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Temperature Regulating Sheets

These are The Temperature Regulating Sheets, the bedroom sheet sets that deploy material developed by NASA to provide astronauts with a comfortable sleep experience even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

Temperature Regulating SheetsMillions of invisible microcapsules embedded in the sheets provide the technology behind The Temperature Regulating Sheets. They absorb excess heat when you’re hot, then release the heat when you are cold, maintaining comfortable bed temperature and humidity. And since the microcapsules adjust independently to an individual’s climate, two people sharing a bed aren’t relegated to the same settings the way they would be under an electric blanket.

Available in King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes and 4 different colors, the sheet sets’ 350-thread count blended cotton fabric is impeccably soft and machine washable. When the change of seasons bring changing sleeping temperatures, be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store, with The Temperature Regulating Sheets from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Temperature Regulating Sheets

Best Electric Blender

This is The Best Electric Blender, having earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it crushed ice and blended fruit and vegetables to the smoothest consistency.

Best Electric BlenderThe biggest test for any blender is ice, and The Institute put 20 ice cubes in each model. While others needed almost a minute to fully crush the ice cubes, The Best model needed just 11 seconds to turn them into snow. Of course, the results may seem unfair, considering The Best Electric Blender has six blades, positioned at the bottom, middle, and top of the pitcher, a number none of the other blenders can match. Those same six blades helped The Best model turn bananas and strawberries into smoothies that weren’t lumpy, like drinks produced by lesser machines.

When the pitcher was filled with ice, The Best model blended it without incurring damage, while it withstood repeated cleanings in a dishwasher safely, leading to a perfect score from The Institute for durability. With its three speeds plus a pulse function, and the pour spouts built into the lid of the 72 ounce pitcher, The Best model scores again with its ease-of-use. Make your smoothies and frozen drinks faster with The Best Electric Blender from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Best Electric Blender

Original Sleep Sound Generator Reviews

Sleep Sound GeneratorHere at Hammacher Schlemmer, we’ve known our Original Sleep Sound Generator has been soothing happy customers off to blissful slumber for years and years. But we decided to let those same customers tell you for themselves how much they love this little machine.

First, David in Indianapolis says:

 “We travel with one. I have taken it with me for hospital stays (I loathe noisy hallways and nursing stations) and nurses love it.”

“WE LOVE IT. The best proof is that this is our 6th Sleep Sound Generator that we have purchased.This is for a son with some health problems. Four go to college with our grandkids.” — Hank in Pennsylvania

And this from Yolande in Covington, LA:

“My family owns 6 Sleep Sound Generators. We have 4 at our house and 2 at our beach cottage. We cannot live without them! It reduces all outside noise while sleeping, reading, or just relaxing. I would highly recommend the Sleep Sound Generator to EVERYONE! My son attends a college with a Dyslexia Center. The Dyslexia Center has at least 20 Sleep Sound Generators to help the students concentrate.”

Friends, we encourage you to visit The Original Sleep Sound Generator page and see all of the comments users have made about this wonderful product. If you or someone you know has trouble sleeping, we’ll think you’ll agree, there is no substitute.

The Original Sleep Sound Generator

Talking Measuring Cup

The Talking Measuring Cup from Hammacher Schlemmer might just save your sanity the next time you try to bake.

Talking Measuring CupYou know the drill. Put water in the measuring cup. Set it on the counter. Wait for the waves to stop. Now, bend down so your eyes are even with the markings on the side. Need more water? Add some more, then repeat the setting/waving/reading mode. Just right! Now, dry it out completely, because you need to go through the same routine with the dry ingredients. Pour in flour, tap the sides so you have a nice flat top, bend down and read your level. Frustrated yet? By now, you might be talking to your ordinary measuring cup, instead of your measuring cup speaking to you.

The Talking Measuring Cup, when set in its base, tells you in a clear voice exactly how much wet or dry material has been added. Set the tare function, and you can add additional ingredients to what is already inside the cup, and it will tell you the precise amounts of those items as well. No guessing, no cleaning out the cup and drying it so nothing sticks to the side.

It’s nice to take the time for baking at home; why not save yourself a little bit of the work. Don’t estimate your ingredients, add them accurately every time. With The Talking Measuring Cup.

The Talking Measuring Cup


Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter

This is The Only Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter, because no self-respecting cat wants to spend the winter in the doghouse.

Cat's Outdoor Heated ShelterWinter temperatures are much more stressful on outdoor animals. But even some household pets don’t know when it’s time to come in out of the cold. Whether your cat comes and goes as she pleases, or refuses to come inside altogether, providing refuge from wintry conditions is essential. The Outdoor Heated Shelter is an easily assembled, cozy hideaway for the most finicky of felines. Connecting to an AC outlet, a removable 20-watt heater warms the floor of the shelter, yet never feels hot to the touch. The waterproof foam floor provides a soft dry respite from wind, snow, and rain, while plastic flaps let your cat come and go while containing the heat inside.

If you have cats that love the outdoors as much as being inside, or if you’d like to provide a warm, safe hideout for the occasional passing stray, you want The Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter.

The Cat’s Outdoor Heated Shelter

Healthiest Deep Fryer Reviews

The Healthiest Deep Fryer from Hammacher Schlemmer lets you cook your favorite fried foods using just a single tablespoon of oil. Chicken wings, shrimp, and of course, french fries cook crispy on the outside and tender on the inside without those additional oily calories. (Watch the video here) One of the reasons we love it so much is because you love it so much. Listen to what a few satisfied customers have to say about The Healthiest Deep Fryer.

