, no chocolate.

Even today, the discoveries continue with tropical fruits and medicinal plants from the rainforest, still being encountered 521 years after voyage.

Thanks to Don Cristobal Colón and the intrepid explorers who followed, today little of Earth’s surface outside of Antartica remains undiscovered.Ice Cream Maker Whether you’re an ambitious bushwhacker or one who prefers to stay on the sidewalk, you can track your travel adventures using personalized maps. These maps come with color-coded pins and flags that let you chart your domestic trips, excursions to foreign countries, or even pilgrimages to historic baseball stadiums and golf courses.

And thanks to modern technology, navigating in a foreign land is simpler than ever with devices such as The GPS Homing Device