Cool Ways to Chill Beverages

While run-of-the mill plastic and styrofoam coolers may keep drinks and foods chilled, they lack the unique gift of personality and flair. For summer partygoers looking for a distinctive way to serve a cold one, Hammacher Schlemmer offers these coolers that run from the classic to the clever.

For a classic spin on a cooler The Coca-Cola Refrigerated Chest transports you back to when Coke cost a nickel and came in glass bottles. An authentically detailed replica of the Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola cooler, it’s finished in the iconic brand’s signature red and embossed with the Coca Cola logo, making it a centerpiece of any man-cave or patio. Don’t let its nostalgic exterior fool you. The interior contains a modern, efficient refrigeration system that keeps up to 60 bottles or 80 cans nicely chilled.

Want to take your cooler for a spin? The 12 MPH Cooler keeps your drinks cold while providing transportation to and from the party. This ice chest on wheels is powered by a 1,000-watt electric motor that provides a 10-mile range and has a chain drive, disc brake, and variable-throttle control, ensuring a unique, adventurous ride. Its underseat bin holds up to up to 24 cans and eight pounds of ice .

Wherever the picnic takes you, take your meal along in this personalized movable feast cooler cart. This folding beverage cart has an integrated cooler/tabletop and a large interior bin that transports up to 225 lbs. of ice, drinks, and food. You’ll want this for those summer barbecues, picnics, and concerts to ensure you and your group are well sustained in the summer heat. Plus, it can be monogrammed, making it a unique gift for any outdoor lover.

July is just around the corner, bringing Summer’s heat with it. Make sure you have plenty of frosty beverages on hand with these coolers that provide the unique gift of enhancing your cool factor.

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