It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The most wonderful time if you’re a parent, that is.

School’s back in session and the kids are whining. It’s time for mom and dad to relax…and get wining. Whether it’s a glass of merlot or a goblet of chardonnay, we have unique gifts to help parents uncork a toast to a return to the kids’ regular schedules and earlier bedtimes.

The school year is long, but here’s help for storing your “supplies”. This countertop wine refrigerator provides superior temperature accuracy and consistent chill of your preferred libations. Its thermoelectric cooling system is virtually silent and vibration-free. Built-in lights cast soft illumination when the door is open, allowing you to select or organize up to eight bottles.

After a lengthy session of helping with homework, you may need something stronger than a glass of pinot. This clever glassware helps you enjoy a vintage wine or a mixed martini all in one glass. Its innovative design tapers in the middle, forming an hourglass-like stemless structure that imparts whimsy and holds a generous pour of either beverage. These glasses make an ideal unique gift for a shower, wedding, or housewarming, too.

Kids can wear you out, so don’t feel you need to finish an entire bottle of wine in a night. Winner of multiple industry awards, this patented wine carafe preserves a vintage’s original flavor for several days with the utmost simplicity. Unlike complicated systems that require vacuum pumps, you just pour the remaining wine into this carafe and insert a special float to create an air-tight barrier against flavor-robbing oxygen. When you’re ready for another glass, the float tilts out of the way for easy pouring.

We have several unique gifts designed to enhance your kid-free time with some vino. But unfortunately, there’s one problem we can’t solve for imbibing parents: knowing which wine pairs best with dino-shaped chicken nuggets.

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