Father’s Day Shopping Complete, Clickety-Split!

Father’s Day is only a few weeks away, and yet it isn’t always easy to find the right present for the “old man”. But our collection of The Best, The Only and The Unexpected unique gifts can help you choose the perfect item to suit his personality. Which of these suggestions sounds like your father?

Dear ol’ Dad tries, and generally succeeds, to be the best father he can be. For Father’s Day, he deserves a unique gift that’s also The Best. The Bose Soundlink portable Bluetooth speaker earned The Best rating by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it produced the clearest sound and was the easiest to use. During evaluations, a panel of listeners raved about this speaker’s “perfect” amount of bass, “crisp” transmission of speech, and full tones in all musical genres.

Your dad is one of a kind. There’s not another like him anywhere. For him, these indoor/outdoor slippers are like no others, and they’re available only from Hammacher Schlemmer. They have over 1,000 air bubbles injected into the outsoles and insoles, allowing Dad’s feet to rest on a cushion of air. Following the recommendations of leading German podiatrists, the slippers have lightweight polyurethane soles and anatomically molded footbeds that cradle the feet, ensuring optimal support while lessening foot fatigue. The non-skid soles ensure stable footing inside or outside.

Your father is unpredictable and full of surprises. The size of his personality is surpassed only by the size of his heart.  The unexpected and unique gift this dad is certainly not anticipating is a bobblehead in his own likeness. Capturing the undeniable facial features of the subject, artisans sculpt a poly-resin model head from photographs you submit, recreating the subtle facial contours, eye, hair, skin, smile, and hair nuances that reflect his character. Choose one of hundreds of body types that show Dad the way you know him best.

If none of these items suit your father, check out our easy online Gift Guides. There, you can tailor the unique gift choices to match his interests, hobbies and personality. A few quick clicks and your shopping is done!

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