I was skeptical when my husband bought it as we don’t eat fried foods as a rule. Now we do, and we are very happy with the ease of use as well as the health aspects. So far have cooked potatoes, yams and squash. Clean up is a breeze. — MD in Boulder, CO

Healthiest Deep FryerI love the whole concept! It lets me serve healthy guilt free fried food! — Monica in Peterborough, Ontario

Love being able to eat a healthier version of deep fried foods.  I dare say that our chicken wings are just as good as any in the city! We can actually get them crispy. — BB in Washington, DC

This fryer lives up to all its hype. It cooks the best tasting yet healthy food we have ever had. The recipes in the instruction manual are easy to follow and very healthy and tasty. —  Monica in Lakeland, FL

The Healthiest Deep Fryer cuts fat content in your favorite foods from 14% to 3%. See what everyone is raving about; try The Healthiest Deep Fryer in your kitchen.

Best Floor Steamer

When there’s a really tough mess to clean up, the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute named this The Best Floor Steamer because it cleaned the fastest of all models tested, and had more useful attachments than the others.

Best Floor SteamerHeating up in only 3 minutes to produce its 212-degree steam (effective in killing up to 99.9% of bacteria), the Best Steam Cleaner easily outperformed lesser models on both carpet and hard flooring. While those others needed up to 8 passes to remove dried orange juice and apple sauce from carpeting, The Best model powered them away in just 1 and 3 passes respectively. And when removing powder debris from bare floors, the Best Floor Steamer again needed only 2 passes, compared to up to 8 for the competition. And the Best model includes 11 attachments, including apparatuses for steaming garments, a gout brush, even a window squeegee.

When you need to tackle the big spills before they become permanent stains, get the cleaner that gets ready in a hurry, then gets the job done equally as fast. The Best Floor Steamer, from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Best Floor Steamer

The Quest for Perfect Holiday Timing

Ask 10 people the same question, and you will likely receive 10 different responses: When is the appropriate time to decorate your home for the holidays?

Of course, there can be two separate designations here, one being indoors, the second being outdoors. As no one but you is likely to have much to say in regards to what you 423289_10150628172168893_722201739_nhave inside your home, this query deals with outdoor decorations, visible to neighbors and passersby.

One rule of thumb we’ve often seen is the “Month of the Event” scenario. If you want to dress up your yard for Halloween, the first of October seems a good time to begin. Thanksgiving fare would be best suited for November 1. Want to put up streamers for the Fourth of July? You may need to fly in the face of this particular rule, as 4 days doesn’t seem to be enough time for your efforts to be noticed. If you’re decking your halls for Christmas, the first day of December is the sensible start of the season.

Of course, this becomes controversial for those who want to take advantage of the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Many have a 4-day weekend’s worth of time to occupy, and breaking out the Christmas decorations seems a logical activity. Especially for those opposed to Black Friday mall crowds.

What say you? Does it matter? Should it matter? How does what one person feels is proper affect those around them? Have you ever had a disagreement with a neighbor or relative about their, or your, holiday decorations?

And what about the appropriate timing for removing said ornamentation? Ah, we fear that may be something to tackle another time.

Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater

This is The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater from Hammacher Schlemmer, The Only bathroom heater that let’s you set the precise temperature to accommodate your comfort level for those early mornings.

Digital Thermostat Bathroom HeaterSet the timer on The Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater when you turn in for the night to your desired setting, between 65 and 85 degrees. The 1500-watt heater will begin transforming the cold environs of your bathroom into a warm, friendly oasis before your alarm clock sounds. When tested by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this heater needed only 15 minutes to warm the ambient temperature of a bathroom by 5 degrees. An included bracket allows wall mounting, or simply place it on a flat surface. With its patented shut-off feature, the unit turns itself off to prevent overheating.

Stop walking into a frigid bathroom this winter. Get The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Only Digital Thermostat Bathroom Heater

The Best Winter Items

Colder weather is upon us, friends. The time has come to let go of the picnic baskets and beach towels and begin preparing for cooler temperatures. We would like to take a moment to highlight a few of the items that The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute has deemed to be The Best for keeping warm this winter.

Best Heated VestThe Best Heated Vest – The Institute preferred this heated vest because it was nearly 4 times warmer than lesser garments tested. Also, they found the distribution of the heating elements in the chest and back provided more even heating. When set on “low”, the vest generated 8 and a half hours of warmth on a single 2.5-hour charge of its 4 oz lithium battery pack.

Best Warm Mist HumidifierThe Best Warm Mist Humidifier – Raising humidity levels in your home during the cold winter months helps treat the common cold, flu, and allergies, soothes dry skin and chapped lips, and can even ease asthma symptoms. The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute designated this unit The Best because it was more than twice as effective as other models at emitting air moisture and running time. The Best Warm Mist Humidifier also increased humidity 15% faster than other models, while distributing moist air up to 900 square feet.

Best Heated Mattress PadThe Best Heated Mattress Pad – The Institute chose this heated mattress pad because it generated the most consistent heat, and was the most comfortable. In fact, the panel praised the heating elements for being barely noticeable. The queen and king models come with dual controls so two sleepers can adjust the heat settings to their individual specifications. When tested for durability, The Best model earned a perfect rating for standing up to multiple washings without any sign of shrinking or fraying.

These are just a few of the wonderful items Hammacher Schlemmer offers for cold-weather comfort. For more winter apparel, home goods, and more, we hope you’ll visit our website and browse today.