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Cordless iPhone Charger

The Cordless iPhone Charger from Hammacher Schlemmer is the solution to your phone-charging conundrum. Like the times you’ve left your charging cord in the car, and can’t connect your phone to your computer or an electrical outlet. Or when you’re away from home, and you have the cord, but you forgot to bring along the AC connector. Then the worst of all, when you have all the cords and connectors you need, but now you can not for the life of you find a power outlet.

Cordless iPhone ChargerThe Cordless iPhone Charger solves all these dilemmas. Powered by your computer’s USB port, this pocket iPhone charger provides 25 hours of talk time for your phone, 4 and a half hours of use for your iPad, and can also charge your GPS receiver, tablet, even a Blackberry device or Android phone. 10 seconds of inactivity switches it off to preserve its energy store, and built-in protection keeps the pocket iPhone charger safe from power and temperature surges.

The Cordless iPhone Charger from Hammacher Schlemmer. Convenience and versatility in one pocket-sized package.

The Cordless iPhone Charger

Best Television Headphones

These are The Best Television Headphones, as chosen by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. In tests to prove performance and comfort, The Institute found this model provided the clearest audio, the greatest transmission range, and were the most comfortable of any other model tested.

Best Television HeadphonesWhen tested indoors, The Best headphones received CD-quality audio from up to 42 feet away from a television, more than doubling the distance of lesser models. And outdoors, these headphones still received quality signals at up to 230 feet. “It was like I was at the movies” said one panelist, after experiencing the best model’s full sound and clear dialogue. No surprise, given their 7.1-channel surround sound that another member described as “outstanding stereo sound.”

Of course, the quality of a set of headphones only matters for the duration they can be worn, and The Best Television Headphones provided superior comfort as well as performance. While other models were too tight, or were “hot and stifling”, the Best model lead one observer to proclaim them “the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn.”

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in television sound, without disturbing roommates or neighbors? Then you’re ready for The Best Television Headphones from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Best Television Headphones

Voice Communicating Ski Goggles

The Voice Communicating Ski Goggles from Hammacher Schlemmer allow up to 6 friends to stay in contact with one another while enjoying a day on the slopes. Using a Bluetooth transceiver, with a range up to 1,600 feet, skiers with these goggles can keep each other updated on where the freshest powder has fallen, and which slopes might be too crowded to venture down.

Voice Communicating Ski GogglesA microphone built into the frame of the goggles delivers clear speech to listeners, vastly preferred to the wind-muffled sounds of an external mic. Plug your earphones into the standard 1/8″ jack if you prefer your own over the two sets of earbuds — one for under a helmet, one for over — that are included. The Voice Communicating Ski Goggles connect wirelessly to your smartphone so you can listen to your favorite playlists, as well as enabling automatic voice answering of your incoming calls. In the temple area of the goggles, large buttons adjust the volume, answer calls, and activate the intercom mode; your bulky ski gloves won’t interfere with your ability to to make adjustments on the fly.

And lets not forget that these are ski goggles, after all; the mirror-coated lenses (black and orange-tinted both included) block 100% of harmful UV rays, and have anti-fogging and anti-scratch coating. For safe keeping, the goggles come with a fabric bag and a hard case, protecting them from damage even when packed with other gear.

Don’t miss out on the short lines at the chair lift. Keep in touch with your group of slaloming friends out on the slopes this winter, with The Voice Communicating Ski Goggles.

The Voice Communicating Ski Goggles

Are you prepared for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Isaac has been a grim reminder that the end of summer does not mean the end of hurricane season. According to NOAA both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons officially last through the end of November. Are you prepared should the next major storm strike your area?


Best Emergency RadioThe Best Emergency Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer keeps you informed of  what’s going on around you even in the worst of conditions.  This emergency radio earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it delivered a superior combination of sound quality, playback time, and reception. Analysts turned the units’ dynamos for one minute to power the rechargeable batteries. The radios were turned on until power was exhausted and The Best Emergency Radio lasted 8.7X longer than lesser models. The Best model’s large, ergonomic hand crank required little effort to turn and, unlike other radios with analog tuners, it has an easy-to-adjust digital tuner that received 33% more radio stations than competing radios and produced crisp, clear sound of AM and FM stations. The Best model allowed analysts to hear every word of the seven NOAA Weather Bands, unlike other models that produced distorted, static-filled audio. The Best model’s superior features include an integrated LED flashlight, USB port for charging smartphones, mini-USB cable, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power.

