Is Your Labor Day a 3-Day Work-End?

Labor Day first became a federal holiday in 1894. The U.S. Department of Labor notes the day is a “tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” If you work, used to work or just know someone dedicated to their work, we hope you take at least one day of the long weekend to rest, relax, and enjoy the unique gift of time with friends and family.

While your company may give you a day off, your home and auto may not. We can help you preserve some R&R time on the home front with these work-saving unique gifts, just in time for Labor Day.

You may have seen iRobot’s Roomba vacuum, but here’s a version that’s even better. The self-operating Roomba 960 lets you control the cleaning from anywhere via a smartphone app. The free app for Android or iPhone lets you start, pause, and monitor Roomba 960, set a cleaning schedule, and even track job history—or you can simply press the “clean” button directly on the unit. It also works with voice commands using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

Your lawn doesn’t care that it’s Labor Day and you might even need to gas up the mower to prepare the yard for holiday festivities. Winner of an Edison Award for innovation, this patented gasoline dispenser is designed for easy pouring with no mess. This gas can features a rotatable hose on its bottom, a trigger valve, and a self-venting system for effortless, controlled flow of up to two gallons a minute. Simply position the spout, press the thumb trigger to start the flow of gasoline, and release it to stop.

Finally, should your holiday weekend include a road trip, make sure your tires are ready to roll. This automatic cordless inflator automatically shuts off when it reaches a desired tire pressure. Ideal for topping off low tires—as well as filling inflatables, bicycle tires, and sporting equipment—the desired pressure is set using its digital pressure gauge. Operating similarly to a cordless drill, a simple squeeze and release of the locking trigger begins inflation. This is one unique gift that will make sure you’re “pumped up” about the holiday!

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