Unique Gifts to Delight the Persnickety

Every Christmas list has them: people for whom it’s difficult to find just the right gift.

They’re people with discerning tastes. They’re the ones who have already purchased the trendy cologne, the current styles, and the latest gadgets. They may be of a different generation, leaving you uncertain as to what would be most appreciated. We have unique gift suggestions for all of these very particular and hard-to-buy-for people.86006_300x300

For the creative type: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing the user to create three-dimensional figures. The creations themselves can even be unique gifts, making this a present that lets the recipient pay it forward.

84837_300x300For the college student: The Four Device Charging Clock Radio features four USB ports to charge any smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered device. The dock plays music from any one of the connected devices or from the built-in FM radio. The unit requires less space than a toaster and it has power surge protection, an LCD clock, and dual alarms, making it ideal for roommates in a dorm room or college apartment.

81925_300x300For the soccer mom: Parents on the go will appreciate this Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator. This is the only cordless inflator that automatically shuts off when it reaches a desired tire pressure. In just 90 seconds, it tops off a standard vehicle tire or inflates a bicycle tire from flat to full. It’s a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who shuttles kids to sports practice, music lessons, or just to school.

84915_300x300For the book worm: This space-saving Reader’s Utility Table keeps reading materials organized and close at hand. The unique C-shape design lets this table be pulled close to nestle by a sofa, chair, or bedside for simultaneously indulging in a favorite author’s works and a satisfying treat. A built-in rack holds magazines and newspapers while the table’s surface accommodates books, snacks, and remote controls.

Finishing Touches Make Your Holiday Display the Best on the Block

In some neighborhoods, friendly competitions wage during the holiday season. Which house is the most brightly lit? Who has the best choreographed display of lights and music? What family’s decorations are the most unique?

As you put the finishing touches on your prize-worthy holiday display, we have some ideas for unique gifts that will allow your house to stand out from the crowd.86290_300x300

This Candy Cane Archway, illuminated with 350 built-in incandescent mini-lights, will transform your home’s entrance into a candy cane-themed spectacle. With sparkling tinsel that covers sturdy metal frames, two 7′-high candy canes flank a walkway while their connecting arch invites guests to pass beneath an illuminated red tinsel bow.86209_300x300

Add Yuletide mirth to an indoor or protected outdoor display with this pre-lit Darth Vadar Santa. Decked out with a crimson stocking cap that transforms the Sith Lord into an impressive—most impressive—likeness of Saint Nick, he is lit with a small galaxy of 50 incandescent mini-bulbs. An activated lightsaber reminds visitors his seasonal holiday bearing should not be mistaken for permanent affability.

For a more traditional look, The Lighted Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh84050_300x300 evokes the “one-horse open sleigh” dashing famously through the snow. The 6-ft. long trotting horse and its trailing sleigh are strung with 270 long-lasting bulbs and sculpted with lifelike details, including the horse’s silky tinsel mane, perked ears, and raised hoof.

Plan your display now and maximize your enjoyment of the holiday season’s unique gifts of fun, fellowship and friendly competition.

Cordless Christmas Decorations Let Christmas Glow All Around Your Home

Have you ever wanted to decorate your front door with a lighted Christmas wreath, but had no practical place to plug it in? Or imagined the centerpiece on your table casting a warm glow, but without the flames and waxy mess of candles?

Our cordless Christmas decorationsCordless Christmas Decorations require no electric outlet, allowing you to place them anywhere indoors or out. This prelit trim is available in a variety of styles from wreaths and sconces to swags, garlands and hanging baskets. Each cordless decoration is festooned with energy-efficient, white LED lights that have a life of up to 20,000 hours (that’s more than 20 holiday seasons). Many of the pieces have a timer that can be set to stay on for six hours and automatically turn off for 18 hours. Batteries will power the lights for an entire holiday season.

Choose trim with lifelike Noble fir and pine boughs, poinsettias, holly berries, ornament balls and even petunias or geraniums. Boughs and blooms are made from weather-proof materials to provide festive color for years to come.

Glittering Silver Christmas Trees Make a Brilliant Comeback!

Seldom has Christmas shined as brightly as on The Classic Silver Tinsel Tree! This is the unique Christmas tree that recreates holiday nostalgia from the era of Nerhu jackets and beat poetry.Unique Christmas Tree

This unique Christmas tree style has its roots in the late 1950s and early 60s when home decor was trending toward a modern, space-age style. The look for the thoroughly unique tree of that era included a rotating, spotlighted wheel to reflect colorful light because the aluminum trees popular then would have created shock and fire hazards had lights been strung on the metallic branches.

