Discover Your Inner Artist…It’s Never Too Late

Some of this world’s most famous artists took up the craft later in life. Grandma Moses didn’t start painting till her late 70s, after retiring from a life of farming. Claude Monet dabbled in painting in his 30s, but it was only after his wife passed away more than a decade later that he got serious about it. Today, George W. Bush is spending his post-presidential life creating portraits honoring military veterans, exhibiting a talent hidden during his White House years.

Perhaps you are at a point in life where you’re ready to discover your own unique gifts of artistry. We have some suggestions to get you started, in a variety of media.

This 104-piece easel box contains everything a budding artist needs to explore a wide variety of painting and drawing techniques. The set’s premium-quality media include oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints and pencils, charcoal pastels, and oil pastels. A selection of nylon brushes includes popular tips. All pieces fit into a beech storage box that organizes media and accessories in slide-out trays and doubles as a convenient easel. This set is a great unique gift for artists of any age and skill level.

Want to focus on an electronic medium? This digital canvas lets the artist in you achieve the same results as when working with paint and brush. The tablet provides a generous, precise expanse for drawing or doodling suitable for beginner or master alike. Providing far more precision than ordinary tablets, the wireless stylus simulates the broad strokes of an acrylic brush or the precise lines of a mechanical pencil. Included photo editing software makes it easy to touch up or add dazzling effects to your digital masterpieces.

Adult coloring books are on-trend, thanks to coloring’s ability to soothe and provide therapeutic relaxation. This coloring book contains 100 pages of intricate, hand-drawn black-and-white designs, ranging from a twisted trunk tree to a full-spread rhino. What really sets this book apart is personalization: the recipient’s name is integrated into the patterns on each pair of facing pages, making the book a truly unique gift.

Life brings changes…as we become empty-nesters, face retirement, or find ourselves less able to pursue athletic hobbies, tapping the inner artist is a fulfilling means of expression. Why not give it a try and meet the artist hiding inside of you.

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