Small Steps Protect Earth’s Unique Gifts

Saving the Earth seems daunting, like a 1000-mile journey on foot. Our Earth’s climate and its resources need our conservative habits, in the traditional definition of the word. To conserve: to hold back, to keep in reserve, and to not waste the resources of future generations.

This Saturday is Earth Day, with focus on being conservative with our use of water and fuel, and not using harmful chemicals on our lawns and gardens. In the true spirt of Earth Day, we have unique gifts to provide ideas for small but impactful steps for your own home.

Conserve water—This 55-gallon year-round rain barrel provides a ready supply of water for flower beds and gardens, yet resembles an earthenware urn, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a home’s exterior. A rust-proof screen with a secondary safety grid prevents debris and curious animals from entering the barrel. A brass spigot makes it easy to fill a watering can or you can connect your garden hose to a built-in fitting.

Reduce use of fuel—This cordless electric lawn mower delivers cutting performance comparable to a gas mower without the accompanying noise, air-fouling emissions, and frequent refills of gasoline. The variable-speed mower features a push-button start that eliminates the hassle of pull cords. In tests by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, it ran for up to 100 minutes and fully recharged in about an hour.

Cut down on chemicals—This lawn and garden steamer helps control common weeds with ordinary tap water, rather than harmful chemicals or backbreaking labor. A squeeze of the steamer’s trigger unleashes a weed-wilting blast of steam, shriveling unwanted vegetation with just a 5-10 second treatment.

The Earth has given us many unique gifts of its own…the time to act is now and the choice is yours to make. To paraphrase a line from Jimmy Buffet, do we want to treat the Earth like a temple or like a tent?

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