In contrast, our Silver Tinsel Tree comes safely pre-lit with 200 bright lights that shine off every one of this tree’s 555 shiny tips. Our tree even includes 36 classic glass ornaments and a tree topper in a vintage design that completes this unique Christmas tree style.

Like many things from the Mad Men days, appreciation for the glimmering, shimmering tree has returned, with its popularity surging again.

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

When leaves fall, temperatures drop, and daylight hours diminish, you know the holiday season won’t be far behind. That means it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas tree.

The first factor to consider is live or artificial. While some purists insist on a live tree, there are several reasons you’ll want to consider our World’s Best Christmas Trees, besides their lifelike realism:


It’s economical—the investment in a well-made artificial tree means you will have your decoration for many years to come, saving the costs of buying live trees year after year.

It’s green—natural resources go into the growing of trees, not to mention pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Fossil fuels are burned shipping trees around the country and again after the holiday when they need to be hauled away and processed into mulch. And many people simply prefer not to cut down a living tree every year for the short holiday season.

Lower maintenance—an artificial tree doesn’t need to be watered and it doesn’t leave behind a mess of dry needles when it’s taken down.

Allergies—an artificial tree is less likely to bother allergies, while a live tree can release pollen and mold into the home.

Once you’ve decided which type of tree you want, there are several other factors to consider:

Size—Decide where you’re going to place your tree. The space you have will dictate the tree height and width you need to choose. When measuring the height you need, be sure to factor in the height of your tree stand and the decoration that will be placed atop the tree. Allow approximately a foot between the top of the decoration and the ceiling for a height that is most pleasing to the eye. Different widths are also available in many styles to suit your living space or your preference.


Type—Even artificial trees come in many different varieties. Hammacher offers meticulous reproductions of Fraser, Noble, Balsam, and Douglas firs, as well as Spruces and Scots Pines. Trees with shorter needles, such as Fraser and Douglas firs, can be easier to decorate, especially if you want to hang a lot of ornaments.

Pre-lit—Choosing a tree pre-strung with LED or incandescent lights means no struggling with tangled wires. LEDs are the most energy-efficient, while incandescent bulbs provide a more traditional glow. Either way, the pre-lit trees we offer will always shine on, even if one bulb breaks or burns out, backed by our Lifetime Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.

You can view our complete Christmas tree selection online and find your perfect tree easily by sorting the results by branch and bulb type, tree height and width, and price.

A Christmas our Earth can celebrate too

Ever since Bing Crosby crooned the phrase into our hearts back in 1954, people having been dreaming of enjoying a White Christmas each year. And while fantasy is rarely able to trump reality for many climatic regions of our planet, geography can’t impact the decision process towards another holiday hue: ntalist to care about how consumer decisions affect the earth. Nor does it take excruciating inconvenience to change the impact we have on her this Christmas season. Simply by doing one or two things differently, we all have the ability to decrease the potential damage to the world around us, for our future, and for our childrens’ futures.

Real or Artificial? The Christmas tree itself might be the most controversial symbol in the fight for eco-friendly celebration. But regardless of which side of the tree aisle you stand, there are positive ecological benefits to both choices. If you choose to decorate an artificial tree, select one of quality, one that will last for years and years to come. Store it safely during the off-season. A damaged tree will lose its appeal,  leading to replacement purchases, sending the old trees to the dreaded landfill.

For those who’d never dream of anything but a live Christmas tree for their home, opt for a source you know is planting a new seedling for every tree it harvests. Or, consider renting your tree. That’s right, some Christmas tree farms are now offering tree rental, where they’ll remove a tree from the ground roots and all, pot it, and deliver it to your door. You simply decorate it, keep it watered, and at the end of the season, it is picked up and returned to the farm. Some even allow the option of adopting your tree, so you’ll enjoy watching the same tree grow year after year while giving it a warm, inviting home (or yard, for those decorating outside) throughout the holidays.

Light the way to a Greener Christmas. It is widely agreed that those who’ve yet to make the switch from traditional bulbs to LED light strings are well behind the curve. Not only are LEDs up to 90% more efficient than those old incandescent bulbs you have to test every December, but they also last from 15 to 25 times longer! That’s a significant savings on your electric bill, while spending far less over time on replacements lights.

