Camping: Nature’s Cure For Mind And Body

A camping trip is a great way to reap the many unique gifts this warm weather season provides, such as better sleep, peace of mind, and staying in shape. We recommend these items to make your next outdoor outing even more beneficial to your mind and body.

Take a trip back to the Psychedelic 60’s, and capture the feeling of flower power in a VW tent. The Volkswagen bus tent is based on the Type 2 model, also known as the “Camper Van” or just “The Bus”, and it is near scale with an easy to set up steel frame and fiberglass poles. This waterproof tent comfortably sleeps four people. It is a cozy 72 inches high, providing a spacious interior with a clip-in divider to create two private sleeping areas.

Here’s an easy way to keep sitting pretty off the damp, dirty ground while camping or attending outdoor events. The Messenger Bag Director’s Chair is a portable chair that folds to about the size of a laptop, with a messenger bag to store it in. You can carry it over your shoulder to the campsite to avoid sitting amongst all the nasty bugs. If the portability wasn’t enough, it also includes a cup holder and two pockets, to store all those s’mores making supplies.

It’s impossible to relax and enjoy the great outdoors when you’re swatting pesky mosquitos. For protection, try this hooded, lightweight jacket, created only for Hammacher Schlemmer, made of netting that zips-up to shield your skin from mosquitos. Simply wear it on top of normal clothes, and your risk for Zika, West Nile Virus, or even just itchy bug bites decreases significantly. The polyester is stretchy so you won’t feel constrained, and it is breathable to prevent overheating, even in tropical climates.

With summer days winding down this is as good a time as ever to take a camping trip. Don’t forget these unique gifts from Hammacher Schlemmer—ensuring your journey to peace of mind and a healthy body—that will create a more enjoyable camping experience.

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