Nothing Says Summer Like a Picnic!

Need to find a reason to enjoy time with family and friends outdoors? Plan a picnic that showcases the delicious bounty of late summer.

Make use of this season’s unique gifts of abundant locally grown produce when putting together your picnic menu. Marry juicy beefsteak tomatoes with aromatic basil for a bruschetta appetizer. For the main course, an Asian chicken salad with farmers market broccoli, pea pods, carrots, and Nappa cabbage makes a delightful dish on a hot day. Dessert deserves fresh and healthy…a fruit salad of fresh sliced peaches, cherries, and plums.

With the menu in place, next make plans to keep everyone comfortable. This portable canopy clamps to any rectangular wooden table to provide up to 75′ sq. of shade. The three-piece frame sets up in seconds, and the canopy simply slides over the frame. The entire unit folds to fit into the included duffel bag.

This easy-to-clean waterproof blanket provides a soft layer of protection against the damp ground at any picnic, as well as at concerts and other outdoor events. Unlike common vinyl-backed outdoor blankets that must be washed by hand and take hours to line dry, this blanket is made with layers of bonded fabric and is easily cleaned in a standard washer and dryer.

Set a carefree mood with light classical music or easy jazz in the background. This tiny wireless speaker is only slightly larger than a casino die. The speaker is small enough to attach to a keychain and store unobtrusively in a pocket, yet produces crisp, clear sound. It connects to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth for portable music anywhere, completing your perfect picnic. Consider this as a unique gift for a college-bound student, too.

Finally, don’t let insects don’t spoil the fun. Visit our online Pest Prevention Center for a big selection of environmentally friendly methods to ensure you and your guests enjoy the unique gifts of outdoor dining, but mosquitoes and other bugs don’t.

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