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Gourmet Unique Gifts “Yule” Love!

In German, “Schlemmer” is the word for gourmet—see how we really live up to the name with our selection of gourmet unique gifts, brought in especially for the season. These tasty treats will complement any holiday table.


Artisanal savory appetizer platters always wow guests with rare quality. May we suggest this Gourmet Italian Charcuterie set, at home on the crustiest country grilled bruschetta. The set includes two styles of slow-cured salami and pre-sliced prosciutto. Your platter wouldn’t be complete without an unmatched condiment of Genuine Italian Truffle Oil and Paté. Real Tartuffe truffle oil adds a rare and seductive flavor to the holiday main course, while the paté provides a decadent spread to complement the charcuterie.

For your wine service, our award-winning Wine Preserving Carafe will help your “Super Tuscan Red” stay cellar-superb while your guests nosh their salumi amuse bouche. Don’t fret about opening another bottle and having leftover wine—the carafe will preserve the vintage’s original flavor profile for several days.

Of course, a pine-and-garland bedecked holiday table wouldn’t be complete without ample desserts. Our Windsor Exquisite Biscuits, so good they could make a cherub blush, belong in a prominent spot on the sweet table. There are three flavors of oh so proper Yorkshire biscuits, lovingly baked with sweet cream butter and pure demerara sugar.

Before sending guests off into that silent night, here’s a gourmet masterpiece rich enough for traveling magi. The Award Winning English Sticky Toffee Pudding includes vanilla and fresh dates,

enhanced with espresso and topped with brown sugar and fresh cream. Serve this delicacy warm with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of custard. It pairs perfectly with coffee and night caps!

So at this gentle time of the year, bring family, bring friends, bring those in need and celebrate the unique gifts of peace and joy to the world.

These Unique Gifts Are Always Right

Is Uncle Joe still a golfer? What size sweater does your sister-in-law wear? Can Grandma eat chocolate?

You may have faced questions like these as you put together your holiday list for unique gifts. If you just can’t decide for that someone special, send them the gift of choice: a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate, in denominations from $20-$200.

The recipient can redeem their certificate in our New York Store, through our catalog, or online.

Each unique gift certificate is sent free to the destination of your choice…it just can’t get any easier. You can even add a free personalized gift message during checkout.

But hurry—to ensure delivery in time for Christmas, order your gift certificates by December 11.

Keep the Outside, Outside

Winter is bad enough without tracking slushy wetness across your floors and feeling chilly drafts in the warm sanctuary that your home should be.

These unique gifts help you fight back against snow and cold, keeping winter outdoors where it belongs.

These window coverings effectively block drafts with a proprietary thermal lining. The drapes feature triple-weave fabric construction, sewn with a dense cotton duck canvas face and an acrylic backing. Independent laboratory tests proved these drapes maintain the indoor climate, keeping energy costs down and making you more comfortable.

Keep your floors clean and dry with this super-absorbent, low-profile doormat that holds 12 pints of water per square yard. Your entryway remains free of rain, slush, and melting snow in foulest winter. A grid of channels ushers water away from shoes and holds it securely in the mat’s commercial-grade polypropylene base. The mat has an antimicrobial treatment to guard against, stain, mildew, and mold.

Here’s a unique gift for anyone who complains of cold feet. This portable ceramic heater has an element that pivots to direct warmth where it’s most needed. It can be adjusted to point straight ahead for feet-only warmth, or up to a 30-degree angle to make the legs and lap feel cozy, too. Its adjustable thermostat provides four settings—maximum, high, low, and fan-only.

The long-range forecast is predicting a warmer-than-average winter for many parts of the country. Even so, expect plenty of days when the arctic winds blow, so now is the time to grab up the unique gifts that will help you weather the weather better.