Measure a Great Summer by the Yard

In spring, we’re full of enthusiasm about our yards and gardens: laying sod, planting bushes and saplings, putting in tomato sets. You know it’s been a great summer, as evidenced by your beautiful yard. And finally, we’re now enjoying the unique gifts nature’s bounty gives us in fresh-from-the-garden veggies.

But even when the last pepper is harvested, there is still much work to be done. We have some suggestions to make your late-season yard work a bit easier and to help you enjoy a harvest well into fall.

By now, you might be tiring of pushing your old mower to and fro, over and over. Here’s a cordless electric lawn mower that is powerful enough to propel itself, making lawn care nearly effortless. And as a unique gift to the Earth, it’s environmentally friendly, too: the cutting performance is comparable to a gas mower, but without the accompanying noise, air-fouling emissions, and expense of frequent gas refills.

It won’t be long before trees shed their leaves. Be ready for nature’s debris with this easy-to-use cordless electric blower – it moves fallen leaves with a wind speed equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. Operating at up to 145 mph, its brushless motor is powered by a rechargeable battery. The blower efficiently clears lawns, driveways, and patios without

the bulk, noise, and fumes of its clunky gas-powered cousins.

It may be mid-August, but the growing season is far from over. Kale, pea shoots and of course, decorative mums are all plants that will thrive in the cooler temperatures of early fall. Keep your fall foliage more self-sufficient with these self-watering planters that can be configured to fit any patio, yard, or indoor space. The set of five stacks vertically or horizontally to suit any space, so they’re a great unique gift for the gardener who like to grow inside the house all winter long.

And if you really feel like you’ve had enough yard work for the year, just remember this: you could be shoveling snow.

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