Get Your Dose of Vitamin Sea

The freshness of breezes cooled by a lake or ocean…the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore…a beautiful sunrise or sunset over the water.

These are the unique gifts that make us crave Vitamin Sea: a getaway to the beach or a cozy lakeside cabin. It’s time to plot your personal getaway, and we have the accessories to make the trip easier and more memorable.

This beach-friendly wagon, exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer, is impossible to fill with sand. It’s made from material based on military technology that was developed to suppress helicopter brownouts in sandy or dusty conditions. The wagon filters sand back to the beach as soon as it falls on its surface. It folds for easy transport and storage, making it the ideal unique gift for campers, too, as well as parents who haul small kids to the park.

When it’s time for a swim, you’ll find these swim goggles truly worthy of The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. A panel of competitive swimmers lauded these goggles for providing an ideal level of suction, unlike lesser models that provided “no suction at all” or too much to the point of discomfort. The Best Goggles create a comfortable-yet-watertight seal and the smoke tinted lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection for sunny days.

This two-person “killer whale” watercraft breaches and submerges just like the Orcinus Orca after which it is designed. The pilot pushes and pulls twin control levers to articulate the whale’s pectoral fins for rolls and stealthy dives. Steering is provided by dual foot pedals that control the craft’s vectored thrust, enabling realistic behaviors such as porpoising or skyhopping. The craft can hydroplane up to 50 mph over the water’s surface and cruises up to 25 mph while submerged. This unique gift is guaranteed to make you the talk of the seaside town.

And at the end of your day on the water, if you feel relaxed and at ease, happy and at peace with the world, it will be becaus e you got a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea.

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