Solar Power GeneratorUnlike noisy gas or propane generators that produce noxious fumes, The Solar Power Generator is silent and provides zero-emission back up power without relying on volatile fuels. When fully charged, the 1250-watt battery powers a refrigerator for up to four days, a television for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 30 hours.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker

With The Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Hammacher Schlemmer, we no longer need to risk drowning our cell phones in order to access our preferred playlists.

Bluetooth Shower SpeakerEver since rivers have run and brooks have babbled, humans have been singing in the shower. There’s just something about the way music and water mix that makes the bathroom the perfect studio for amateur crooners to belt out their favorite tunes and show-stoppers. And since electric stereos don’t fare well in steamy environs, we’ve been limited to a capella versions of the classic standards. Until now.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, iPad, or Android device to stream music inside your shower stall. A control panel allows you to scroll through songs, adjust the volume,  pause, and play. The LED screen has a clock to let you keep an eye on the time you might otherwise lose track of as you rehearse for your American Idol audition. The shower speaker attaches to your shower wall with a removable adhesive strip, or it can be set on a ledge or hung form the shower head.

Don’t just sing while you bathe; sing along, and let your voice be heard, with The Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Leather iPad Satchel

This Leather iPad Satchel from Hammacher Schlemmer organizes your tablet and accessories stylishly and securely. Its padded compartment fits all iPad models, as well as e-readers and other tablets, holding them firmly in place with a hook-and-loop fastener. The spacious main pocket accommodates 8-1/2 X 11-inch manila folders for all your paperwork. There’s a zippered pocket inside for snug storage of cables or other accoutrements, while a fold-out external pocket has four slots for business cards and a pouch for a cell phone.Leather iPad Satchel

“LEM” in South Africa uses the leather iPad satchel when flying, saying:

“This a very useful carry bag for my iPad when I am travelling; I also put in other articles like airticket, passport, documents etc, as they are easy to reach and the bag is with me all the time.”

The luxurious Colombian leather is appointed with an adjustable shoulder strap, which Steve in Mississippi says:

“… comes in handy when you are trying to go from car to hotel room in just one trip with luggage and various other ‘stuff’.”

With its chrome-tanned, distressed look and zippers finished in antique brass, this leather satchel is both functional and fancy. If you’re looking for padded protection for your iPad, with the added convenience of a small business case, then The Leather iPad Satchel is just bag for you.

The Leather iPad Satchel



Happy National Dictionary Day!

October 16th is National Dictionary Day, and we at Hammacher Schlemmer want to be sure you’re commemorating the occasion fully prepared. We have a number of products intended to educate and inform when stumbling across an unfamiliar locution.

Point and Click DictionaryThe Point and Click Dictionary slides easily over reading material, where its flip-up camera scans any word on the page with the touch of a button, then displays the definition on a 2.4″ color LCD. It provides meanings of over 500,000 words from the Collins English Dictionary, as well as translations from French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Only Unabridged Electronic Dictionary

The Only Unabridged Electronic Dictionary is the carry-around version of the 2,662-page Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Instead of the 12-lb printed behemoth, this mousepad-sized device allows you to type in the word meaning you seek (either as written or phonetically) on the 64-key QWERTY keyboard, and receive definitions on a 4X3-inch screen. It even includes word games, a thesaurus, punctuation and style guides, and a one-year subscription to Webster’s online version.


Advanced Electronic Crossword Puzzle DictionaryThe Advanced Electronic Crossword Puzzle Dictionary also has a QWERTY keyboard that affords access to 325,000 clues and answers from the third edition of Merriam-Webster’s Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, making the most difficult of Sunday puzzles a breeze. Question marks replace those letters you’ve yet to identify (such as id??t??y), giving the dictionary further parameters for narrowing down possible answers.



