Unique Gifts Protect from Sun’s Damaging Rays

July is designated as UV Safety Awareness Month. This time of year, the sun’s rays are at their strongest and we’re all aware that too much exposure damages the skin. But did you know leaving your eyes unprotected can cause vision problems, including cataracts and cornea damage?

These UV-blocking sunglasses are unlike most others. While they shield your eyes from 100% of UV-rays, they use optical technology developed by NASA to make objects appear more vivid. The polarized lenses filter blue and violet light that can impair vision, yet allow sight-enhancing green, yellow, orange, and red light rays to reach your retina. As a result, objects appear more distinct and distortion is greatly diminished. Consider these as a unique gift for anyone with aging eyes…they really help!

Another NASA-developed technology is incorporated into this UV-blocking sun hat. It uses a radiant barrier to block damaging rays and repel the sun’s heat. While it shields your eyes and the sensitive skin on your face from direct sun, the radiant barrier reflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat. This barrier works in concert with the hat’s breathable and lightweight nylon construction, while a moisture-wicking band aids cooling through evaporation.

Use this clamp-on portable umbrella to provide protective, cooling shade virtually anywhere. It clamps onto most furniture frame types to provide any angle of sun blocking. It’s ideal for patio chairs, beach loungers, picnic tables, and portable camp chairs. This umbrella gives you 50+ UPF sun protection and the canopy’s asymmetrical shape extends to an ideal configuration when the sun is at an oblique angle. Going to a pool party? This umbrella is a great unique gift for the host or hostess.

The health of your skin and eyes is a unique gift that can’t be replaced. Take steps to protect yourself and you will be enjoying the sun—safely—for years to come.

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