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Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer

The Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer from Hammacher Schlemmer eliminates the need for cables and cords by connecting your iPhone, including your iPhone 5, or Android device, through a Wi-Fi network. There is no need to use an adapter for your iPhone 5; no physical connection needs to be made, so it is immediately compatible!

Wireless iPhone 5 Photo PrinterA downloadable app transmits pictures to the wireless photo printer, where they are printed on patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan die crystals, eschewing the need for ink cartridges. And in less than a minute, you have rich, vibrant photographs at 300dpi resolution that resist fingerprints, dust, and scratches.

From anywhere in your home, you can call up an image on your iphone, iPad or iPod Touch, or an Android phone, send it through your Wi-Fi network, and in no more than 60 seconds have a 4″ X 6″ print ready for viewing. The amazing Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer.

The Wireless iPhone 5  Photo Printer

Caller Announcing Large View Telephone

The Caller Announcing Large View Telephones from Hammacher Schlemmer both show you, and tell you, who has dialed your number. A large LCD screen, 50% larger than standard phones, clearly shows the name and number of incoming calls, while an audible feature announces each caller by name.

Caller Announcing Large View TelephonesOversized buttons on the base unit and handheld phones are backlit for clear viewing, while flashing LEDs provide alerts for incoming calls and voice messages. (*Caller ID and voicemail require subscription with telephone company.) The handset has an amplified earpiece, boosting high-frequency sounds up to 30 db, while being compatible with all inductive coupled hearing aids, further enhancing clarity.

Extra features include a 200-number memory for storing emergency and often-dialed numbers, and a DECT band that avoids frequencies used by other cordless phones, resulting in interference-free calls. Even in power outages, your base unit phone still allows emergency and speed dialing functions, as well as allowing incoming and outgoing calls. The Large View Telephone supports up to 11 additional handsets, for a total of 12 with the handset included.

If you or a loved one have need for a larger phone display, with the added benefit of spoken Caller ID, then The Caller Announcing Large View Telephone will be a welcome piece of technology.

The Caller Announcing Large View Telephones

One Touch DVD CD Duplicator

One Touch DVD CD Duplicator

The One Touch DVD CD Duplicator from Hammacher Schlemmer means you can always have a backup plan. Think of all the documents, photos, and memories you’ve burned to disc, and know that having a second copy stored safely means you won’t ever be without them.

With one touch of a button, this standalone DVD CD Duplicator makes an exact replica in just over six minutes, without the need for a PC. It can also create custom playlist discs from multiple audio CDs, producing a compilation CD that includes all selected tracks. At 24X DVD and 48X CD drive speeds, this device can copy an entire library of home movies. An ample internal 64 MB buffer (with 2 MB drive buffer) ensures that large files are copied seamlessly and without error. The One Touch DVD CD Duplicator supports all DVD technology platforms. It should be noted, this device will not duplicate copyrighted or encrypted material.

The One Touch DVD CD Duplicator, from Hammacher Schlemmer.

HD Video Recording Sunglasses

The HD Video Recording Sunglasses from Hammacher Schlemmer allow you to record high-definition video of the very events your eyes are watching.

How many times have you taken a trip to the grocery store, and seen something along the way you just didn’t have the words to describe? What about those afternoons spent on the boat, when you wished your friends could have seen the dolphins swimming along the side. Now, they can.

HD Video Recording SunglassesThrough a pinhole-sized 720p lens in the bridge of the frame, these video recording sunglasses capture 1280 x 720 HD video at 35 frames per second across a 72 degree-wide angle. The built-in microphone records stereo sound and the sunglasses can also capture 8 megapixel still photos with the touch of a button. Video is recorded in AVI format and the internal 4 GB memory stores up to one hour of video or the integrated MicroSD slot accommodates up to a 16 GB memory card (not included) that holds up to four hours of recordings. Its rechargeable battery enables up to four hours of video recording after an eight-hour charge via the included AC adapter. All of the video recording components are water resistant, the lenses are impact resistant, and the video sunglasses weigh just over one ounce to ensure comfort.

No more fumbling for your camera the next time you see excitement happen. Get the video recording sunglasses that are always ready for action, even while shielding your eyes from the sun.

The HD Video Recording Sunglasses

The Point and Click Dictionary

We’ve all been curtailed in the midst of a good read by a word with which we aren’t familiar. Rather than setting our book down and heading to the computer for reference, why not use The Point and Click Dictionary from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Point and Click DictionaryRecently featured by “The Innovation Insider” Steve Greenberg on WFAA News 8 in Dallas, this is the pocket-sized scanner that instantly looks up and displays word definitions. Eliminating the need to thumb through large books or type entries, the device slides easily over reading material, its integrated flip-up camera scans any word with the touch of a button, and definitions are instantaneously displayed on its screen. The scanner provides audible word pronunciations through its built-in speaker and the 2.4″ color LCD has a 320 x 240 resolution that clearly displays definitions, comprehensive etymologies, and related word forms. Smaller than a smart phone, the portable scanner provides 500,000 definitions from the Collins English Dictionary and offers translations to and from French, Italian, Spanish, and German using the award-winning Collins foreign language dictionaries. Users can navigate the device via the touchscreen or the included stylus, and it has an integrated MP3 player, voice recorder, and picture viewer.

Leave the bulky thesaurus and dictionary on the shelf, for the convenience of The Point and Click Dictionary.