We’re in the midst of Everybody Deserves a Massage Week. Have you booked yours yet? It’s a great time to experience the unique gifts and healing powers that come from the helping hands of a professional massage therapist.

But because many of us don’t always have the time or resources to get frequent professional massages, we also have some ideas that will bring the benefits of massage into your own home.

This full-body massage chair combines the invigorating touch of a massage therapist’s hands with the restorative sensation of hot stone therapy. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, the chair uses a sophisticated body-scanning system to adjust the pressure of its thermal massage rollers. It delivers targeted concentrated warmth to help soothe and relax sore lumbar muscles. When not in use as a massager, this chair serves as an elegant recliner with leather-like upholstery that conceals its massage functions.

Another unique gift you won’t find anywhere else, this flexible vibration massage pad provides relaxing, full-body massage on soft or irregular surfaces such as beds, couches, or chairs. Unlike typical massage pads that require a solid, level surface for operation, this one flexes at four points, so you can drape it over any piece of sitting/reclining furniture. With a heating element in the lumbar section, the pad’s built-in massaging motors target areas you control with the tethered remote.

If you’ve ever visited a physical therapist, you may have received ultrasound treatments to relieve pain and muscle tension. This handheld massager uses safe sound waves to deeply penetrate tissue and relax sore muscles in a similar way. The massager’s imperceptible sonic vibrations penetrate below the skin’s surface to help reach—and relieve—pain and tension at their source. The gentle massage treatment activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, stimulating circulation and repair.

The unique gifts that come from massage include relief from tension and stress, reduction of pain, an increase in flexibility and even a decrease in blood pressure. Plus, there’s one more great reason to enjoy a massage…you deserve it!

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