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Have the Most Boo-tiful Yard on the Block

With September now behind us, it’s time to get into the spirit of spirits…and pumpkins, skeletons, witches, and ghosts.

We’re here to help you create the most impressive Halloween display in the neighborhood. These unique gifts for decorating your yard will delight party guests, catch neighbors’ eyes, and draw trick-or-treaters to your door.

88550_1000x1000This 22″-tall possessed pumpkin greets Halloween guests and ghouls with spooky lights and sounds. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the grinning jack-o’-lantern invokes seasonal supernatural fun as fiber optic lights outline his mouth, eyes, and nose, while an integrated speaker plays eerie sounds. Ideal for graveyard gardens, haunted houses, and hair-raising Halloween parties, the paranormal pumpkin’s sounds scare the soul while its eyes illuminate with blinking lights.89049_1000x1000

Transform any window into a display of afterlife-like Halloween scenes with this scene-animating projector. Another Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, this animator projects skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts on your window so convincingly that even jaded trick-or-treaters may believe your home has been overrun by the paranormal. The Halloween video clips include giggling, bouncing jack-o-lanterns, dancing skeletons, and a spooky apparitions on the haunt.88560_1000x1000

With this 9′ inflatable entryway, you’ll invite treat seekers to enter Halloween Town from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, it inflates in three minutes using an integrated air pump, breathing life into Jack Skellington, Sally, and a pair of ghostly pals. The Pumpkin King’s petrifying portal is illuminated from within.

We have many more unique gifts designed to help you turn your home into a haunted house of Halloween horror. See our full collection online and let the boo-tiful decorating begin.

Decorate for a Night Out with the Ghouls

The night of ghosts and goblins is almost here! We have some great ideas for indoor decorations that get any home into the Halloween spirit and make “terror-ific” unique gifts for party hosts. 87680_1000x1000

This whimsical wall clock was inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with beloved characters Jack Skellington and the ghost-dog Zero. Capturing the distinctive animated style of the 1993 film, the handcrafted clock recreates Halloweentown and its residents in lovingly creepy detail. 86136_1000x1000

Crisp fall weather means it’s time to light up the fireplace. This fireplace screen adds a touch of Halloween whimsy to your hearth. Constructed from sturdy powder-coated steel, it’s decorated with five skeletons with green acrylic eyes: a musician on each of the screen’s two side sections and three dancers in the center. 87554_1000x1000

Arachnophobes don’t stand a chance against this remote-controlled, oversized tarantula, a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive. It crawls across smooth surfaces with creepy, crawly leg movements. With the remote control, you can move it left and right, backwards and forwards so that the tarantula scuttles its way over low carpets, hardwood floors, and indoor tile. For added surprise, the spider randomly ejects an 11″-long red cord.

We have many more Halloween surprises and unique gifts. Visit our online Halloween shop today and plan a frightful end to October.

Plan a Boo-tiful Halloween Display

The end of September is a sure sign that the end of October is almost here!84216_1000x1000

With October 31 falling on a Saturday, this Halloween is sure to be bigger than most. If you’re going to have the most impressive—and scariest—yard on the block, start planning now. We have several items to help ensure your house gets all the attention. These also make for unique gifts for someone you know who needs to do more to get into the spirit of the spirits.  87315_1000x1000

Standing nearly two stories tall, this inflatable black cat is the largest Halloween decoration available. A Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, the cat’s underbelly is more than 9′ above the ground at its highest point, allowing trick-or-treaters to walk underneath. With its swaying head, illuminated red eyes and wide-fanged grin, this cat looks as if it’s about to pounce on unsuspecting prey. 87554_1000x1000

Equally spooky is this 12′-tall inflatable ghoul. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the ghoul’s beady red LED eyes are set amid a frightful photorealistic face. This ghastly undead abomination guffaws in silence with its gaping maw while it grasps at candy seekers with talon-tipped hands. Super scary!

Once indoors, party-going arachnophobes don’t stand a chance against this remote-controlled, oversized tarantula. Another Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, it crawls across smooth surfaces with creepy, crawly leg movements. With the remote control, you can move it left and right, backwards and forwards so that the tarantula scuttles its way over low carpets, hardwood floors and indoor tile. For added surprise, the spider randomly ejects an 11″-long “web”.

