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Cool Ways to Chill Beverages

While run-of-the mill plastic and styrofoam coolers may keep drinks and foods chilled, they lack the unique gift of personality and flair. For summer partygoers looking for a distinctive way to serve a cold one, Hammacher Schlemmer offers these coolers that run from the classic to the clever.

For a classic spin on a cooler The Coca-Cola Refrigerated Chest transports you back to when Coke cost a nickel and came in glass bottles. An authentically detailed replica of the Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola cooler, it’s finished in the iconic brand’s signature red and embossed with the Coca Cola logo, making it a centerpiece of any man-cave or patio. Don’t let its nostalgic exterior fool you. The interior contains a modern, efficient refrigeration system that keeps up to 60 bottles or 80 cans nicely chilled.

Want to take your cooler for a spin? The 12 MPH Cooler keeps your drinks cold while providing transportation to and from the party. This ice chest on wheels is powered by a 1,000-watt electric motor that provides a 10-mile range and has a chain drive, disc brake, and variable-throttle control, ensuring a unique, adventurous ride. Its underseat bin holds up to up to 24 cans and eight pounds of ice .

Wherever the picnic takes you, take your meal along in this personalized movable feast cooler cart. This folding beverage cart has an integrated cooler/tabletop and a large interior bin that transports up to 225 lbs. of ice, drinks, and food. You’ll want this for those summer barbecues, picnics, and concerts to ensure you and your group are well sustained in the summer heat. Plus, it can be monogrammed, making it a unique gift for any outdoor lover.

July is just around the corner, bringing Summer’s heat with it. Make sure you have plenty of frosty beverages on hand with these coolers that provide the unique gift of enhancing your cool factor.

You Are on a Roll!

Want to have a “wheel” lot of fun? These unique gifts will get you rolling…literally. Each item below is a fun, post-modern alternative to skates, skateboards, and bikes!

This all-terrain electric hoverboard rolls over dirt, gravel, grass, and pavement with impunity, controlled entirely by the subtle movements in a rider’s feet. The hoverboard propels forward to a maximum speed of 12 MPH, powered by a 400-watt electric motor. A smartphone app allows you to set a maximum speed, change the colors of the multicolor front LEDs, and set steering sensitivity. As if that’s not enough, it also plays music from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone via a built-in speaker. 

These circular skates are an unusual hybrid between a skateboard and skates. Simply place your feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side to rotate the rubber wheels around your feet. You’ll propel forward in a serpentine motion similar to longboard skateboarding. Because the wheels are not connected, this unique gift allows for 720-degree spins and turns on a dime. They’ll catch some eyes at the skate park, and make Marty McFly green with envy.

Recumbent-style bicycles have become very popular, but they require a wide turning radius or a dismount if you need to reverse direction. This three-wheeled single-speed cruiser is different: it has an easy-to-use reverse gear shift that enables pedaling backwards. This cruiser also has a low center of gravity, making its high degree of stability a unique gift for younger and older riders.

Any of these unique gifts will get you from point A to point B. But more importantly, you’ll have fun getting there…remember, life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Hospitality Adds True Warmth to Summer

Treat your guests to an afternoon or evening outside

…it’s prime time for outdoor entertaining. Anyone can throw a pretty good garden party. But we have some unique gift ideas to make your soiree great!

The first ingredient for a successful warm-weather gathering is to have enough ice on

hand. This portable ice maker produces 1.8 lbs. of ice per hour. It freezes a batch of 12 clear, well-formed cubes in just under 10 minutes and shuts off automatically when the removable 2.75 lb.-capacity bin is full.

Another key to success is to keep guests feeling comfortable in the heat. This evaporative air cooler is engineered to provide portable cooling right where you need it, indoors or out. The unit’s patented nozzles create tiny particles of moisture that flash-evaporate to provide efficient, effective

cooling. The cooler has three speeds and dual air ports that swivel and tilt for the unique gifts of cooling comfort in any weather.

Get ready to pull out all the stops. This unique party boat comes with a built-in barbecue grill, retractable umbrella, and trolling motor to provide waterborne cookouts for up to 10 adults. The boat’s steel charcoal grill is surrounded by a table with 10 places, each with a recessed plate holder, three beverage holders, and silverware tray. A trip to the lake house will never be the same.

Finally, for a successful outdoor gathering, be sure to put mosquito control into place. Visit our online Pest Prevention Center for a big selection of environmentally friendly methods to ensure your guests enjoy dinner, but the mosquitoes don’t.

Solstice Starts Summer’s Short Stay

The summer solstice occurs shortly after midnight tomorrow in the Eastern time zone. That means if you’re in the Pacific, Mountain or Central time zones, your summer actually begins tonight.

Either way, we’ll eagerly celebrate the official arrival of summer and its blissfully long, warm days. Take time to enjoy the unique gifts this season brings with outdoor time at the beach, in the pool, or simply enjoying your own backyard.

This gigantic beach mat is sized for six persons. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, the surface stays sand-free. Using military technology originally developed to suppress helicopter brownouts, its two layers of patented woven polyurethane instantly filter sand back to the beach when it hits the surface. The mat eliminates dirt, dust, and water to ensure a perpetually clean expanse, so it’s a great unique gift for camping enthusiasts or fans of concerts in the park.

