Put Fun Around a Fire into Your Fall

The crisp air of the past few nights has us reminiscing about autumn evenings spent around a bonfire. It’s time to bring this tradition back! We have several unique gifts to add fun around a fire back into the fall season.

Of course, it may not be practical to build a bonfire in your yard or on your deck. Here’s a unique gift that combines a beautiful stone patio table with a propane-fueled fire pit. This hearth table has a solid granite top cut from the mountains of China’s Shanxi province. A cutout section in the table’s center contains a stainless steel fire pit that can be used for cooking or just for enjoying its warmth on a cool autumn night.

A table like that deserves stylish seating around it. This set of stackable deck chairs was inspired by the designs of Danish furniture master Hans J. Wegner. Wegner’s wide seats and curving backrests are world-renowned for their stylish functionality. These are made from Brazilian eucalyptus, one of the densest, strongest woods in the world. They’d even make the perfect unique gift for anyone looking for beautiful, yet comfortable, extra dining room seating, too.

Stimulate memories of college-days bonfires with this portable stereo system that optimizes the 30-year-old concept of the boombox. Built onto a steel chassis that rolls on four pneumatic tires over any terrain, it’s pulled along and steered with an integrated wagon handle. Providing over 2,000 watts of sonorous symphony, it plays music from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or MP3 player, its built-in CD player, or AM/FM radio. A USB port and 3.5mm input provide additional play options.

Any evening in fall is a great time for a bonfire, or a campfire, too. We highly recommend it after a football game, as part of a late-season barbeque, or as a way to enjoy the unique gifts of friendship with the neighbors. You may enjoy it so much, you’ll want to do it s’more.

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