We have many more Halloween surprises and unique gifts. Visit our online Halloween shop today and plan a frightful end to October.

Appease Zombie Souls with Unique Gifts for Halloween Decorating

October’s chill winds bring benevolent ghosts back to life for one last haunt before they pass on to the ethereal enchanted realm. We say heartfelt remembrances for their safe passage.

But it’s the malevolent spirits we need to scare away. Witches, sprites, and evil creatures envy us and want to stay alive with us, but they must depart. We have scary and unique gift ideas to keep the undead at bay and brighten your home for trick-or-treat visitors or All Hallows’ Eve festivities.83832_300x300

Our exclusive 12′ Inflatable Animated Spider will scare the possessed to other parts of the neighborhood with its frightful fun. Standing with an upright pose suggesting fiendish arthropodan intelligence, the spider’s head swivels side-to-side as if selecting its next victim. Both eyes are illuminated by integrated LEDs that change colors from a devilish red to a supernatural green, complementing its outthrust fangs.

The Inflatable Howling Haunted House is great for announcing a ghoulish party. This house howls, screams, and flashes its lights when unsuspecting visitors pass beneath its ominous arched doorway. When triggered, the house’s 60 LEDs flash from red to green while its plays a 15-second loop of scary sounds.84882_300x300

The 15′ Inflatable Apparition manifests its malevolent intent by changing colors throughout the night. Implying recent dissolution from a corporeal state, thin wisps of textured nylon drape ghoulishly from its ethereal outstretched limbs. LEDs inside the ghost’s body change colors every few seconds, reminding passersby that just because it is secured to the ground, its spirit remains untethered to this world.

Meanwhile, inside your home, The Halloween Fireplace Screen adds holiday whimsy to your hearth. Five skeletons with green acrylic eyes adorn the screen. “Happy Halloween” greets onlookers at the screen’s top while three bats and a ghost complete the display with a final skull and outstretched bony arms.

Startle friends and family with The Remote Controlled Tarantula. This oversized arachnid’s 74325B_300x300eight legs move independently and its eyes light up, allowing you to frighten unsuspecting arachnophobes day or night. But beware: if your friend tries to eat it, he might be a zombie!

Beyond Bobbing for Apples: Fun And Games for Fall Parties

Late October marks the eve and day when all good souls roam the earth and search for one last day of warmth before departing for their next celestial assignment.


We gather in all of the fruits and veggies of fall’s harvest to be preserved and have celebrations of the departed; good memories of family and friends. Whether it’s a harvest party, Halloween, or the increasingly popular Latin Dia de los Muertos, scare away ghosts, goblins, and long-legged creatures such as those depicted by The 12′ Inflatable Animated Spider and The Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle with a party your friends and family will remember.

Try games of fortune telling like tarot and Ouija, where players divine the

future like Zoltar, accompanied by candy corn, homemade fat-free snacks made with The Healthiest Potato Chip Maker, punch, and bubbling kettles of spiced cider. Make a creative Halloween-themed piñata filled with your favorite sweets. As the backyard bonfires burn, tell tales of fright and appleromance, myth and legend. Have the neighbors over for pumpkin bowling with butternut squash nine pins. The Caramel Apple Maker lets you make your own gourmet caramel apples, and don’t forget cider donuts on strings: a race without hands to see who can devour them first. For the adults, serve flagons of ale and hard cider just like Rip Van Winkle.

When harvest winds howl and drive you indoors, lower the lights, turn off the telly, silence the smartphones and for one evening, make a happy shrine to our loved ones and the fallen who can’t be with us on this festive fall occasion.

The Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle

Keep watch over your home this Halloween with The Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Giant Inflatable Halloween Gargoyle

This is the 15′ inflatable gargoyle that towers over visitors at a Halloween yard display. Keeping a nightly vigil like a loyal hound, the gargoyle squats on powerful clawed hindquarters and forefeet and moves its massive 3′-wide head 60º back and forth, providing a clear demonstration to n’er-do-well spirits that this yard possesses a preternatural presence demanding respect. With red and yellow eyes shaped by furrowed brows, its upturned snout, twin horns, and classic underbite suggest a less-malevolent temperament than its Medieval predecessor. Four integrated 7-watt light bulbs rated for 3,000 hours of operation illuminate the gargoyle from within, providing a hint of sentience that ensures the attention of the curious. Made from the same strong, light, and durable polyester material used in modern nautical sails, the gargoyle remains firmly fixed to the ground with included stakes and tethers. An included air blower plugs into AC with a 6′ cord to provide constant inflation in less than 10 minutes.