You’ll be the envy of bathers at the local pool with this sag-resistant pool float that provides optimal buoyancy. Another Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, this float is made from closed-cell foam to support your full body

weight. Unlike flabby inflatables or sagging floats that dunk sunbathers when they shift positions, this one keeps sun worshippers dry and afloat. A built-in headrest offers great comfort, too.

This classic hammock is the sturdiest, most durable and well-made hammock available. It’s handcrafted in the tradition of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, the ancestral home of Captain Joshua Ward, who designed the original in the late 1880s. Unlike ordinary

knotted hammocks, it’s handwoven using the highest grade of soft cotton twill rope with handcrafted seasoned oak staves for maximum stability.

However you while away a free summer day, commit to getting out there to enjoy it. This season’s unique gifts have a way of slipping past before you know it.

It’s the Purrfect Time to Get a Cat

Approximately 3.4 million cats enter shelters every year, looking for new forever homes.

Many of those are young cats, born during spring “kitten season”. Accordingly, June is National Adopt a Cat Month, a great time to welcome a friendly feline into your house. The cat gets the unique gift of a loving home; you get the unique gifts of the unconditional affection a pet brings.

Should you decide to take the plunge, we have suggestions for some of the accessories you’ll want to welcome your new bundle of furry joy.

It may be warm now, but cold weather will be here before you know it. This outdoor cat shelter, excusive to Hammacher Schlemmer, has an integrated heater that keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures. A removable 20-watt heater beneath the shelter’s floor generates gentle radiant heat. The floor is waterproof and lined with soft foam, providing a comfortable, dry surface for cats to lounge.

This scratching post satisfies a feline’s instincts to scratch and hunt, while providing endless entertainment for you. The device projects a red laser dot that darts across the floor in unpredictable patterns, inciting even indifferent cats to play. The laser toy is mounted atop a post wrapped in thick sisal yarn on a soft felt-covered base, giving felines a more attractive alternative to scratch and relieve frustration than your fine furniture.

This unique gift is truly one of a kind, and it indulges the primeval jungle instincts that make cats so intriguing. This hand-crafted natural treehouse requires more than 100 individual cuts and 16 hours to build. It’s made from a mature dragonwood tree harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia. The tree is left in its natural state – gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all – with plywood platforms custom-cut to fit its unique contours. Realistic silk foliage provides concealment felines naturally crave and the base of the trunk is wrapped in sisal cord to serve as a scratching post.

When you adopt your new pet, please make sure the cat has been spayed or neutered. With 3.4 million cats looking for homes each year, that’s already quite enough.

These Unique Gifts Give You a Remote Chance

Remote-controlled model cars have been popular for over 50 years, since they were developed by an Italian company in the mid-1960s.

Today, RC toys are still wildly popular and ever more sophisticated. Going beyond automobiles, these unique gifts include boats, planes, farm machinery, robots, and animals – both real and fanciful.

Whether you want to relive the fun of your childhood, or introduce a young person to the enjoyment that comes from steering a tiny

vehicle around obstacles and corners, we have some suggestions for truly unusual RC toys.

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this remote controlled tank replicates the authentic details of the U.S. military’s M1A2 Abrams with realistic movement, sounds, and lights. The tank is detailed with desert weathering, and moves with working individual suspension on rubber treads. Housed in a rotating turret, its main gun fires plastic pellets in rapid succession with realistic recoil, shooting seven 6mm-diameter plastic pellets in rapid succession.


You can take this remote controlled boat on a fishing trip. Pre-rigged tackle—a hook, snap swivel, bobber, and nylon 2-lb. test line—secures to the boat’s faux engine at the water line. With the remote control, you can troll back and forth or position the boat behind obstacles a conventional cast cannot reach. This is a unique gift suitable for the angler who thought he or she had everything.

This is not your father’s remote controlled aircraft…this jet-powered, fire-breathing dragon soars through the air at up to 70 mph and belches propane-powered flame when on the ground. The dragon’s LED eyes can be commanded to glow red while it emits a fiery blast of flame from a cleverly concealed (and flight-disabled) propane tank and igniter built into its toothy maw. With a head that swivels in the direction of turns, the dragon climbs and dives via wing ailerons and elevators built into its V-tail rudder.

Besides providing hours of fun, RC toys can help hone hand-eye coordination and help kids learn about functions and directions. Young or old, these are great unique gifts that will please anyone.

Unplug and Kick Back…It’s National Camping Month!

Go beyond your backyard and spend a night under the stars, enjoying the unique gifts of fresh air and fellowship around a campfire. If you haven’t tried camping in a while – or perhaps never – June is National Camping Month and now is a great time to give it a try.

To make the outing a success, you’ll need essential supplies, such as a good multipurpose pocket knife, a first aid kit, and sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Rain gear is recommended even during dry spells (because meteorologists have been known to be wrong), as well as warm clothing for chilly nights. For starting a fire, keep matches in a waterproof container and bring a butane lighter as backup.

