Whittle Your Middle

As the years go by, most of us are getting a little softer around the mid-section.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that over the decade that ended in 2012, the average American waistline increased by more than an inch. Unfortunately, fat around the abdomen is a greater danger to good health than fat in other areas, and it’s worth trying to lose.

Fact is, you can’t reduce your waistline without some targeted efforts. These unique gifts will work your core, helping your middle measurements while also strengthening your back, improving posture and balance, increasing your energy level, and enhancing your appearance.

This core-toning twister board provides a low-impact workout on any surface. Its unique design lets you stand on each end to tone abs, along with quads and calves, by simply twisting. Unlike monotonous balance boards or other stationary equipment, this unit encourages active, dance-like movement without putting strain on the knees.

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this compact trainer simulates cantering on a horse to strengthen and tone core muscles. Simply sit on the padded saddle, rest your feet on its rubberized bar, grasp the padded adjustable handlebar, and shift your weight backward to put the device’s drivewheel in motion. A 10-minute session can burn as many calories as 200 sit-ups or a one-hour walk.

As you whittle your middle, you’ll want to start sculpting your entire body to gain the unique gifts of being toned and fit overall. This foldable home resistance gym provides a 50-exercise workout, yet can be stored under a bed or in a closet. The gym uses six elastic cords that provide three levels of bi-directional resistance by simply adjusting integrated carabiner clips.

Once you’ve trimmed and strengthened your core, you will likely find everyday tasks—housecleaning, yard work, even just walking to and from a parking lot—become easier and more pleasurable. You may lose weight but what you’ll gain are the unique gifts that come from improving your health and feeling better overall.

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