Unique Gifts from “Hammock”-er Schlemmer

July 22 is National Hammock day, but why limit it to a single day? We believe any warm, sunny afternoon is worth enjoying a hammock’s unique gifts of swinging, swaying, and simple relaxation.

For a classic hammock, look no further than The Pawleys Island Oversized Hammock. Its original home is Pawleys Island, South Carolina, designed by Captain Joshua Ward in the late 1880s. This hammock is handwoven and made of high grade cotton twill rope. It supports two people, so you can bring someone along for a little rest and relaxation, with no fear of falling because of the seasoned oak staves that provide maximum stability.

For comfort, easy transport, and simple set-up, The Tailgaters’ Hammocks is a dual hammock with all of these qualities that sets up on a trailer hitch. It consists of two 600-denier polyester hammock chairs with hanging footrests, allowing for reclining and elevation of the feet and legs.

Looking to get into the full relaxation zone? Consider The Pendulum Zome. Similar to a dome, zomes have a more geometric pattern that mimics the shape of a pineapple, pinecone, or artichoke. It is filled with plump pillows, and swings back and forth to create a soothing, swaying motion for the ultimate pseudo-hammock experience.

No matter how you choose to spend a day with gorgeous warm weather, you can still make every day a hammock day. They will provide the unique gifts of rest, relaxation, and limitless comfort all summer long.

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