Every Dog Has Its Day

Whatever it is, there’s a national day to recognize it. Dog breeds, yes, such as National Dachshund Day on July 18 (likely no coincidence this falls on National Hot Dog Day), but there’s also a designated day for virtually every food, organization, physical affliction, line of work, and hobby. It’s almost absurd! Come to think of it, next Monday is National Absurdity Day.

Here’s a look at some of the unique gifts available from Hammacher Schlemmer to help you celebrate other national days coming up later this month.

National Play Monopoly Day, November 19This beautifully crafted edition of the classic board game befits the drawing room of a 19th Century industrialist or a 21st Century Silicon Valley Wunderkind. The board sits atop a wood cabinet with burled wood veneer, and the game path is adorned with gold foil-stamped accents. In a display of opulence Mr. Monopoly himself would envy, the die-cast metal houses and hotels are finished in glimmering golden plating, as are the eight iconic tokens. This is a special and unique gift ideal for the aficionado of board games.

National Jukebox Day, November 25This classic jukebox commemorates the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s first #1 hit. A virtual audio/visual shrine for devoted Elvis fans, the centerpiece of this jukebox is an interior illuminated mural of The King performing on stage. Handcrafted by Rock-Ola, synonymous with jukebox innovation for 80 years, this model is a meticulous reproduction of the kind that first played “Heartbreak Hotel,” updated for modern use with a 100-CD changer, 2,000-watt amplifier and five speakers.

National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day, November 30 – It’s a shame to waste a sick day being sick. We recommend instead a day focused on feeling well as a unique gift to yourself. Stay in bed with a good book or binge-watch your favorite series. This soft, yet structured bed lounger actively supports your body in soft microsuede fabric. Its patented flexible plastic frame adjusts to your movements, ensuring optimal support while reading, watching television, or simply relaxing.

If you love national days, just wait till December…pies, socks, brownies, and crossword puzzles will all get their time to shine.

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