Unique Gifts to Take the Chill Out

They really ought to call this month Decembrrr. After an uncharacteristically warm fall, the blood still is just too thin to take arctic air easily.

Here are some unique gifts to help you weather the cold with gentle, soothing warmth, whether you’re at home or on your way to the next holiday party.

This cozy foot muff provides heat therapy to warm and relax sore, tired feet. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the quilted muff has imperceptible electric heating elements that surround the feet in a blanket of gentle heat to help boost circulation, ease the pain of arthritis, and shake off the chill from a day in the cold. Crafted from micro-plush material, the muff has a removable, washable sherpa lining for soft comfort.

When you’re out and about, this fleece scarf has a rechargeable heat function to give you a level of warmth mere scarves alone can’t provide. Ultrathin and flexible, its carbon heating elements are tucked imperceptibly at the center of the fabric so the scarf loops comfortably around the neck, and its rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of cozy warmth at the collar.

Sit back and relax under this heated throw, rated The Best by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because of its even heating, durability, and comfort. Analysts found its five heat settings to provide the most consistent, even warmth across the full surface. A panel of consumers deemed The Best Heated Throw to be “very soft to the touch” with a thick velour top and underside that left the throw’s wires virtually imperceptible. It makes a great unique gift for those who love a comfortable evening at home, reading, or watching TV.

With unique gifts to keep you warm, you might find you can set your thermostat lower, saving money on the heating bill…and that is a unique gift in itself.

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