Unique Gifts for a Merry Sithmas

Star Wars: the Last Jedi opens in theaters nationwide today. Box office expectations are high, with this opening weekend alone predicted to bring in about $200 million.

The annual December release of a Star Wars film creates many unique gift opportunities for holiday shopping for aficionados of the franchise. Here are some of the latest Star Wars collectibles you’ll find among our own selection of unique gifts.

This 32-oz. Star Wars stein has been crafted for admirers of the powerful Sith Lord. Made from high-quality porcelain, it captures an iconic image of Darth Vader on the front and displays the memorable quote “I find your lack of faith disturbing” on the back. Its unique design combines elements of Vader’s armor and Meditation Chamber, while the stein’s handle is modeled after the hilt of the dark lord’s lightsaber.

Young Padawans will build skills of patience and dexterity with this 18″-tall build-it-yourself wooden R2-D2 model. The headstrong droid from a galaxy far, far away is assembled using 297 laser-cut wood pieces that snap together like a 3D puzzle without the use of glue, screws, or the Force. The kit includes step-by-step instructions for building R2-D2’s exterior and a 48-page book about the feisty astromech droid’s many adventures (Death Star plans not included).

This pair of Star Wars space fighter drones battle each other in a contest of galactic supremacy. Guided by easy-to-control remotes, each fighter takes off from a standing position, powered by four rotors that provide left, right, up, down, and left/right lateral drifting movement for achieving a hovering firing position. A button on each remote fires an infrared “laser” from the front of each spacecraft in an attempt to wing an opponent—three hits shoots down the opponent, which causes it to land gently.

We have many more Star Wars-themed unique gifts and collectibles to delight the fans on your gift list. See our online Star Wars shop and finish your holiday shopping today!

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