Seasoned campers may enjoy sleeping outdoors without shelter, but for the novice, a tent is a necessity. Put peace and love into your campsite with this four-person waterproof tent that reproduces the classic VW Camper Van, the vehicle of choice for 1960s Flower Children.

Don’t depend on your smartphone’s flashlight app – this tactical flashlight has a beam that can be seen from 5 nautical miles away. Its high-output, 100,000 hour-rated LED produces light 40 times brighter than ordinary flashlights. The flashlight switches easily between three brightness settings and it can zoom from a wide to a narrow beam to pinpoint light precisely where you need it. Even for non-campers, this flashlight’s compact size and lightweight body make it an affordable unique gift.

This time of year, weather conditions can change rapidly. This portable NOAA weather radio, available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, receives broadcasts from all NOAA weather stations and picks up emergency weather alerts for your area to warn you of hurricanes, tornados, or severe storms. Powered via an internal rechargeable battery, the radio also has a built-in solar panel and integrated hand crank. A one-minute spin of the crank provides 15 minutes of use. The unit can even charge a smartphone through its USB port.

As you prepare for your adventure, make a list of supplies to pack that will keep you comfortable, warm, hydrated, and safe. You want to be able to enjoy the unique gifts of nature, but you also need to be ready for the unexpected. As the first rule of the Boy Scouts says, always be prepared.

Mosquito Protection Better Than a Swat Team

In the majority of the U.S., spring was both warmer and wetter than average. That means most of us can expect a bumper crop of mosquitoes this summer.

Pesky mozzies are more than mere annoyance: mosquitoes are capable of transmitting several diseases, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, dengue fever, Chikungunya, and dog heartworm.

We have some unique gift suggestions to help you protect your family and guests against itchy, unhealthy mosquito bites. Best of all, these unique gifts act without the use of chemical sprays that could potentially harm beneficial insects such as honey bees and lady bugs.

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this 100% cotton beach towel repels mosquitos from your personal space. It uses a nanoparticle matrix to bind a non-toxic repellent approved by the World Health Organization to the towel’s fibers to provide odorless spray-free protection. While standard insect repellents must be reapplied after swimming or sunbathing, it provides continuous and environmentally friendly protection against insects without DEET.

Mosquitoes can get inside your house when a door is open, by riding in on your clothing or through undetected holes in window screens. This portable indoor mosquito trap uses the principles of carbon dioxide and light to lure the insects that find their way into the house. The device’s whisper-quiet fan traps the mosquitoes in a compartment where they die of dehydration. The trap weighs less than 3 lbs. and is about the size of a thermos for easy portability and unobtrusive set up.

When you’re out and about, this personal mosquito repeller clips unobtrusively to a belt and keeps away mosquitoes within a 7-1/2 ft. radius for up to 120 hours. The device automatically emits the subtle floral scent of geraniol, a plant-derived essential oil that naturally repels mosquitoes, as well as ticks and no see-ums. Laboratory tests performed by a University of Florida entomologist proved geraniol to be more effective than DEET at warding off biting insects. Know a young person heading off to camp? This is a great unique gift for a going-away present.

To control the mosquito population around your home as much as possible, eliminate sources of standing water – and not just the obvious bird baths and empty flower pots. Clear clogged gutters, don’t leave pet bowls outdoors, bring in kids’ toys and drain the wading pool. Even the amount of water that fits in a bottle cap creates a potential mosquito breeding spot.

Get Outside and Play!

You don’t have to be a child to be drawn to outdoor play in summer. The unique gifts of warm breezes combined with extended daylight make nearly anyone long for time to cut loose under the sun or the stars.

If that’s not enough motivation, we have a few other good reasons to schedule some outdoor time, along with the unique gifts to help make it happen.

Be part of a nationwide trend. The sport of pickleball is showing explosive growth. The number of available courts is expected to increase to 3 million by 2018, but this instant pickleball kit sets up in minutes at your own home. Simply set it up on any hard surface, such as a driveway, tennis court, or badminton court. The two included balls travel at one-third the speed of a tennis ball, making the game easy to learn and fun to play for all experience levels.

Get to know your neighbors. This LED-illuminated capture the flag set lets you create nocturnal neighborhood adventure. Ideal for block parties, backyard barbecues, or evenings in the park, the set includes 16 colored LED bracelets for two teams of up to eight players. Traditional flags are supplemented by two illuminated orbs that tempt nocturnal athletes with the glowing aura of victory. Included game cards present different variations of this timeless outdoor pastime.

Enjoy the fun of a “throwback” day. This inflatable outdoor game is based on a popular game that originated in the 1960s. Up to 10 players touch different colored dots on the playing surface using only their hands and feet. A wheel spun at the beginning of each turn indicates which hand or foot players are to use and what color dot to touch; no other part of the body may touch the playing surface and the last player to remain “standing” wins. This unique gift can put a real “twist” into your next party.

Only 13 short weeks remain between now and Labor Day Weekend. That’s plenty of time for ample outdoor play…but far too little time to let another summer day slip away. Vow to make this the year you get outside and play.