Unique Gifts Take Pain Out of Your Day

The month of September marks Pain Awareness Month. We’re certain the estimated 100 million Americans who suffer from some sort of chronic pain likely are already all too aware of their discomfort.

For them, we have unique gift suggestions that offer relief without medication, or as a supplement to medication.

Offered exclusively by Hammacher Schlemmer, this flexible back wrap has deep-penetrating infrared and red LEDs, providing soothing warmth to relieve pain and stiffness in the back. The wrap utilizes technology developed by NASA to ease discomfort caused by arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, and strains. The 60 medical-grade LEDs generate therapeutic light that penetrates deep beneath the skin to increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, and temporarily relieve joint pain.

Using similar technology, this mitten-like device is designed to offer the unique gift of sweet relief from chronic pain in the hands. A study at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee showed the LED technology used in these devices reduced painful inflammation by up to 37%. In addition to the LEDs, an imperceptible heating element warms the mitt’s interior to 105° F for soothing therapy on your hand’s surface.

Along with LED therapy, this exclusive hip pain reliever adds heat therapy and vibration t o knock out pain with a triple hit. Eight heating discs generate therapeutic heat up to 149° F to stimulate circulation and provide relief for stiff or fatigued muscles and achy joints. The device’s four integrated massage nodes produce 4,000 rpm vibrations to help knead out tension while loosening tissue and relieving sore muscles. You can operate its three functions independently, two at a time, or all three simultaneously.

Use of any of these unique gifts can be combined with other drug-free methods of pain relief: biofeedback, meditation, gentle stretching, applying ice…or even making use of soothing music and aromatherapy. With these strategies and modern technology, you may find the pain relief you are seeking.

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