Ever vigilant, The Gargantuan Gargoyle measures 15′ H x 11′ W x 11 3/4′ D, and weighs 9 1/2 lbs.

Giant Inflatable Halloween Gargoyle

The Inflatable Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach

Are you tired of losing the neighborhood Halloween decorating contest to the annoying guy next door? Well, we can assure you, he won’t have this in his yard!

Inflatable Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach

Put yourself in the lead this year with The Inflatable Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach from Hammacher Schlemmer. This is the 20′-long inflatable stagecoach that bears a rotating witch pulled by a team of illuminated, smiling ghosts. The coach’s passenger is a witch that rotates side-to-side 60º while ensconced within a transparent pumpkin illuminated by 48 bright LEDs and topped with a purple hat. Plump orange tires, a bulbous green frame, and four lanterns suggest a heavy conveyance difficult to pull yet three 88 1/2″-tall ghosts (each illuminated by an internal 7-watt C7 bulb rated for 3,000 hours of operation) appear eager to draw the coach, evinced by the expressive grins on each of their faces. A fourth illuminated apparition sits atop the coach, urging his charges on with ethereal encouragement. The included air blower, rated for 2,000 hours of operation, plugs into AC with 6′ cords to provide constant inflation in less than 10 minutes.  The entire stagecoach stands 20′ L x 6′ W x 6′ H. and weighs 17 lbs.  Durable polyester construction means you’ll be the envy of everyone on your block for years to come!

Inflatable Illuminated Ghastly Stagecoach

12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman

Ichabod Crane never imagined he’d be the centerpiece of your Halloween decorating plans. But now, with The 12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman from Hammacher Schlemmer, he’ll be standing watch over all your Trick-or-Treat festivities.

Inflatable Headless HorsemanThis is the 12′ tall inflatable headless horseman that creates an ominous presence in your own sequestered glen. Only available at Hammacher Schlemmer, the horseman is holding a pumpkin head in his hand and the gourd’s infernal smile and slanted, ominous eyes suggest imminent malevolence while internal lights emit a creepy luminescence. The horse stands on its hind legs, its head turns eerily side-to-side, and it produces a bone-chilling whinny, portending malevolence in your Sleepy Hollow. The inflatable headless horseman and his horse stand over an illuminated gravestone that reads “RIP.” Includes eight tethers and stakes for securing the display. Inflates in one minute with the included fan. Plugs into AC with a 5′ cord.

The Inflatable Headless Horseman stands 12′ H x 7 3/4′ W x 3 1/2′ D, and weighs 10 lbs. He’s sure to make an impression on all who dare pass by.

12′ Inflatable Headless Horseman


Two Story Inflatable Black Cat

You don’t need to be wary of crossing paths with any black cats this Halloween season. In fact, The Two Story Inflatable Black Cat from Hammacher Schlemmer even lets you walk underneath!

Two Story Inflatable Black Cat

Standing nearly two stories tall, this inflatable black cat is the largest Halloween decoration available. The cat’s underbelly is 9 1/3′ above ground at the highest point, allowing trick-or-treaters to walk underneath, and each paw is the size of an armchair. The cat’s head automatically sways side-to-side and it has illuminated, piercing red eyes, a 4 3/4′-wide fanged grin, and 9 3/4″-long claws. The gargantuan feline’s hindquarters and tail are elevated above its head as if he’s about to pounce on unsuspecting prey. An integrated air pump inflates the display in four minutes, and lights in the neck, body, and tail produce an eerie glow. Made of durable tear-resistant nylon, the cat remains in place with the included stakes and 19 2/3′-long tethers. Folds to 18 1/4″ x 15″ for convenient storage.

The Inflatable Black Cat stands 20 2/3′ H x 14 3/4′ L x 7 3/4′ W and weighs 14 lbs. It’s sure to get the attention of everyone who passes by. And it may even keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard!

 Two Story Inflatable Black Cat