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Cataloguing Unique Gifts for 136 Years

Some may consider purchasing from a printed catalog to be a quaint tradition. But we are very proud to be the oldest catalog still in print today, with our first issue published in 1881. We’re also proud to celebrate National Mail Order Catalog Day this Friday, keeping the tradition strong.

There’s something to be said about holding a printed catalog, building your wish list as you thumb through it. In a catalog, you’re likely to spot unique gifts you didn’t know you wanted until seeing them on the pages in your hands. We even sell items that help you browse through your favorite catalog. 

Take this natural-light lamp, for instance. It features a beam that widens or narrows to provide daylight-simulating illumination on a catalog, a book, or a craft project. Simply pulling the shade adjusts the light beam to a range of different diameters. At the maximum macro position of 31”, the LED beam provides reading light that will seem like natural daylight, reducing the occurrence of tired eyes.

A great advantage of shopping by catalog is no internet connection is needed…simply pick up the phone. You may want to use this cordless telephone set that earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it produces the clearest conversations and has the greatest range. The Best model provides crystal clear conversations by reducing background noise and amplifying voices. It also has a battery back-up feature that maintains calling functions during a power outage.

When your order arrives, the carrier may ring your doorbell. Check who’s at the door with this video doorbell. It earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because of its easy installation and superior video quality. The Best model connects to your wireless network. When the doorbell is pressed, its motion-sensing camera captures video and sends an alert to your smartphone. You can then answer the door with a chat session…even if you’re not home!

With 136 years of unique gift catalogs under our belts, you could say we wrote the book on mail order shopping. Whether you prefer to use the catalog, the Internet or perhaps visit our landmark New York store in Midtown Manhattan, Hammacher Schlemmer is committed to always bringing you unique gifts that are The Best, The Only and The Unexpected.

Measure a Great Summer by the Yard

In spring, we’re full of enthusiasm about our yards and gardens: laying sod, planting bushes and saplings, putting in tomato sets. You know it’s been a great summer, as evidenced by your beautiful yard. And finally, we’re now enjoying the unique gifts nature’s bounty gives us in fresh-from-the-garden veggies.

But even when the last pepper is harvested, there is still much work to be done. We have some suggestions to make your late-season yard work a bit easier and to help you enjoy a harvest well into fall.

By now, you might be tiring of pushing your old mower to and fro, over and over. Here’s a cordless electric lawn mower that is powerful enough to propel itself, making lawn care nearly effortless. And as a unique gift to the Earth, it’s environmentally friendly, too: the cutting performance is comparable to a gas mower, but without the accompanying noise, air-fouling emissions, and expense of frequent gas refills.

It won’t be long before trees shed their leaves. Be ready for nature’s debris with this easy-to-use cordless electric blower – it moves fallen leaves with a wind speed equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. Operating at up to 145 mph, its brushless motor is powered by a rechargeable battery. The blower efficiently clears lawns, driveways, and patios without

the bulk, noise, and fumes of its clunky gas-powered cousins.

It may be mid-August, but the growing season is far from over. Kale, pea shoots and of course, decorative mums are all plants that will thrive in the cooler temperatures of early fall. Keep your fall foliage more self-sufficient with these self-watering planters that can be configured to fit any patio, yard, or indoor space. The set of five stacks vertically or horizontally to suit any space, so they’re a great unique gift for the gardener who like to grow inside the house all winter long.

And if you really feel like you’ve had enough yard work for the year, just remember this: you could be shoveling snow.

Curl Up With a Great Book

Whether you love books, read them occasionally, or browse other mediums, don’t pass up the unique gift of curling up with a great read tomorrow on National Book Lover’s Day. Hammacher Schlemmer offers many products that make reading more enjoyable.

Many people enjoy a good read before bed, but typical lights can disturb a sleeping partner. This Reader’s Bed Lamp is dual-headed and mounts above the headboard to throw light at a specific spot, without disturbing a partner’s slumber. The two lights have an adjustable lamp shade that zooms the size of the beam in and out. This light is also one that people from all ages can enjoy to reduce the strain of reading in a dark room.

For someone just looking to get some extra zoom on the tiny words they have to read all day, the Widescreen HD Digital Magnifier is a unique gift that provides up to 32X magnification on a 4½” W x 2½” LCD screen. It can be customized to one of 15 color combinations, with five brightness levels for enhanced viewing of printed pages or something as small as a stamp. With a dual lens that lets you read type up close or from across a room, this handy tool will help your tired eyes get the most out of every word.

With the increase in electronic mediums like e-readers, tablets, and smartphones, most of us read more on screen than we do the printed word. This eye strain can lead to bigger problems, so “look” no further than the Screen Reader’s Eye Strain Preventing Glasses. This unique gift filters out blue light emitted by computer, tablet, and smartphone screens to assist in protecting the eyes from discomfort and fatigue. Blue light rays can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts, so do everything you can to fight the risk.

So no matter how, where, or what you read, make sure you set aside some time tomorrow and every day to enjoy the unique gifts a book provides, keeping us informed, entertained, and engaged. And if you’re lacking in reading material, we can help.

Nothing Says Summer Like a Picnic!

Need to find a reason to enjoy time with family and friends outdoors? Plan a picnic that showcases the delicious bounty of late summer.

Make use of this season’s unique gifts of abundant locally grown produce when putting together your picnic menu. Marry juicy beefsteak tomatoes with aromatic basil for a bruschetta appetizer. For the main course, an Asian chicken salad with farmers market broccoli, pea pods, carrots, and Nappa cabbage makes a delightful dish on a hot day. Dessert deserves fresh and healthy…a fruit salad of fresh sliced peaches, cherries, and plums.

With the menu in place, next make plans to keep everyone comfortable. This portable canopy clamps to any rectangular wooden table to provide up to 75′ sq. of shade. The three-piece frame sets up in seconds, and the canopy simply slides over the frame. The entire unit folds to fit into the included duffel bag.

This easy-to-clean waterproof blanket provides a soft layer of protection against the damp ground at any picnic, as well as at concerts and other outdoor events. Unlike common vinyl-backed outdoor blankets that must be washed by hand and take hours to line dry, this blanket is made with layers of bonded fabric and is easily cleaned in a standard washer and dryer.

Set a carefree mood with light classical music or easy jazz in the background. This tiny wireless speaker is only slightly larger than a casino die. The speaker is small enough to attach to a keychain and store unobtrusively in a pocket, yet produces crisp, clear sound. It connects to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth for portable music anywhere, completing your perfect picnic. Consider this as a unique gift for a college-bound student, too.

Finally, don’t let insects don’t spoil the fun. Visit our online Pest Prevention Center for a big selection of environmentally friendly methods to ensure you and your guests enjoy the unique gifts of outdoor dining, but mosquitoes and other bugs don’t.