Saving Paper. Some presents are made by the wrapping. But do we need to cover every gift we give in wrapping paper? When gift wrap is necessary, consider simplifying the process by using paper goods you may already have, rather than buying roll after roll of fancy paper. The Sunday comics from the newspaper are long-time favorites; even the news sections themselves can be a nice touch for the right gift or gift recipient. Save the cardboard boxes you’ve received with other items; presents can be just as dramatic when opening a box as they are when tearing off gift wrap. Many gifts have no need for being wrapped. Concert tickets, gift cards, anything small can be stashed in Christmas stockings, which we’ll bet have hung on your chimney for decades, making them perhaps the most efficiently recycled wrapping material ever!

When giving Christmas cards, choose those made from recycled paper. Better yet, nothing compares to the touch of a card you make yourself. Use images cut from those catalogs and magazines before they’re recycled. All these options can save the planet from tons of extra paper waste each season.

Our Earth continues to provide us with everything needed for sustaining our quality of life. Let’s have a joyous Christmas season, while doing more for her in return.


Live Christmas Trees. You choose, We ship.

A live Christmas tree is the best way to bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home. Hammacher Schlemmer makes that much simpler for you by shipping a fresh cut Fraser fir direct from a farm in North Carolina to your door.

Freshly Cut Christmas TreeIt’s quite simple. First, you select the appropriately sized Christmas tree for your home. Choose the height, ranging from five to nine feet, and specify if you’d prefer a Christmas tree that is full, or slim. Then, tell us what week you would have us deliver your tree, from the week beginning November 11, to the week of December 16. Then all you need to do is bring the Christmas tree decorations out of the storage room  in time for your beautiful live Christmas tree to arrive!

Save yourself a trip to the nursery this year, and let Hammacher Schlemmer ship a fresh cut live Christmas tree to your home for the holiday season.

Fresh Cut Live Christmas Tree

Two Story Inflatable Reindeer

Make it easy for party guests to find your home this Holiday season, with The Two Story Inflatable Reindeer from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Two Story Inflatable Reindeer

This is the inflatable reindeer that stands nearly two stories tall. The reindeer’s underbelly is 6 1/4′ above ground at the highest point, allowing guests to walk underneath, and each hoof is the size of an armchair. The reindeer’s head sways side-to-side to greet revelers scampering underfoot, and it has five clear interior lights that cast a festive, holiday glow. It has two, three-pointed 4′-long antlers, a red and green scarf around its neck, and its hindquarters and tail are elevated above its head in a playful stance that suggests he’s about to dash through the snow. Made of durable tear-resistant polyester, the two story inflatable reindeer remains in place with the included stakes and tethers. The integrated fan inflates the reindeer in five minutes and maintains inflation.

So this year, tell your visitors to make two lefts, a right, and then look for the home with the giant inflatable Rudolph. They won’t miss it!

The Two Story Inflatable Reindeer


Christmas Tree Finder

The Christmas Tree Finder page from Hammacher Schlemmer allows you to select the available options you seek when choosing your holiday tree.

Christmas Tree FinderThe shopping experience begins by selecting a tree by branch type, from our fresh cut live Fraser firs to realistic synthetic Nobles, Balsams, and more. When the height of a tree is a determining factor, use the Christmas tree finder to choose from table top models, up to 12-foot giants. Trees can be chosen by width as well, from slim to full. If lighting is a preference, pick either LED lit trees, or Incandescent lights. All options are designed to let the shopper narrow down the broad range of selections to their specific needs.

Browse Hammacher Schlemmer’s Christmas Tree Finder when you’re ready to pick out your holiday tree this season and find the perfect Christmas Tree for you.


Live Christmas Trees that come to you!

Nothing can replicate the fragrance of a live Christmas tree in your home. For many, that fragrance from the living room is the first true sign the Christmas season is upon us. That, and the pain of finding the right Christmas tree when they’re all tied with rope, leaning against a fence at the local gas station. Or the delicate balance between tying a living, breathing plant to the roof of your car securely without damaging it, followed by the pleasure of stopping every 5 minutes on the drive back home to ensure your tree stays put on its lofty perch above traffic.

But what if you could enjoy all the pleasure of a fresh cut Fraser fir this Christmas, without the hassle of getting it home? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you.

Live Christmas TreeUnlike Christmas trees found at ordinary tree stands that are already two to four weeks old, these Fraser fir trees are freshly cut within a day of shipment and carefully packed to retain freshness. Specially selected for Hammacher Schlemmer at a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina, each deep green tree has a full body, with shaped boughs that hold their needles, and a rich fragrance. You choose the size you’d like, then tell us what week you’d like it delivered to your door. Not to the forest. Not to the temporary “farm” in the shopping center parking lot. But direct to your home.

It’s that simple. Relax in front of a warm fire, and let Hammacher Schlemmer select and ship your live Christmas tree this year.

Live Christmas Trees from Hammacher Schlemmer