Don’t Skimp on Grilling…the Steaks Are Too High

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away and anticipation is building for grilling season.

You have only the few short, sweet months of summer to hone your reputation as the one with the most skill on the grill. So tune up your tongs, sharpen the steak knives, and consider these suggestions for the best cookouts ever.

Cooking for a crowd? This outdoor flat top gas grill brings the temperature consistency, flexibility, and cooking capacity of restaurant flat tops to your backyard. Four gas burners can be set to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface or set to different temperatures for cooking those prime steaks exactly as requested. The flat top is preseasoned to create a naturally non-stick cooking surface that’s large enough to cook up to 15 hamburgers, buns, and toppings at once.

Here’s a unique gift to help any grill chef do it up right: this clever grilling tool incorporates five functions into one. Operating like blades in a pocketknife, a stainless-steel spatula, fork, silicone basting brush, cork screw, and bottle opener flip out from the sanded hardwood handle and lock in place for dutiful grilling service. The handle separates easily for cleaning—ideal for post-barbeque bash tidying up.

Are you ready for the ultimate backyard barbeque, 365 days a year? Made from Finnish pine, this authentic grill house replicates the all-season cooking huts found throughout Scandinavia. This traditional six-sided “grillikota” contains a central charcoal grill surrounded by dining space for up to ten adults, ensuring cookouts are not restricted to summertime. The grilling area is surrounded by folding tables for convenient serving and eating, while a hood and double flue expel smoke safely through the chimney.

Finally, we have one side tip to ensure cookout success: make sure you have plenty of ice. This little gadget turns out 1.8 lbs. of clear, well-formed cubes an hour. That should keep drinks cold and guests happy.

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