Monthly Archives: January 2018

It’s Time for a Warmer Climate

Tired yet of the polar vortex, the bomb cyclone, the Alberta clipper? Yes, it’s time to hit the road and fly the skies to some place more temperate.

As it happens, this week includes National Shop for Travel Day, a great time to find the unique gifts that will enhance the journey to your much-needed warm-weather vacation.

Looking for luggage that blends style with a nod to history? This lambskin duffle bag is made by the same leathercrafters that supplied jackets and gloves to explorers during Admiral Byrd’s Antarctic expedition. Scully, the 112-year-old leather manufacturer, also provided leather accessories to aviators during both World Wars, and their contribution to history is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Flight in Seattle. The duffle is vegetable-tanned and aniline-dyed into a pebbled grain that imparts heirloom-like quality.

Supplement the duffle with this compact and lightweight carry-on to keep onboard essentials handy. This rain-resistant bag fits a tablet in its rear compartment, while the front space is subdivided into pouches and zippered pockets for organizing a passport, guidebook, sunscreen, and other tourist must-haves. Credit card and passport slots are designed to block RFID scanners to foil identity thieves, and zipper-locking clips on two internal compartments thwart old-fashioned pickpockets.

For that long flight or car ride, this cordless portable massager, a unique gift available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, gets you into relaxation mode with a back massage. The fabric-swaddled device delivers five types of vibration massage that vary in speed and intensity to reduce stiffness and maintain blood flow. The massager straps to a seat back and can be rolled into a lightweight, easy-to-carry bundle that also functions as a neck pillow. This unique gift is great even for those who won’t be traveling far from their easy chair this winter.

You can find all of the accessories to make your trip more enjoyable at our online travel shop – everything you need from travel clothing to enhancements for your smartphone.

Home in on Fitness Resolutions

If you’re like approximately 30 percent of Americans, you made a New Year’s resolution related to health and fitness.

Of course, with that many people hitting the treadmills, your favorite gym may be over-crowded in the weeks ahead, giving you an all-too-easy excuse to skip your workout. Consider working toward the unique gift of better health right in your own home! We have some ideas for easy and affordable equipment to make in-home exercise convenient and rewarding…making it more likely you’ll stick to your goal.

This omnidirectional thigh trainer tones and strengthens the upper legs with four distinct motions, providing a superior cardiovascular workout without the jarring impact of typical trainers. The machine’s lateral side-to-side movement targets the inner and outer thighs just like dedicated abduction/adduction machines, while the forward/backward scissor movement targets the glutes, quadriceps, and calves similar to the running or walking motion of an elliptical.

For a total body workout, this resistance exercise machine provides the strength-building capability of several bulkier machines, yet folds up to a remarkably slim 6 ½” for easy storage. This comprehensive trainer uses three sets of interchangeable elastic bands of increasing resistance to enable 50 different exercises for arms, back, shoulders, legs, and abdominals. Stick with this in the privacy of your own home and you’ll gain the unique gift of a great body in no time.

Turn hours in front of the computer or TV into exercise time. This low-profile elliptical trainer fits under a desk or in front of your chair and provides the same lower body motion as a full-sized machine. Ideal for multi-tasking while working out, the non-slip pedals provide stable footing during both forward and backward elliptical movement, freeing hands for other tasks. Eight different levels of tension enable you to modify your routine from a leisurely pace of low resistance to an intense marathon of leg pumping action. A free phone app even helps you track your workouts.

Finally, to stick to your fitness resolution past February 1, make sure you’re doing it for yourself. While you may enjoy showing off your new look, better health is a unique gift meant for you, and you alone.