Happy 176th, Mr. Schlemmer!

The dictionary defines stalwart as reliable, loyal and hardworking. Those words could describe William Schlemmer, born in Germany on April 20, 1841.

Mr. Schlemmer came to the U.S. at age 11 and went to work for his uncle, Charles Tollner. Tollner owned a successful hardware store in the lower Bowery, where the young lad hawked tools and hardware in front of the store.

As his career progressed, it was not uncommon for Mr. Schlemmer to arrive at work by 5 a.m., seldom leaving before midnight. In 1857, he convinced Albert Hammacher to invest in the enterprise. As the years went by, Mr. Schlemmer gradually gained ownership of the company, first buying out his uncle’s shares, then most of Mr. Hammacher’s.

Our success today owes much to Mr. Schlemmer’s ethics and values. Our selection of The Best unique gifts, fully vetted by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, pay homage to his insistence on uncompromising standards of quality.

For example, we believe he would be a fan of this quiet-running window fan. It earned The Best rating because it produced the highest air velocity and pushed the most air volume. The Best model’s dual fans are reversible and operate independently, allowing one fan to draw cool air inside while the other pushes warm air outside for optimal circulation.

As an 11-year-old employee, young William undoubtedly spent some time sweeping up with an old-fashioned broom. He would have been amazed by this cordless handheld vacuum. It earned The Best rating by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it cleaned most effectively, ran the longest, and had superior features. The Best Hand Vac proved to clean debris in far less time than lesser models.

A photo from around the turn of the century shows Mr. Schlemmer with a tidy mustache. Certainly, he would have appreciated this beard and mustache trimmer, rated The Best by panelists because it provided the “cleanest, most comfortable shave” with “zero pulling or nicking.” Father’s Day will be here before you know it; consider this as a unique gift for him.

We thank the “Old Gentleman,” as Mr. Schlemmer was called in his later years, for the business he grew. We promise to continue to guard his values for The Best unique gifts, reflected as always in our Unconditional and Unwavering Lifetime Guarantee.

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