Kinkade Artistry Captures Christmas

The art of Thomas Kinkade is ideal for the holiday season. His unique gift for capturing the nostalgic memories of Christmas have inspired these beautiful pieces to brighten your home this time of year.

Bring magic to your holiday table with this lighted centerpiece that features a Kinkade illuminated village. The centerpiece plays a medley of Christmas carols, while an electric train circles the town, spreading holiday cheer to its jubilant inhabitants. Heartwarming details include adorned evergreens, children building a snowman, and townsfolk trimming their homes for St. Nicholas.

This molded crystal snowman displays a twinkling winter scene encircled by a miniature moving train. A three-dimensional, hand-painted winter tableau inside the snowman depicts snowcapped Victorian homes with illuminated windows, an icy pond, and holiday revelers in rich detail. The snowman is trimmed with a top hat, silvery scarf and mittens, and a 19th century-styled lantern.

This revolving Kinkade tree-topper has Santa spinning ’round the crown of a Christmas tree. Suspended by a golden spring, eight reindeer draw Santa’s well-laden sleigh in circles around an illuminated eight-point star that rests atop the tree. The richly detailed sleigh is brimming with gaily wrapped unique gifts, and all eight reindeer blankets bear a rendition of a classic Kinkade holiday painting, visible on both sides.

Thomas Kinkade is known as the “painter of light”. Let these unique gifts add holiday glow to your home and your Christmas may be just a bit brighter.

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