Time for Post-Taxation Relaxation

Are your tax returns complete? If not, get to it—you only have till Tuesday.

If you filed weeks ago, perhaps you’re fretting you may not have gotten the biggest refund possible. If you’re waiting till this weekend because you “work best under pressure,” you’re likely feeling the pressure by now. Either way, odds are you find the whole process…taxing.

So for all of us who must do the inevitable, we are presenting some unique gifts for post-taxation relaxation. Loosen those tight shoulders, get circulation back in the gluteal area, and send your mind to a blissful state of zen.

This tension-relieving collar uses vibrating massage, electric stimulation, and heat therapy to melt stress away. Used by professional therapists, it is ideal for helping to relieve muscle pain and strain from hunching over 1040 forms or tax-prep software. You can select sessions in 5-minute increments up to 30 minutes.

Tight from too much sitting? Created only for Hammacher Schlemmer, this deep-tissue hip massager is a unique gift with a unique shape. Its powerful percussive nodes work deep into hip and lumbar tissue to loosen stiff muscles. Just rest in a chair against the enveloping U-shaped cushion, while massage heads on each side provide Swedish-style rhythmic tapotement that stimulates blood flow to revitalize tired and sore muscles in the lower back, hip, and sides—areas other massagers seldom go.

Once the body’s relaxed, it’s time to rest the brain. This eternally reusable canvas reinforces a perpetual zen-like mindset. Your water-based, slate-grey creations evaporate in minutes. Though letting go of one’s creation practices the Buddhist principle of impermanence, an unexpectedly vivid image may still be captured with a smartphone.

If you’re still feeling stressed over tax time, put the feeling to good use. Make a new tax year resolution to watch your finances more closely, stick to a budget and next year, and start your tax return by March 1. You’ll be less likely to miss potential deductions, finish your return earlier, and enjoy the unique gift of relaxation that much sooner.

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