Electronic Bible and Scripture DictionaryThe Electronic Bible And Scripture Dictionary references both the classic King James Version, and the most popular modern translation, The New International Version, using the Holman Bible Dictionary. Readers can search by scripture reference or key words, highlight passages, or look up selected words or phrases in the dictionary. The device can select daily devotional verses for inspiration, or prompt readers to memorize crucial passages through the Learn-a-Verse function.

Variety and functionality await you in the reference section of Hammacher Schlemmer. Be in the know, and choose the electronic dictionary that best meets your needs. It’s the very definition of preparedness.


Thunderclap Alarm Clock

I bought it for my husband – now for the first time in 27 years I don’t have to wake him up. It is wonderful. – Patty in New York

The Thunderclap Alarm Clock is not your ordinary wake-up call. As the name suggests, this is for the serious over-sleepers who just can’t seem to drag themselves out of bed each day.

Thunderclap Alarm ClockGetting a good night’s sleep is important. As is being able to awaken and get to work the next morning. And whether it’s the din of an air conditioner, traffic noise coming through the windows, or a humidifier or fan in your bedroom, there are elements conspiring to keep us from arising from our slumber. This clock is the answer. Adjustable tones and volume — up to 113 decibels of volume, to be precise — let you take control of your mornings. Or someone else’s. Your sluggish roommate likely won’t be able to ignore a 113-decibel gift, no matter how late the study session went.

Need to wake everyone up for a road trip or important event? C-Dog in Michigan says:

I finally found an alarm clock that is an ALARM CLOCK. My hearing isn’t what it used to be and I had trouble hearing different alarm clocks but not this one. In fact, if I turn it all the way up, I wake up my entire household. I highly recommend it to all who can’t find a decent alarm clock. You will never oversleep again!!

And if noise alone isn’t enough, slip the vibrating pad under the mattress for an alarm experience you can feel as well as hear. Not to mention, the 3 bright LEDs which can be set to flash in cooperation with the audio portion of the Thunderclap Alarm Clock.

If you have a difficult time getting a good night’s sleep, without worrying about whether or not your alarm clock will wake you up in the morning, you need The Thunderclap Alarm Clock from Hammacher Schlemmer. You’ll get out of bed, our Lifetime Guarantee is sure of it!

The Thunderclap Alarm Clock

Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer

The Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer from Hammacher Schlemmer eliminates the need for cables and cords by connecting your iPhone, including your iPhone 5, or Android device, through a Wi-Fi network. There is no need to use an adapter for your iPhone 5; no physical connection needs to be made, so it is immediately compatible!

Wireless iPhone 5 Photo PrinterA downloadable app transmits pictures to the wireless photo printer, where they are printed on patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan die crystals, eschewing the need for ink cartridges. And in less than a minute, you have rich, vibrant photographs at 300dpi resolution that resist fingerprints, dust, and scratches.

From anywhere in your home, you can call up an image on your iphone, iPad or iPod Touch, or an Android phone, send it through your Wi-Fi network, and in no more than 60 seconds have a 4″ X 6″ print ready for viewing. The amazing Wireless iPhone 5 Photo Printer.

The Wireless iPhone 5  Photo Printer

Caller Announcing Large View Telephone

The Caller Announcing Large View Telephones from Hammacher Schlemmer both show you, and tell you, who has dialed your number. A large LCD screen, 50% larger than standard phones, clearly shows the name and number of incoming calls, while an audible feature announces each caller by name.

Caller Announcing Large View TelephonesOversized buttons on the base unit and handheld phones are backlit for clear viewing, while flashing LEDs provide alerts for incoming calls and voice messages. (*Caller ID and voicemail require subscription with telephone company.) The handset has an amplified earpiece, boosting high-frequency sounds up to 30 db, while being compatible with all inductive coupled hearing aids, further enhancing clarity.

Extra features include a 200-number memory for storing emergency and often-dialed numbers, and a DECT band that avoids frequencies used by other cordless phones, resulting in interference-free calls. Even in power outages, your base unit phone still allows emergency and speed dialing functions, as well as allowing incoming and outgoing calls. The Large View Telephone supports up to 11 additional handsets, for a total of 12 with the handset included.

If you or a loved one have need for a larger phone display, with the added benefit of spoken Caller ID, then The Caller Announcing Large View Telephone will be a welcome piece of technology.

The Caller Announcing Large View Telephones