We’re Going to the Dogs…and Loving It!

Dogs can be loyal friends, protectors, helpers, and providers of unconditional comfort. It’s no wonder they are called man’s best friend!

It makes good sense to do all we can to keep our faithful furry friends safe and happy, especially during April, Canine Fitness Month. Here are some unique gifts dedicated to helping you give your dog a healthy and happy life.

This backseat safety deck creates a comfortable platform for dogs riding in your car. The uneven surfaces, shallow depths, and slopes of back seats cause dogs to pace and claw to avoid sliding and falling into the back seat foot wells. This shelf’s stable, level surface eliminates these behaviors, protecting upholstery and preventing potential injuries.

Keep ants and other crawling, disease-carrying insects out of your dog’s food bowl. This moated porcelain pet bowl set protects dog food from kibble-craving ants. A nephroid-shaped bowl for water creates a moat around the food bowl. The bowls rest on a sturdy bamboo stand to keep them raised, another health benefit for your dog by reducing excess neck strain while eating.

As your dog ages, arthritis and sore joints and muscles can make it difficult for him to reach a soft bed or sofa. This pet staircase converts into a ramp in seconds, providing a safe means for the dog (or cat) to ascend and descend without exerting undue stress on joints and muscles. It makes an ideal and unique gift for anyone with a much-loved older pet.

Canine Fitness Month encourages a healthier lifestyle for dogs and humans alike. Get outside with your dog: play, take a long walk, and celebrate the unique gifts of a less sedentary lifestyle. You’ll both be better off for it!

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